Nigeria Number One

Nigeria Number One
Lome, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At 7:06 PM Togo time, Wednesday May 30, 2007 Nigeria became the Number One country to achieve getting shut down for being bad on the website.

This page was completed disabled and stopped due to some Nigerian peoples corrupt and criminal behavior.

They were using one Embassy page to pretend to be official of the Nigerian Embassy and endorse frauds they were perpetuating against mostly the Indian and Pakistan people. They would off jobs on a different site somewhere, and then say they were legitimate companies, then the India person somehow needed to send money to Nigeria for Visa Applications and such.

Congratulations Nigeria, the first and worst of

This is a sign of success for the site, the more problems you hare having on a site, the more people on the siteā€¦. Hehehe

We are debating what the terms are called; maybe they are spoofing the India people, or Phishing. They were pretending to be something to ensnare victims.

Here is a list of the Phishiest Countries.

We will re-evaluate the page and try to decide how to help travelers, go or not go to Nigeria.

Nigeria Number One


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I read this piece about Nigeria Number One in the USA and was greatly saddened. I am proud to be a Nigerian and I know the beauty of working hard.

My question is did your organization report these few individuals to the appropriate authority like the EFCC that handles economy and cyber cafe crimes.

If you have done that before shuting it down these frivilous individuals would have been apprehended and rot away in jail.

Now the question is if I have now navigated to your site how would I as a Nigerian know you exist. Shuting it down is not the answer.

Let us work together to get rid of these bad eggs from the world not only in Nigeria.

Thank you and wish to see Nigeria up and running again on your site.

Prince Rich Adetule, USA

Nigeria needs to stop Nigeria, the do not nothing as of present to stop their crooks. When they do come around in 20 years, then maybe I will resume.

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