WIFI Annoys Me

WIFI Annoys Me
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Thursday, March 29, 2007

WIFI is a way to give a few users access to one internet connection point, serves as a LAN - Local Area Network, another toy and a nice toy in certain instances, but not a tool, not a sledge hammer, a small Childs hammer.

I am sending 25 U.S. Dollars to my friend Craig of Travelvice.com from my paypal.com account.

Hobo pays up.

There was an offer made, and I think technically he won the offer.

FROM Craig’s site:

WIFI is like Fools Gold to me a Traveler. Looks like Gold, but is not what I need and want, not all that glitters is gold.

Quote from Craig:

Amazon River Wi-Fi
Several weeks ago my buddy Andy left a comment that he'd give me US$25 if I found Wi-Fi access on my boat trip up the Amazon. Well, look what I came across...

Then later Craig says,

Quote from Craig:
- I could connect, but couldn't use the Internet, as the signal required authentication that I didn't possess.-

WIFI she does not give it up! The goal is an internet connection, not WIFI, this is just a a ways to a means.

WIFI is like a big excuse, I will meet you and they do not show up, I will call you and they never call. It is a big promise, which never gives results.

When I do not need a connection, when I am in a location where high speed internet access is everywhere, there I find a WIFI connection. A WIFI is a good Local Area Network a great way to allow a few people to connect to the same internet connection.

This is not the future of Wireless Internet Connection. I think the end will land around a Satellite Connection or a Cell Tower connection, not a router set up.

WIFI is a great suggestion that does not work as a way of providing internet to the whole planet, it is just a fancy way to replace an Ethernet wire, and if you want to give me access in a hotel. PLEASE wire the hotel with Ethernet and do not give me WIFI, unless you are putting the transmitter in MY room.

Annoying and annoying, you never call, you never write, promises, promise and I just sit here waiting, dreams that never come true.

I wish I had never heard your name WIFI.

WIFI Annoys Me


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Agree, wired is the only way to fly.

WiMAX promises to be the next generation of faster wireless web but I have to wonder if it will ever be truly reliable worldwide.


Hey Andy,
Just want to compliment you on your writing skills. I thinks you are getting very creative and I enjoy reading your posts. The one on the WIFI made me laugh.


most WIFI is useless.

However, my university residence (500 people, across a whole street in north london) installed wifi over Christmas, so we all now have internet. And the WIFI is linked via satellite to the rest of the campuses across london (because the University is in london, it's impossible to have us all on one site, so he have 3 teaching campuses and 9 halls of residence).

Works like a charm. But then there's no real shortage of money in London...

WIMAX is a great idea.

This is the technology for a big corporation so they do not have to run wires to all the desk. It creates a big footprint.

The techonolgy in the world so they do not have to run telephone wires is now Cell Phones, I do not think the world is even running telephone lines anymore, they have given up completely on that idea.

WIFI and WYMAX I can see having a future, but only as again a LAN - A Local Area Network a network of a group of people working together in a large corporation like Oracle, General Motor, or for sure a University.

The spread of Internet being served over a cell phone is amazingly fast, in the next two years everyone who has a cell phone will be able to have internet.

The smart money is to bet on GPRS - EDGE or some way to use the cell phone towers. Then eventually they will be replaced by satellites.

WIMAX, what are we going to do, enter into a service contract, every 15 miles apart.

Who pays is the question?

If the USA was smart, it would install WIFI Internet accross the USA and have it paid for by taxes. From an education of the people, it would guaranttee the USA is the controller of the most valauable commodity on earth, "Information" for the next 25 years.

The reason the USA is top now is because we do not have metered local service for telephone.

Who has the ability to distribute WIMAX or Internet to a whole country. The answer is on the cell phone companies or the telephone companies.

google won a contract a while back to provide free low-speed wifi to the whole of San Francisco, and high-speed wifi availible to people who pay $20 a month...

Some people have touted this as a trial-run before going state-wide and eventually national.

A global (land) wifi network would be extremely costly to install, but a very good idea. I wonder if Google plans to use the local cell towers...

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