Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara Nepal
Pokhara Nepal Asia
February 8, 2007

The city of Pokhara is on a lake; as best I can discern the name of the lake is Phewa, maybe Fewa, but is could also be a manmade lake as there is a Dam on the lake.

What is real and not real is hard to say in Nepal, I have seen at least 50 signs saying they will wash my clothes by machine, and I have yet to find one machine. The owners of the hotel called it the - Lakeside Liars. -

The Hotels of Pokhara though are not really, on the lake, there is many Rice Paddies on the lake. I do believe when sunny and green, this would be beautiful with all the water buffalos walking around.

I have been trying to see the Annapurna Mountains, I can see some big hills, but not much of snow capped mountains, the clouds are sitting on the city presently for the last week.

I do not like to Trek, however I have been doing some one-two hour people Treks around the city, or cultural Treks. Somehow, the Trekker have guides, porters, and all sorts of things. The now have to pay a 2000 Trekker fee, then about 1000 for a Taxi somewhere, then I guess 500 for the guide per day, this is not a cheap walk on the side of a mountain.

I think, or feel there is probably a very nice small village closer to the mountains that would not have the tourist and be a much better location to see the mountains than the city of Pokhara. I see Pokhara as just another in a long list of tourist cities and nothing unique about it however, it is 10-50 times better than Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nice to have the beeping of the horns stop or less here, they really should now allow India or Nepal people to touch a horn, they just have to blow it every five seconds.

I like Pokhara, I will leave tomorrow for Katmandu, and then fly to Delhi, a place that make Katmandu feel quiet and clean.

I am ready for Africa where life is quiet, there is no tourist, and travel is easier and more refreshing. I think most of the information about Africa is crazy, it is a great place, easy to travel for the most part, or West Africa is, nothing close to what the media portrays.

Pokhara Nepal


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Ghorepani is a nice little town in the hills. They apparently started building a road to link it to Pokhara, but then all the crap hit the fan, and the political situation fell apart. No road.

probably easy to get to... we trekked there, but we took the scenic route. There they have filter systems installed because they are forbidden to sell plastic bottle water.

Our trek cost us $24US per day, including guide, all food and accommodation, and all the permit, taxi ride stuff included. To me, that is not much money. Maybe 2 hours work maximum.

I agree, this is not much money. However, the UN and all the acronymn say that less than one dollar per day is poverty.

Everything is relative and compared to what, I personally believe the prices just encourage the corrupt to be corrupt.

If a person lies, cheats, and is allowed to continue, other learn and follow the path. There is a reason the Nepali people lie on a minute by minute bases, it works, they make more money.

Yet, in the long run, they lose, as there is no serious investment in the country of Nepal because the big business knows they cannot trust the government.

I think a fair price is needed always, and this 2000 Rupees as a license to walk in Gods country is abuse. This is about 60 US Dollars.

If I thought it would help the country, I would not care, I think it probably helps the Maoist to finance terror and poverty upon the people of Nepal.

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