Making Photo Exposé of Hotel

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
Wednesday, March 28, 2007

How to make for me.

I have made a list of photos to take of a hotels, it is an annoying list of photos, and quite a bit of work.

I think though, if I took all these photos, I will have collected easily all the information about a hotel that I would need to explain briefly. More than what a guidebook gives, but really probably about the same as a guidebook collects, but cannot give because the price of paper is high to print a guidebook of 10,000 pages for every country.

Collect printed advertising for Hotel
Common room with Television
Reception desk or check in counter
Television in Common area to view

Business Card Collected for Hotel
Landmark - Something large, like the bar name next door.
MAP - Travelers Nest
Map or graphics with directions to Hotel
Street Sign

Kitchen free to be used by guest
Restaurant or Bar Attached to Hotel

Laundry Service and Prices

Prices posted on wall for rooms
Receipt for payment of room for the night
Receipt for payment when they only write in the book and do not give a receipt

All Signs on Hotel
Bums or Annoying people in the area
Down the road to right that includes the Hotel
Entrance to Hotel
GPS Coordinates take a photo of the GPS
Sign of Hotel name on front of building
The back that includes the Hotel
The complete Hotel from the front
Address on front of building or the whole building in one photo
Down the road to left that includes the Hotel

Best Value for a room in the Hotel
Door Locks
Examples of all Services
Fitted sheets
Heating and Cooling
Locks on doors
Mattress without the sheet
Pillow with the cover off
Toilets and showers

Person that cleans my room

Photos Miscellaneous

I am working on the site,

I think I will have a few hotels I recommend, but keyed in on the manager and the price,, if they change, the recommendation ends.

What does expose mean?
- declaration of facts: a formal and systematic statement giving facts about something

Yes, good, I used the word correct, then wanted to check if I was sure I used it correct.

It is not easy to collect information on hotel, it take a lot of time, and invariably something is forgot, this photo list is a checklist or tick list to make sure all information is recorded, notes are fallible.

Making Photo Exposé of Hotel


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Could add to the list ambient sound level (in decibels), nearest Internet or Bank/ATM, etc. Looks like you've got alot of things to keep track of.


Photo expose is an exhaustive list for sure. You must love photography. Personally I don't take photos but appreciate those who do. I imagine organizing it would take maybe even more time than all the photos.

I looked at and it says you have 5 million + cities listed in 251 countries. Togo alone has 137 pages, 6800+ plus entries. Wow! Do you plan to pare it down to ONLY hobo recommended locations? Or are you thinking to use the search feature to easily find cities, places etc.? Drill through the hierarchy? Just wondering..

I remember going there awhile back and the structure seemed different. I think hobo hideout is a great project idea for budget wanderers and I would love to help out. If there are tasks that match my skills. Your style of travel suits me fine.

Would it also make sense to add closest ATMs', closest markets, internet cafes, and transportation point? This would relate to your cluster concept from posts gone by.


Two more added:
1. Photos of sound meter in the room.
2. Photos of sound meter in front of the hotel.

ATM, Bank, Internet... I am somewhat trying to infer or handle in a map under DIRECTIONS.

MAP - Travelers Nest
(I will draw a map of all the ATM, Bank, etc, and put there. Very good observation Chris.)

The Travelers Nest although I normally comment on this as something in the room, or the room, it the total bundle of services need to live in a place.

I am taking a photo of restuarants attached to the hotel, and to me, if I had a choice, I would throw all the restaurants of my nest and make them go next door, who wants all that noise in my nest.

The nest part of living underappreciated for travelers. A tourist will get a room outside a city and travel one-half hour to do anything. I get a room close to everthing and walk, I am on vacation, I do not want to work to find everything.

The Cristol Hotel here the expensive hotel in Kpalime, has the biggest and noisiest boom boom hotel in the city across from it, I would also think it the most dangerous. Many too rich, to elitist, too many self absorbed people drinking. A bar I would avoid almost always.

Not so much to do, if I live in a hotel at least three days, hard to do if I was in here for one night.

I have what, about 5-7 areas to go to and photo, then check them off on a sheet of paper I print in the internet cafe as I do them.

The time is in making the pages.

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