Michael Crichton Travels

Michael Crichton Travels
Lome, Togo West Africa
Sunday, March 4, 2007

I finished this book by Michael Crichton called Travels. It is sort of relief to be finished.

If I see a very tall, close to 7 foot tall man walking in the Hotel, I will have someone I can try to convince to clean the fan and change the light bulb. There is no way this guy would fit into a chicken bus in Guatemala.

Autobiography, Auras, and Adventures, interesting collection of essays or ideas, gives me a better understanding of how he writes or creates his other books. I do not like to read travel books, and my natural desire to think as this as a travel book, interferes with my thoughts of the book, I would not call this a travel book. On the other hand, I have not read enough travel books to say what a travel book is, and hope I never become an expert on them.

Michael is insightful, he can see the value of intuition, unexplainable experiences, and probably travel.

I hope some publisher talked him into this and he did come up with the idea himself.

Advice for Michael on travel, leave the girls at home, do not take a tour, fly to a strange country, get on a bus at 6:30 am in the morning going anywhere. About 2-4 hours into the ride start you intuitive engine. When it says get off, get off, however if you make a logical choice, stay on the bus, until you trust you instincts. It is ok to get off any time after 2:00 pm for safety reasons. The inner journey is done alone, where there is no path.

I promise to make no jokes about being tall or hurting small Filipino girls, I think you could fly into Cameroon easy. I am quite sure Afrique is big enough for toi.

By the way, when you get off a the bus, you are supposed to go look for a room for the night, that is what we do, it is an algorithmic process. Bring Shakira with you, it would be good for me.

Michael Crichton Travels


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andy, i love that line.

"The inner journey is done alone, where there is no path."
- Andy the Hobo Traveler



Andy, I enjoy your posts. Thanks for the blog.

However, I believe you missed the point of Travels. It is a book about trying adventures and new experiences, being open-minded, and find value in all of your experiences. It can be inspiring when viewed from that lense.

Have you read Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods"? I love this book because, like Travels, these seem to be normal people seeing the world and taking on travel experiences, not pros and experts.


I have written about 5-10 books worth of information on the internet.

Michael in this book did not have enough chapters to fill the book, so I propose he went off on this Auras and other mental trips, calling it travels, then went off-topic.

I love to read his fiction, and I find his fiction 100 percent on-topic.

This is a book about Michaels confusions, and confusion is travel. Will I recomend a person read it, no, unless they are wanting to do drugs, or babble about mental trips.

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