Chinese Korean Font Invasion

Chinese Korean Font Invasion

I am being driven crazy by the small things in life, everyone pushes me to improve my grammar and writing skills. I some days am just trying to get the word out.

I sent my newsletter last night, I then came to the internet cafe to check today. I have no idea why, however, there are these A A things in my newsletter. I am hoping the English speaking world of the USA cannot see them, yet here on my computer, in the cafe... I can.

(General Santos, Philippines)

I sent from my computer, I am presently checking from the computer owned by the internet cafe, it is one fo them small things in life that can drive you crazy. We do work for perfection, yet the variables that need managaged increase as fast as we learn to manage them.

I was laughing, one advertiser was inferring that I did not know how to open a control panel, I am still amused. I have realized backend is twice to three time more complicated than the advertisers control panel.

This is all is the result of designing our own newsletter delivery system, because and google groups are not quite what we want, plus we become tied to them in a way that is not acceptable for the long-term.

I do like them, yet we are evolving and changing. has about 20 plus sql databases connected in many ways.

Oh well, gives me something to do, I cannot look at girls 24 hours per day.

Chinese Korean Font Invasion


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dont comment on what you know nothing about.
turkey is not in the union yet because of european rascism?
how could that be? are they a differnt race in turkey? you are an idiot, ignorant and rediculous.
the reason turkey is not yet in the union is mostly economic but also to do with human rights issues.
if the issues of our continent interest you then learn, listen and dont bother speaking, you dont know and i think never will know what you are talking about.
turkey is being kept out of the union because of rascism, oh you make me angry, perhaps through religious predjutice, yes, race, how? we are the same race you idiot all the way from portugal to pakistan.

i've learnt that, when communicating with web-admin people, you need to show your knowledge to them in the first email, like some kind of mating ritual among animals showing your greatness.

I don't like to do this in life, but tech people need it. Otherwise they will treat you like an idiot and ask if you tried all the obvious things that you have of course tried.

So you have to tell them what you've already tried, using lots of jargon. Then they treat you like an intelligent person, not an idiot customer.

it's sad.

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