Caolin Pregnancy Stone

Caolin Pregnancy Stone
Aboisso Ivory Coast

This girl is eating some rock like substance; the one boy translated the word Caolin in French to mean Granite in English. I do not think this is correct, I tasted a small piece, more like a soft piece of cement. It does not have much taste. I asked why,
- When a girl pregnant. -
I asked,
- Is she pregnant?-
- No -
He answered.
You never want to understand when traveling explanations, it is beyond the realm of want for me, I could go into depth on this issue, but to understand explanation given or reasons is at the highest levels of acceptance for me. I just accept, do not push much, and hope the answer reveals itself in another place. I have the question in my mind; the cognitive dissonance will eat at my brain. If I am lucky, a reader explains.

Caolin Pregnancy Stone


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