Door Installed on Mosquito Net

Door Installed on Mosquito Net
Atakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, May 11, 2007

Today I went to sewing shop and supervised the girls while they used their machines to sew a door onto my mosquito net. I have lost most of my desire to work with foreign cultures on projects However; I wanted this so I did so… First, I cut all the pieces, and then cut the hole in the side of my mosquito net. I should have pinned it all together or maybe lightly sew together so all they needed to do was use the pedal powered machines to sow up and no thinking.

I have the basic entrance now sown into my net, now I need to somehow set the net up and test. The room I am in where I presently live is lacking one nail need for a fourth corner test, I am having problems doing a good test or taking photos. The room has no need for a mosquito net, because it has screens on the windows, however this it not important, the rooms that need mosquito nets do not have nails either. Chris is sending me some small concrete drill bits and I am going to make a tool to drill holes into the wall by hand, I hope.

This is a funny, I needed net material for a mosquito net, so I purchased a new one for 2000 CFA, and then I had to pay 2000 CFA to have the door sown on.

I can buy a new one for 2000 CFA.
I make a small alteration and it costs 2000 CFA.

The cost was 1500 more than what was fair or just, but that is ok, I am tired of boxing with them. This is a unique item, the cost is not so important, it the items of big expense like the cost of a room which really eats money. My room is 3500 CFA per night.

I am going to go and purchase a needle and thread and super sow up the mosquito net now, I am sure the stitching quality is bad, and will not hold. My patience in supervising the girls was at end of the rope, I was ready to leave, and was tired of slow work and bad quality. I think maybe I can find some shoe repair string that will really wrap this up, and I can also sow shut a couple of small holes.

I think the holes were caused because I needed to enter the net under my pull string and I pulled the net while still tucked under the mattress. These mosquito nets are very delicate and great care must be taken so I do no rip them.

I am happy and will see how this design works; the next effort in this design will be to make the rectangular square top smaller, while keeping the rectangular bottom the same. I am trying to decrease the amount of mosquito net I need to carry. Then there is the four-corner rope problem, it is easier to increase the length of string than to find a wide room for the top.

The present design semi requires I use clothespins to close the door after I enter, but I will see, there is a long bundle entrance.

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Door Installed on Mosquito Net


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