Skype Problem Mute Checked

Skype Problem Mute Checked
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
5:35 AM January 3, 2007

I enter many Internet cafes, and there are numerous reasons why I am not able to use to make a phone call. I think the number one reason is the headset. I am going to try to carry my own into the Internet cafes and see if this overrides some problems.

I have now tried 10 machines, in two separate cafes. One machine that was working good, now is not. I know the location of good machine, however, it is 5:21 in the morning in Bangkok and that Internet Cafe is closed. The one lady keeps trying to give me my ten baht back, I say, that is not the goal, I want to make a phone call to the USA while the time is 5:00 in the afternoon.

The Internet cafe has the mute checked. There are two adjustments. Click the little speaker one time and a little volume thing will come up, twice and this one come up.

I am collecting problems, very difficult to find them all, however with the new labels, I can continue to collect and on this page may be all the problems I encounter.
Skype Problems

Skype Problem Mute Checked


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I, after much dragging of feet, finally got a headset and downloaded Google talk, at the urging of my (wise, but not particularly computer-savvy) father. You should try it. I'm ot on the payroll, so that's all I'm saying.

Hi Andy,
I've been experimenting with Skype for a year or two now (it has taken so long because i do not know many other people with it). The little 'mute' box for the microphone is a constant annoyance for me.

When using programs to record input, or if I want to run my voice through the laptop to amplify, then normally the mic has to be on mute for those programs to recognise the input. Otherwise windows just plays it live.

For Skype, it seems to vary.

Hi Andy:

I picked up a headset in India because the cafes almost never had them. I found a relatively small one. You can also get a set of earbuds with the microphone on the cord. Earbuds are the little things in the ears that make the mobile phone junkies look like they are crazy people talking to themselves on the street. Whatever you get make sure it is for a computer and not a mobile. It should have two jacks and not one.

At the Wat end of Khao San Road, just to the right of the petrol station, is an internet cafe equipped for skype. I've been using it and it works quite well. However, it is not associated with a hotel and closes at midnight.


Well, thank you for your hint regarding muting-settings. It´s really annoying, when you pay for sitting in an internet cafe for searching the problem instead of that what you entered the cafe for.

I had the same problem today. Finally, I solved that.

actually, mic should be "mute" in playbacking and should be "selected" in recording.

the detailed steps are shown in:

please set the volume in recording the maximum and try to speak louder. Those two steps were the real useful steps to solve my problem today.

I updated Skype to Ver3.6.0248. The microphone is not working anymore. I checked with the sndrec32.exe and the hardware is working perfectly. Then I tried the Option under Skype Tool menu to adjus the volumn to high. Still the microphone is muted.
I dont know whatelse I missed. Should you have the clue, please help.

I laughed to read people saying they didnt like Version 3.***. Just recently installed the very latest one - version 4. MAN IT SUX! What a horrible mess theyve made of it.

10 thumbs down Skype.

i now hate skype, searching for alternatives. the silly mute microphone thing that occurs every time is really annoying... especially if the internet cafe has administrative controls that disallows adjusting of the audio settings. boo to skype!

What worked on my machine for Skype microphone mute problem is this: Go to the volume settings in system tray, then click on Options/Properties. For Playback, uncheck the microphone icon and for Recording, uncheck all options except microphone. Click on OK to save. Then hopefully the microphone does not mute when you hit call button on Skype

Any further ideas? I dont have half the stuff people talk about here. For example, the volume thing in my system tray does not have options/properties. Im using Vista, which just doesnt have all these mod cons.

Like many, I did find I could connect on Skype some time ago (cant remember when). Ive only tried again now because my phone died, and Im now getting the mic problem. Like others here, everything seems to be working, none of the solutions works - Ive tried those on other sites as well. Ive not re-installed Skype - is that the solution? Sounds like someone tried it and it wasnt.

Am ready to give up....

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