Ivory Coast Skin Problems

Ivory Coast Skin Problems

This boy and the whole village of Grand Bassam the Carte France side seem to put this cream on their faces. I hear it is because of bad water that irritates their faces, but not sure.

He has no problem joking and laughing.

Ivory Coast Skin Problems


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hi put some more imfo on ivory coast


Im guessing that the cream maybe has something to do with the heat?
Burmese people (from Myanmar) use some kind of cream derived from a plant that looks similar to this, which supposedly keeps their faces cool and smoothens skin.

The comment below was not written by me, but a boy in my school. The person who posted it is Abe Tishelman-Charny. I would never write anything like this, and I would like to have the comment deleted.

Ohh looking at these kids makes me feel remembering my happy childhood moments. Creams really do work. Why are their water irritates skins?

muchos besos para los peques

I feel bad 4 this child bit rember that God is w/ him !!!

This is a funny picture.

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