World Miss University Nepal

World Miss University Nepal

I got an email from SHOVA GIRL

Shova Girl is the daughter of a hotel I am trying to negotiate with to partner with

She is an exceptionaly pretty girl, and funny. I was laughing, many people think Africa, Nepal are some sort of bleak wastelands. Here is Shova wanting me to vote for her. They live normal lives, have dreams, same as anyone, and it is not bleak.

Be a sport, take a look at the beauty of Nepal

She is SHOVA

Andy in Zinder Niger

If you all are nice to me, maybe I put up photo.... hehehe

World Miss University Nepal


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Beauty Pageant is usually controversial because of the outward dressing, mostly degrading woman-hood

In response, many national and international “Pageants” have come under heavy criticism and have suffered outright ban in some cities.
Beauty pageants regularly attract disputes as up shoot of immodest dress culture which violet religious and cultural practice native to a place
For example, many Great Ones and Christians see beauty pageant as promoting immoral conducts, because the participants are typically not dressed in modest and decent ways.

It has been estimated globally that over sixty percent of the participants in beauty pageantry are students from higher institutions, however World Miss University Nigeria has taken a brave step in promoting decency by eliminating bikini from every beauty pageant that is associated with universities undergraduates in Nigeria and the world at large.
The contest (World Miss University), is rated no 1 amongst the four most prominent international beauty contest in scale by the United Nation & International Association of University alongside Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International, among these World Miss University is based in Korea, and the sole contest dedicated in promoting global peace and the importance of international relationship. WMU is using this medium to also encourage youth to be properly educated

What do we do to promote morality in beauty pageantry in our country?
For more info visit

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