Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity

Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity
Pokhara,Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007
I find the cleaning girl in the Kitchen pumping a Kerosene stove,  she says small gas, or hard to buy propane.
I walk down the street and see a huddle of motorcycles and a queue of cars lined up at a gas station, it is a huddle because they do not understand a line.
Every day they say, - Low Setting - or Low Shading or Load Shedding, the bottom line every day between 3 and 10 hours there is no electricity in homes.
Yes there are Maoist, there seems to be no shortage of problems caused by them, I think there is no government now to fight them, so meet the new boss, worst than the old boss, the Maoist.
Something is broken here, and there is nothing spiritual about it, God is not on vacation here, he took the last train out.
I would normally do not think the United Nations is needed, but I think time to bring in NATO or United Nations Soldiers to clean house. The United Nations could run this place better, and they are the worst boss on the planet, but better than the new boss of Nepal.
Hmm, maybe nobody is in charge.
Nepal No Gas No Propane No Electricity


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Any chance you have come across any good books on the recent conflict? I read Michael Hutt's "Himalayan Peoples' War." It is a collection of scholarly articles that vary between fascinating and overly-technical. I thought you might have encountered someone in your time there who might have read something useful.

Thanks for the report. Nepal has largely been out of the media after the fighting, but I imagine the situation is still grim.

Propane and petrol are of course imported from India via the Nepali oil company. If they have not paid their recent bills, India can cut off supply.

Load shedding: Electricity is mainly generated from hydro-electric. In this season (winter) the rivers are lower and the generated amount is less that usual. Additionally, demand has increased rapidly over the past years outstripping supply. A new hydro plant is being constructed but will be a few years before it comes online.

Not sure what you were looking for in Nepal. I was hear at the same time as you and had a good time. I guess it depends on mood and attitude at the time. Did you find anything nice / good / new in Nepal or was it all bad?

By the way, the last time I heard someone saying that a type of people "didn't understand a line" was a racist redneck in South Africa.

Well man why do you think that the new boss is worsee....Well what 75%+ Nepalese think that The New PM is better than any other.. THe Bosses previously on Nepal were many corrupt well.. at lease Maoist are not corrupt they have shown us that are better than any other.....We all we die with smile but we will not tolerate any other country forces here..Its better to die than to be coward.....

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