Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity

I am annoyed, I entered a new hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, it has the super modern put a little card into the slot as you enter the room and all the electricity works.

When you leave, you pull the card out of the slot, all the electricity is shut off.

99 percent of the time, I can separate the card from the key, or use a piece of cardboard to keep the electricity running 100 percent of the time.

This hotel got to smart, they have the expensive bar that does not allow anything but the plastic bar. Then they soldered or welded the key to the round circle of metal or key ring. I cannot open it or pry it open and remove the key. It is connected permanently, very smart, but too smart.

Why I need electricity in my room 100 percent of the time

1. Keep the air conditioned room at steady temperature. The furniture or rooms heat up or cool off, a room that is not constantly cooled, or heated, then has a problem with fluctuations. A room is much more comfortable when always as the same temperature.

2. Charge my batteries for camera. I want a steady six hour or until finished of charge.

3. Charge my cell phone.

I do not need to charge my computer, it is almost always plugged in, the battery of a computer that last only 2 hours is more or less useless. When they get me up to 8 hours of use, it will be worth worrying about the charge.

Hotel Key Card Turn on Electricity


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I had this problem in Bombay. The huge plastic lump was permanently attached to my key. That particular place wanted to keep the key when i left too, which meant that I locked all my things into a wardrobe and in my bag all the time. Annoying.

However, there was a seperate key for the bathroom (you have your own bathroom, but it is not en suite). this too had a plastic key thing. So we used to use that one to keep the room electricity on when we left.

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