Ivory Coast Typical Food

Ivory Coast Typical Food

This is called Achicki, I have no idea how to spell, however this is close. I can not guarantee is typical, however I am sort of sure.

It is made with Casava and Chicken, and after that I am not sure.

Achicki, she ate it with her hands, like they would in Nepal.

Ivory Coast Typical Food


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you and the media has to show the poor parts of any country in africa let me tell u something their is a rich side honey so u and the media need to stop that, it hurts what if i show how fat americans get off of fastfood and if i show how marketing is not going well (etc.) how would u feel u need to think before u post (S:uger H:oney I:ce T:ea)ONLINE SO THERE U GO...

Hehehe too funny.

The world makes movies about Fat Americans, and I suppose we can make movies about Fat Africans. For sure there are a lot of Fat Africans.

This is typical food, no more no less, so grow up.

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