Thailand Dentist

Thailand Dentist
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
January 2, 2007

I had my teeth cleaned at the Khon Kaen University Dentist school, the cost was 400 Baht. This is about 11 USA Dollars as I believe the Baht exchanges at about 37 Baht or less to the dollars.
I have went to the Dentist three times in Thailand, two times in Ecuador, one time in India, and probably in places I cannot remember.
The cost has consistently been about 12 Dollars US, however the style and equipment changes. By far the University in Khon Kaen had the best cleaning tools. India was my worst experience and Ecuador was medium, Thailand has been the best.
There are many "Tourist Traps" set up around Khao San Road whereby you can pay from 1000 to 2000 Baht. I would believe and guess that they are really gouging the tourist in Koh Samui.
I read web sites about medical, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery, buying things in other countries cheap. I have trouble reading most Expats sites as they advertise real estate for 5-10 times the real value. (Note, I was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years. ) When I talk with people on these subjects, it is like hitting a brick wall, they have some type of insane loyalty to being ripped.

Thailand Dentist


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