American Flag Scarf

American Flag Scarf
Lome, Togo West Africa

A man just walked into the internet cafe, he has a regular size bigger flag of the USA that he has wrapped around his neck like a flag.

Never believe this crap when someone says they do not like the USA, Europe has a P e n ... problem - Envy, Canada the same.

The other 200 countries are in love with the USA, I could not imagine whering a flag around my neck here, the girls would follow me home, and the Europeans would go into a frenzy. That reminds me, I need to put my flags on my bags.... why not invite...

American Flag Scarf


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Oh come on! The whole of the world outside Europe and Canada love America??? Are you sure?? If I got 10 bucks for every British, Japanese or Australian flag I've seen drapped around someone who isn't from those countries I'd be rich. Don't mistake people wanting a slice of the US economy for love. When was the last time you saw anyone burning an Italian or German flag?

*buys 24,456 flags*

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