Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program

Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program
Cape Coast Ghana
Monday, August 21, 2006

Three weeks ago, I renewed my Norton Anti-Virus program. It turned on many configurations that has harmed my computer and stopped me from using my computer. It is worst than a virus, it makes me feel that all is ok then I discover later my computer did not perform the task.

I send emails, the Norton Anti-Virus program stops the Foxmail program from sending, however shows that is it is sent. I have been using this program for 10 years, I know how it works. The Norton turned on Microsoft updates and now my computer is locking. I discovered it did this too late, I am hoping that restore removes these Microsoft updates. I do not update my computer with the live updates, the hurt my computer more than they help. I am having many problems with memory crashes; the resources that Norton used seemed to eat the whole computer memory.

The only way I could use my computer was to exit the program and it would turn itself back on, it is impossible to use, and dangerous in my opinion to data, a computer and programs. It is invasive and not passive.

This is the 2006 version, I have removed and I am finding it has little things running to remove in about 3-4 locations, it is not one thing to remove it is multiple. Amazing, it is the virus, it has infected my computer, I am hoping my computer will stop locking; I am in the big brain computer countries of the planet.

Change is always dangerous to a computer, if it working, adding something can only make it confused, a confused computer has a clash, locks, and stops.

36 dollars or something lost.

Removing Norton Anti-Virus Program


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Norton is a vile peice of software, these days. It used to be good, and has built a good reputation. However, they cannot piggy-back on their reputation forever. I think they are now lazy.

I use AVG anti-virus (click here) which is free for personal use on a single computer. I have never had a problem with AVG. in my opinion, it is much better than Norton, and it is free. And the only updates it does without asking are updating it's virus database. (and you can tell it not to, if you like).

I agree with Ash. At the university I work at, we install AVG for alll our new students. We have never had a single problem..and it is free!!! It is a lot better than Norton

You aren't the only one. I've seen too many brand new, powerful computers brought to their knees by Norton. I don't understand how anyone can live with it.

Another vote for AVG! If you need antispyware, Spybot and Adaware are some of the best in town, and free.

AVG is what is installed now on my computer. Norton brought it to its knees. Strange how invasive companies can design something.

I am still troubleshooting my computer. I cleaned the Ram, Battery connections, etc any connection and it has not locked for 2 days.

All the hardware connections seem to be the biggest problems in laptops.

Goodbye Norton, hello AVG

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