Street Children Photo Request

Street Children Photo Request
Akakpame, Togo West Africa
Friday, April 27, 2007

Photo I took in Manila, Philippines near the Ermita Area.

I received today a request for a larger, better quality photo of the Street Children I took in Manila. Note, I shrink every photo to smaller size for the internet, and have done so now for about two years, but I still do not think are magazine quality in size. Sony 12 X Camera.

The request:

Name: Vincent ten Bouwhuis
Country: UK

Dear Madam / Sir,
From your website there is an image -187-02-street-children-philipines- that I would like to use for our charity-s leaflet, to illustrate the desperate needs of these streetchildren, however the resolution (dpi) is not high enough for print, can you please e-mail us a High resolution image and permission to use this image for our non-profit charity leaflet?
Our registered charity number is 1118814
And we raise funds to build orphanages and house and care for orphans and street children, we currently work on projects in Bali, Indonesia and India and will expand to Philipines, Thailand, Vietnam
Thank you in advance
the image came from the following link:

Kind regards
Vincent ten Bouwhuis

Vincent ten Bouwhuis Ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
2nd floor
145 - 157 St John Street
London EC1V 4PY

Website Name: VTB ministries & Worldwide Missionary Foundation
Website URL:


I found the larger photo and I am able to send. What do you think? Should I sent the bigger photo they can use for brochures.

About a month or two ago, I received another request from inside the Philippines wanting photos of Street Children.

Both are starting orphanages or something.

There is this question I ask myself, why? I do not work with street children, I am just a guy that walks around at 7:00 am and took some photos, easy to do, and children sleeping are easy photos to take. Plus children cannot get up and beat my butt, easy photos to take, if you are where there are street children.

If you are where there are street children, these photos are very easy to take…

If you are where there are street children.

Should I send the big dpi high density photos to the children?

I could take hundreds of photos of children sleeping in the street, not a difficult photo to take in the tropics. What was interesting and intriguing to me, what there was this orphanage in Manila, just 25 to 50 meter way from where I took this photo.

If this place is for street children, then they missed some, only about 25 to 50 meters from this building… hehehe

Note, I would guess 1 in 30-50 people who grab or use a photo ask permission first, normal is to just take, this is a good sign. Then again there is no high dpi photo on the site, they have to request.

If a person asked me for money for old people living in the streets, I would be much more inclined to give. The bottom line, the only organization that can truly help street children in a country, is the government of the country. Every time you give to an organization for street children, unless is a lobby to get the country with Street Children Government to do something, then we just enable by love to keep the country from doing their job.

On the other hand, I am thinking about sleeping outside, it is hot in this room, people sleep outside when it very hot, not as simple as just looking and seeing children, then making radical assumptions. I would go find a place on the sidewalk, out of the rain.

I have been thinking, I think I should go and knock on every NGO-ONG office I can find and see if there is anybody there at say, 11:00 am in the morning on a Tuesday.

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Street Children Photo Request


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I would allow them to use the photo under the following conditions:

-You get credit for the photo and retain rights.
-Maybe the link to your site in the brochure.
-They send you a copy of said brochure.

Thats my 2c


I guess the danger for kids on the street is kinda in what you said... they can't get up and beat you up... That means they are vulnerable.

in some places, children can be sold into the sex trade or forced into labour. They can't defend themselves.

So until the government does pull their finger out, the NGOs are getting some children off the streets.. ultimately they are safer from bad people behind the bars of that shelter.

I don't htink the problem is food or shelter or anything, but abuse by other people.

but this is one argument. I do agree that you need the government of the country to take the lead. get the local people to 'own' a project so that the ideas are theirs. They are the local experts, and if they feel they own it, they will be more inclined to help it.

Ash, I agree, the big problem is abuse by big people, or trusted people.

Two Major ways to stop abuse:
1. Photograph the offenders and put on TV and Newspapers.
2. Government laws enforced, most countries have laws, they just do not enforce. The news media needs to shame governmennts into action.

What would be the best way to find children to the UK for sex slaves?

Open a project in the UK that works with orphanages in say for example the Philippines.

Make everything legal, get money, donations and have an orphanage in the Phiiippines find the beautiful children to send. Some jerk or somehow the tug on the strings of the UK government to allow them to bring this child to the UK.

In the end, the photographing of children, the photographing of the offenders, the photographing of bad organizations and the telling of the stories brings this into the light of day.

I put this Church organization into the light. If they are good, they will do good works. If they are bad, I will help to expose bad. I have no way to know.

However, I am confused, why does an organizationg from the UK, not have the abilty to take photos of the children they are working with. If they have a project in Indonesia, they would have the photos. Yes, maybe truth in saying, to help Philippines children needs Philippine photos, but if they are going to start an orphanges someone first needs to fly there and know there is or is not a problem before you ask for money.

Sex slaves I have seen only done by employment agencies. The send a girl from the Philippines to work in Japan as a cleaing lady. If the girl does not have sex with the owner, the owner kick here out. She has no money, no way to return, and the laws of countries like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore help the employer to keep the worker girl hostage.

Hiring cleaning ladies, this is the only sex slaves I know of, the others all bridge on the children wanting to earn the big money or the mother and father encouraging the one child to make the money.

Sex and sex abuse are two different things, I do think small children may have sex and it was their own choice and more or less consential. I think this is horrible. However, when the victim is instigating the problem.

Thailand girls have sex for big money.

Work in rice field for 100 Baht per day.

Have sex with a man they agree they want to have sex with for somewhere between 1000 and 5000 Baht. This is foreighners.

The fathers of Asian are the bigger problems, the sex with family is rampant.

But, my goal or question is this, should I send the photo to the group?

I am working my mind around this issue. I have always allowed people to use my photos on the internet for free, as long as the put a live functional link from their site to mine.

The problem for me is time. I gave permission so Sony to use some photos on a show or Judge Hatchett or sometthing like that. I has to fax them a release, yikes, this gets to be a legal problem. Maybe I am signing over a release to the rights of the photos, and not just the use.

The bottom line on this, I see a Church, NGO, ONG etc as a business. I think I am going to require them to pay to own the rights to use the photo.

However, they cannot and will not be able to disclose where they received the photos.

I do not want to be assoicated with NGO, ONG or Churches, Mosque, and religion or non profit, like haveing a blood leech on my body.

Next thing I know, because it was free, they will say, I promoted them.

IF I make them pay, I can get a statement signed, and there is consideration and value estabished and courts care that people give money more than free stuff.

I would say, I trust about 1 in.. maybe 1000 NGO organizations or churches. If I gave money, it would be maybe to the Red Cross.

The Togo Red Cross does some good things, I saw more trash cans here in Atakpame, like the ones in Kpalime, not many, but it is a start, and lead by example.

I've had a look at thier website, and read some of their stuff, and they look to me like the kind of organisation I wouldn't work with.

I study theology academically, and unfortunately i do have prejudices. But people who claim "NOTE: we do NOT express an opinion, but purely God's holy word, we cannot stress this enough..." are, in my opinion, not trustworthy. They believe they are god or speak for God.

Hi I hope you don't mind if I use your photo for my children's rights blog,

The photo will help get my message across with few words. Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on the site, all comments and story ideas are appriciated. I love your blog and I will give you all credit for the photo with a direct link.



I cannot open this, cannot find, the URL is typed in wrong, no variations work and the profile is anonymous or not shown.


I would like to get in touch of the two street kids thats laying on the ground sleeping
and would like to sponsor them as my foster kids is there a way you could help me
with this than giving to any organizations and not knowing if they using the money for this kids i rather take a different route to help this kids,by helping them ,sent em to school ,health,nice and clean clothing ,food and a nice n clean place to live.Please make this possible ,thankyou

concern Pinay and a mother

I started and lead a help organization for poor kids in the Philippines around 20 years ago until I gave the leadership to another person as I was burnt out.
People in the West paid to help the kids go to school because their own families could not afford to. Imagine 5 or 7 and even up to 10 kids where the father is part time employed and the mother is doing laundry for the neighbours as the only livelihood.
In many families it was like this that when one of the brothers or sisters got ill and had to be hospitalized the other children were taken out of school, so the family could pay to get the ill person well again.
A problem for the organization was all the time to get good photos. Filipinos do not see the problem the same way as we do, and they did not understand the value of a good photo could help many children. Also, I believe they had difficulty to go out themselves and take the photos - ashamed to be recognized to take such photos or ashamed of their own people poverty. I am not sure.
There was always a problem to get photos and descriptive information fast when calamities hit or some kids got ill.
My advice: Give freely - and if you want to demand something, then demand your name as photographer. There may be many NGO that do not spend all the money properly, but at least you did your part to facilitate help - who are you to judge?
It is better to spread love than to be judgemental. By being judgemental how many kids do you help?
It is so easy to start critizising the NGO and the few bad destroy for the many good. But imagine that by giving permission to use one of your photos to a good organization (even you think they are not good) then they may be able to help 100+ kids or even hundreds. We used the same photo of a very sweet girl and helped 200+ kids go to school every day + gave them healt insurance!
You never know what you say no to, so give with a happy heart, then at least you did your part!

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