ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine

ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine
Lome Togo

There is a bank machine or a way to take money from the bank with a Visa on the card ATM. I extracted 200,000 CFA yesterday here in Lome, Togo from a machine. I put in my pin, number and pulled out the money.

The machine is behind the Palm Beach Hotel in Lome and has a big Western Union sign, the other option is to wire yourself a lot of money to Western Union, you can do this online at the internet.

Hmm, Cash Machine, Money Machine, Bank Machine, what do the Brits call them?

ATM- Automatic Teller Machine
Hole in the Wall - England
Cajero Automatico - Spanish

This is one of them guide type, made for pages that need to be made, so someone can search and find the knowledge easier.

I will add all the French words soon, guichet automatique or something, cachette, annoying to learn to spell.

ATM Lome Togo Bank Machine


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Cashpoint is probably the main term in the UK now. younger people will call it an ATM. people who want to be young will call it an 'ATM Machine'. it is like saying 'PIN Number'... it is in the abreviation, you don't need the extra word. However, people need to sandwich it.

Hole in the Wall is fun. Now one of our highstreet banks labels its ATMs as that. Big sign: Hole in the Wall. Amusing.

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