TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005
Katmandu Nepal Asia
January 28, 2007

Time Magazine

I was looking at Time Magazine, there was a copy in a hotel in the Philippines. I noticed that the photos they deemed worthy, often had either smoke, fog, or blurred because of the direct sunlight into the lens.

My lesson learned, is when there is smoke, fog, or the sun is causing problems, maybe I should take the photo, just for the surreal feel.

The photo was taken near Thamel area in Katmandu, around seven in the morning. The question I have is, did this man sleep in the rickshaw?

TIME The Best Photos of the Year 2005


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I saw many men sleeping in Taxis in India. Was helpful for me and them, because I needed to be at the train station at a stupid time, and so I just woke one of them up.

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