What do you know about Ivory Coast

What do you know about Ivory Coast
Jeroen the travel agent here in Bangkok asked,
- What do you know about Côte d’Ivoire?
I know the name causes multiple headaches for a web site, because of them little marks in the name.
I went through all the maps, the drawing and now I purchased a ticket to the Ivory Coast for I think the 26th of July. No Visa needed for USA, and I can maneuver the others from there, plus avoid the India people and getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi. India can be a long long line to anywhere....
I know nothing about the Ivory Coast, what a great reason to go.
What do you know about Ivory Coast


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Ivory coast is one of the world largest producer for cocoa beans

they did well in the world cup

The CIA World Factbook:

A destination with a fairly recent history of coups and civil war (1999-2003). After the accord in 2004 nine French Peacekeepers were killed by government troops and the sparsely populated northern part of the country is still in rebel hands. There are 4,000 French Troops still quartered there to keep the sides apart. Most of the population lives along the coast and the Embassies are in the port city Abidjan.

Cocoa and coffee both!

Just curious - where does your idea of India come from? Have you had bad experiences visiting the country?

Andy Here,

Cocoa Beans... I have seen the bean, now I want to see the Chocolate. Spain to me is the place for cheap Chocolate.

India. I have been to India twice, once went by train from Mumbai to Goa then up the heart of India by bus to Varanasi and entered Nepal. The second time just stopped in Mumbai.

Impossible to start to explain. But I will pay 100 extra U.S.A. dollars without thinking to avoid dealing in anyway, shape or form with an India type government system.

Queue - Standing in line in India is an adventure. I never did it, but you can pay people sometimes in a Hotel to go and stand in line for you.

I agree with you Andy. I have experienced the same in India. Dealing with the Indian Government can be a HUGE HASSLE. BUT, if you pay the right price...you can get anything done. But still...it doesnt make it right. There is no equal treatment, and those queues are horrid. But you should make it clear that you dislike the Indian Government and its policies, and not the country as a whole. India is beautiful otherwise.

In Niger, slavery was only criminalised in 2003 - and the local human rights organisation Timidria estimates 870,000 people are still held in bondage there.

More here (surprisingly) at the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/specials/1357_slavery_today/page3.shtml

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