Computer No No

Computer No No
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I removed a drawer out of the nightstand, placed on its side and I am using as a small table for my laptop computer. I sit the fan to the left of the bed as I am looking at my feet. It blows down my body and keeps me cool, or as above it blows from behind me down my body from the open window.

I have a major habit problem, I wish to place my coffee on the nightstand, yet, I continually remind myself to place the cup on the floor. I know, someday, someway, I am going to spill that coffee and the fluid is going to flow down into the keyboard of my computer and kill the poor thing. I put this up there as an example of what not to do, I never, say never, I say never put the drinks above or close to my computer.

I believe one time I had a problem because I loaned the computer to a man in Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand and he spilled beer into the keyboard, I remember… That computer became junk, and many months later, I remember I did loan the computer to someone.

Now, I almost never loan my computer, and only to person that are smarter than me about computers, even then, I must say, no drinks around my computer. I worry here a little about sweating into the computer, or dripping clothes as I hand them up in my room to dry.

Actually now I never tell anyone I have a computer, or try not tell them.

Computer No No


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for sure liquid and computers don't mix. if your laptop get fried...

i've experimented with whats called a live-cd with linux operating systems. you burn an .iso file to cd, make the cd-rom the first in boot sequence and put the cd in, then restart and your whole setup is run from the cd.

this avoids running from the crapped up operating system of an internet cafe computer. on some versions you can save back personal settings, bookmarks, files and more to the live-cd.

you just need a cafe computer with a bootable rom drive. i think it can be done from a flash drive too but i haven't tried it. kinda like a pc in your pocket.

more of a backup plan i guess, for when you spill your coffee.


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