Free Hotel Breakfast

Free Hotel Breakfast
Bandung Indonesia Southeast Asia
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am the Moritz Hotel, the cost is 50,000 Rupiah per night or about 5 US Dollars, it is nice, but in many ways, I am never sure.

I was looking at the night before I left and came up with some hotel called Kamila in the Dago area of Bandung or something, but the price was under 20 dollars.

Most of the Hotels were in the 40-80 US Dollar range, which is about one to two time the monthly salary an Indonesia person. The Moritz is priced right in proportion to the pay scale.

Free Breakfast is included; this is an egg sandwich and coffee or tea.

I went down about 6:45 and had to sort of break out the Hotel, one of the boys was awake and trying to open the front door. The workers all seemed to be strewn around the bench chair sleeping, as workers normally will do in a hotel. It is very common to have the staff sleeping in the downstairs open areas of a Hotel. Therefore, they were doing just that, sleeping in the downstairs.

Well, they wake up, stir around, I go for a walk. I come back and one asks me if I wanted breakfast. I said yes and he started to cook. I ate my sandwich and thought.

- Hmm, these boys just woke up, no shower, no anything, just walked into the kitchen and started cooking. One of the others was mopping the floor with a mop that has never been rinsed and cleaned.

The Moritz cost five US Dollars and has a private shower, and all the confusion needed.

Free Hotel Breakfast


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I know I want to.

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