India Music Videos

India Music Videos
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 31, 2007

India has some of the most beautiful girls on the planet. I can sit here in my room and watch music videos and dream of a world of beautiful Indian women.

I spent four months in India and never saw anything close to the video culture, and have come to believe it is dangerous for Indian women to even talk with a foreigner.

Therefore, I am always in amazement of the movies and music videos, as it portrays some form of modern and open culture that to me does not exist. I see and felt a very closed culture.

India Music Videos


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them girls in viddies being somewhat like the upwardly mobile girls in big cities of India who wouldnt wish to be seen dead wio like you ;)
But try watering holes in Mumbai around Colaba, and in Delhi-dude, you'll need money to get into places where life seems more open ...

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