Lome Togo

Lome Togo

I am in Lome Togo, I have not said much about Lome, Togo, I really cannot think about much to say. The backpacker, or more correct, French Expat and Peace Corps hotels are in a beach resort wanna be area, and not the center of the city.

I had to look at a map, this is not the normal method of hotels for backpackers and I was lost.

This is a walled area, inside the walls are the people with money, outside the walls are the vendors or riff raft of society.

I get to watch many a person p I s s in the black ugly sand streets. Inside the walls can be clean, outside is sand streets. I am not sure which side is good. Drunk French old expats or street venders with no clients.

The number of person trying to sell outnumbers the persons to buy, by 10 to 1, that means they have no money. I do not think they care, they have food, and they can p I s s or sleep anywhere.

My speculation is this, I think at one time Lome, Togo was the place for the Frenchies to come and visit. They made this exclusive in the wall world of French culture, living inside another culture. There were plenty of women for the French men to bang.

Now, there was some war, violence, and like or similar to many cities on the planet, Lome is off the short list, it does not even seem to be on the long list. Only a place to come and sit with old men and drink, and still bang a few women for cheap money than France.

Acapulco is and inherently beautiful city, it is an out of vogue destination, but has inherently a lot to offer. Cancun will one day be a nothing, not soon, but someday, when it is not longer chic.

Lome has almost nothing now to offer, therefore these venders need to give up and try to find another job. But like everyone else on the planet, they will continue to beat a dead horse.

I am only here to use the internet, the culture is boring, the French drink and smoke too much, plus the ones here are on the lower end of the both the brain and evolutionary development. But they have no where to belong and this is a good place for lost souls to belong, a big fish in a very, extremely small pond. Plus there are girls to bang.

Walled cities are normal, Mexico city if full of walled cities. In Beverly Hills California, I bet you can find walled cities. It means, there are those on the inside, who must keep those on the outside out. Here it means it is dangerous, they need a wall or they will steal everything not connected. But Lome is pretty safe, so this is one of them cultural things where the rich sneaky like separate themselves by money. Paying money is how a person keeps the normals away, or tries to say, I am special. This is annoying.

I will leave soon, I am using the Internet, and the beach is of no value here, only for the super motivated soccer players here.

I will go north to find some normal culture; I am having trouble finding one person that has level the inside of the walls. Moreover, the French do not learn the language of world travel, English, they still believe they are a world power… hehehe, they do rule Africa, or North Africa, like the king of the swamp.

Togo people are nice, although too many working women in this area.

The people in the shops are excited to meet me, nobody ever from inside the walls must ever come and say hello or buy things. Most of these Drunk Expats have cars. They do not walk around with the commons.

I was laughing; the girls working the bar are all excited about the cookies I purchased. How much, Cien Fran or 100 Francs I say. About 20 cents U.S.

They want to know where; I purchased less than a stone throw from the Galion or Gallion Hotel Restaurant. What is up with people, it seems impossible to not know what is sold in the next store that is not competition in the least, and if they were competition, I would know for sure. People work hard to avoid everything that surrounds them and guarantee they do not know who the people in the neighborhood are, I know most of the neighbors now and it expands daily. I am still trying to figure out how to separate the w h o r e from the normal girls. They should have price tags, it would make life easier, at night, it is easier, but in the day, who can tell.

Not that many, but even W H O R E S want a good looking guy, the ones on the market here are amazingly ugly, fat, and losers, not a good market for the W H O R E S.

I wish I could type any word, but those anti spam Bobbies would get that word for sure.

Lome would be a skip on the list, except they do have Internet, and I am in the Internet business… hehehe, I am having trouble finding many reasons to visit cities in Africa, not a lot of fun. Normally I can go go and talk with the Backpackers. I have seen one in one month; therefore, the reason to enter a city is almost zero.

Lome Togo


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Dear Sir,
Do you know about Togo Housing And Urban Development Commission (THAUDC) ?
They want to make big business to me, but Im not sure about their capability.
Their address is on :
No 18 Arrondissement 12 Rue de Commerce Avenue
Grand Ceminary
Lome - Togo.

Please give idea.
Thank you very much.
+6281 2303 6309

I would like to ask you the same. I have got that addresse:
(T H A U D C).

PLEASE let me know if you know about that COMMISSION

Hi all who are interested in Lome Togo or the other way said THAUDC.They have contacted me for doing business with them for millions of Euros....we had a long mail exchange,but at the end they said I have to travel to their country to sign a contract.If I am not able to travel they will hire a lawyer who can represent me.This will cost me around Euro 3000 which they want to be send up front via Western Union.Can you believe such a ridiculous way of doing business....no business account,nothing.If you check....there is not such a THAUDC and the lawyer....only some strange names and if you want to find them.....they are no where.

We have a similar situation.
OUR LAWYERS SAY THAT ITS A NEW type of fraud that follows all proposals on cultural heritage RECEIPTS FROM deceased.


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