Skype Not on Machines

Skype Not on Machines
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

I am trying to chat, not telephone with my friend in Brazil. I am on an Internet connection in Nepal that goes through my cell phone. It is not strong enough to call, but I can chat. Skype is not on the machines or downloaded onto machines, I would say about 90 percent of the time when I wish to chat with him.

Yahoo Messenger seems to be the best system to chat, or even call with presently in the world, the calling is free from yahoo to yahoo. Now, if I could get my friend in Boston to log in...

And DUMP that crazy, ridiculous and troublesome, and pay to have email account, He must like to change emails every year or two.

Yahoo Mail and are the two best Emails presently, in my opinion.

They techies all understand how to do anything, I am wondering if the world will ever figure a way to allow the non-technical minded person how to do the same. I think 85 percent of the population will come into the fold if they can every get a voice command operated computer to function easy.

I see the Internet only being truly available to 10-15 percent of the modern world presently. I would say less than 1-3 percent of the planet actually can function and use the Internet.

I wonder why or if has email, it would be a natural progression.

Skype Not on Machines


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if you walk along the main tourist street of Lakeside, until you get to a building with a slightly rusted, slightly too-steep yellow-metal staircase outside it, with stairs going up from whichever end of the street you come at it, so that it looks like an upside down 'V' of stairs...

walk up these, and turn and there is maybe 3 more stairs going into the second floor of the building. In this building is the best internet café i found in pokhara in my 3 weeks there.

reliable internet, skype availible, phone availible, printing, CD writing, drinks availible, even one machine with skype set up to call land-lines as a cheap alternative to the phone. everything was reasonable price, and the internet cost was the pokhara flat-rate (everywhere was something like 99Rs an hour, which is bad, but all the same. someone told me the price was fixed by the king, so maybe different now).

This place also has a generator somewhere, and a UPS battery on their computers, so the place is one of the only places in Laskside that is still open in the blackouts.

I wish I had taken a photograph of it to show you better where it is. I was in Pokhara 3 weeks, and I took maybe 3 photos. I think I was there so long everything became too ordinary to photograph.

i think i forgot to say, but the point of my comments was to say all the machines in this place had skype and seemed to work for me.

Well Look at the bright side, with all your travels you can use Skype to communicate with others using Skype chats and having those messages translated in 14 different languages using 38 language pairs all in real time. More Here

I agree with you Skype email would be nice, but it seems they are currently focused on making features more rich, like Call transfer More Here as well as other things already in the Skype client

I have skype, I have the call transfer. Great idea and would work great in the USA, however the transferes did not tranfer in both Guatemaula and here in Nepal. I now just post my cell phone number.

However there are two switches between here and the USA, and they get a message in Nepali, they think my number is not working.

I useed Skype to test and make sure I am giving USA people the correct combination of numbers.

The bottom line, Skype says not use for emergency calls, I respect them for this, however outside the USA, it may work better...hehehe than many cell phones.

I am 11 hours different than the USA presently, hard to use Skype when the internet cafe is open.

I am saying think about yahoo messenger also, it is installed on about 90 percent of internet cafe machines on the planet, while Skype is only about about 10-20 percent.

I have headphones I carry, if you want to use skype, then buy some headphones.

Best yet, do not call home, write emails that are asychonous.

I am making business calls with Skype, or planning calls, I am working on Africa, one month ahead of schedule.

I am not in the USA.

True... I never called home once while I travelled. My friend I travelled with did a couple times, and he used the skype system while I was with him.

When I got home, first thing I had to do was call the person who was meeting me at the airport... how to use a phone? took me 4 attempts to remember.

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