Tema Ghana

Tema Ghana
Friday, August 25, 2006

I am in Tema, Ghana about 30 mile or one-two hours east of Accra the biggest city in Ghana. I had a personal decision to make, a goal setting decision, I was ready to enter Accra and changed my mind. As we were entering Accra from the west, going east into Accra the traffic was so bad I could not imagine entering the city. Although it was more or less modern there was wall to wall cars, people, venders selling gum, and anything. It was not my idea of why I came to Africa.

This is the nutshell, why am I in any country, why go to a country, why go traveling. The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, the trip is not about anyone but yourself, it is a voyeuristic trip into what one person, yourself like to see.

Well, I did not want to see some huge city in Africa, I have decided no more huge cities in India, I just do not like huge cities. The city is about two million plus, not really huge, but bigger than what I like, I suppose I like a city to be less than 100,000 and preferably only about 5000-10,000 persons, and then I am in the perfect city size.

Culture, I like culture, cities destroy cultures, therefore why go to a demolished city of no traditional cultures, only the new, lost wondering culture, no benchmarks, no clean traditions.

Tema is big also, but I can only handle anymore so long in a bus or van before I wish to leave. It took me close to 4 hours to go 70-80 miles, this is slow on any planet, and mostly because of the traffic of Accra.

Tema is interestingly modern, it has nice road, nice streets, everything I seen as I entered has an air of order, like the place was designed and organized by city planners, not common on the planet earth. I almost went for the hotel next to the bus stop after I was taken to a the Sakumo Royal Hotel in a residential hard to find culture, remote area. I asked instantly to Priscilla the girl working in the bar, it there internet close, she instantly understood the word, and I felt confident she was telling the truth, so I rented a room.

Sakumo is one of them places where the guidebook writer I think had a car and found the hotels in Tema, it is a Car Orientated Hotel, not a walking area, the immediate neighborhood is spread out with little major business areas. Strange, though, it does have a nice internet café just down the street from the Hotel, not close, but not far, a short walk. At night there is no street lights to the main street, it is an African maybe it is dangerous rush, however is probably safe enough.

Tema Ghana


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How can i find out the authenticity to a girl using the name of Ricanda Johnsion who claims to be half white and half ghana. I realise there are lots of tricks to get american money. She claims to be a nursing student at winneba nursing school po box ku265 Winneba Ghana 00233. she claims to need money to pay for school in order to get certificate. she also claims it to be $500.00, what is the exchange rate in monatary value? Can you help me to find out thr truth before I waiste anymore time and money her email address is
i will greatfully appreciate your help
Sincerely Alex Jessen

its a scam dont send her any money call the accra police they will track who ever it is down internet extortion is a crime in ghana.
you can find the number for the police department in accra on the website www.ghanaweb.com. good luck.

How do I find out if the young lady I have been speaking with is legit. She does not want any money just wants to possibly come here to visit. But she is saying that because of the scams in Ghana that I cannot purchase the ticket here in the U.S.-she would have to do it from there. Is this true and what would be the proper procedure to bringing someone from Ghana over to visit here in the United States?

I have met this lady on a dating site from Tema Ghana,have been chatting with her for a couple of days ,if things continue on and we decide to meet,what is the procedure she will have to take to visit me in Canada.How does one go about getting an airline ticket sent to her,to come to canada ,and what documents does she need,besides her passport.What is a return ticket from Ghana to eastern Canada (toronto ) cost

Sincerely Bruce

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