Why Am I Happy

Why Am I Happy
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, April 5, 2007

West Africa is quiet, few people, easier, cleaner, safer and more fun than most places I have traveled.

I am in an introspective focused mood. I am trying to remember the my history of happiness. When, and where I was happy, and maybe a little of the why, however hard to pinpoint this.

I like the Philippines.
I like Thailand
I like Ecuador and Peru.

I do not like India or the more I think, Nepal.

Guatemala brings me fond memories.

I could avoid the Caribbean for the rest of my life and not have a problem and so goes if for Venezuela.

I have good memories of Belize, none of Vietnam and few of Cambodia, Laos was ok.

Niger is a pain in the butt country and a couple of good memories, but more or less too hot.

Egypt, nothing to think and I like Iraq, some good memories and had some fun times.

The USA is easy, and I can achieve what I want. I like Germany a lot, have little use for France, and think of Spain with ok memories.

Mongolia has a lot of good conversations.

Anywhere, I tried to do some type of small business, it became a headache. I think being let down or

Craig from Travelvice.com was commenting about Hostels to me on a Skype.com telephone call, he said about Hostels,

“A constant expectation of disappointment”
I do not like going into hostels and not know what to expect
Dec 30, 2007

I think why I am happy now is because I am focusing on travel and enjoying life, and have no tiresome projects lined up where I will need to talk with any of the people in a country I am visiting to do business.

West Africa is a quiet version of South America, and the way I would imagine South America was 20 years ago. The surprising part, is I do consider South America as having a worst problem with poverty or problems.

I do not have to fight the land here as much, it is flat, the mountains do not hurt me, the rivers are here, the land is simpler. The bullies of Africa I am learning slowly how to avoid or deal with, they are annoying me less, and I am annoying them more, it’s a macho thing.

The Cadeau, as long as I just pretend I did not hear something about a gift, or free, or take me to America, than I do not get started on having to listen to selfish stuff.

In a way, I would say I am more in control of the day here, more free time, I am reading more, studying more, and looking and enjoying the day. I do as Craig says,
“A constant expectation of disappointment”

I have a constant expectation of disappointment when in someway I work together will the underdeveloped countries.

Nobody spits here, this is nice, and them slimy little guys from Asia, that looks like the pot grower from the Movie the beach is not here.

Simple is here, slimy is different, macho is the problem, but slimy is a different form of Macho. I do not have to see tourist for about a year or less.

I am introspecting by design, the only way to repeat history is to remember history, or the converse. I do less in a day here that is negative than in some other places, and I am going slower.

When I think Europe, I think spending big money, except for Eastern Europe in parts.

Riga, Latvia is full of babes.

Why Am I Happy


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Thanks for the summary. I know the Frankfurt Germany airport is one of the key gate airports in getting around the planet. And so, one would go through from time to time. I'm curious as to what it is about Germany that you like?


Europe to me is like walking into a Fine Dining Restaurant in the USA that has a French Name, a male waiter that is walks like a girl and acts like a girl.

The put on my plate enough lettuce for a mouse, and call the salade a special name.

The take hamburger and grind it up, put on a sauce that takes like rotton cheese and ask me to love it. Then I am supposed to say I am the Chic or Trendy restuarant I like the place and the food was good. The only reason it is popular is because it the place where the male writer from the newspaper has his boyfriend.

It is a shell game, the actual value of life in Europe to me sucks. I was in a Paris visiting Sophie and she lived in one room apartment that cost 160,000 USA and she had no place to dry her clothes, the hung up all over the room. She drove her car around for one hour to find a parking spot.

Everyone in Barcelona got robbed, it was who has not been robbed, not who.

Scandanavian coutries are cold, expensive and bleak.

England is good, but sort of busy and more expensive.

Germans complain and try to make the quailt of life good. There is more land, biggeer stores, and I feel the cost of living is half the other countries in Europe. Because the Germans complain by culture, hard to believe it is cheaper.

The give you good value for the amount of Euros you spend.

Germany to me, is the Midwest of the USA, but in Europe.

The East Coast of the USA, is like France, they think they are special, all is too expensive and life sort of too busy.

Amsterdam, they wanted 13 Euros for a sandwhich. Like being in the Las Vegas airport and living.

Europe is three times the cost of the USA and a terrible value.

German are more reasonable by nature and demand a good product for the Euro.

Why are plane in and out of Germany cheaper than any other countries. Competition exist?

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