Thailand Squat Toilet

Thailand Squat Toilet
More than you need to know...

This is somewhat a typical toilet setup in many parts of Thailand. I unfortunately have I hope put together the complicated puzzle. Many people talk about culture.
I sometimes think I could devise a test to see how well they understand some intimacies of the country or culture.
Now, where do you wash your hands. Behind the photo in this toilet is a bar of soap, however there is no small sink. Finding the bar of soap is always the kicker. I only find a bar of soap in the toilet about 10 percent of the time with all squat toilets on the planet.
Sometime there is a hand sprayer, use from the front to the back.
IF you pay attention in a restaurant, you will see patrons pull some napkins off the table before they leave for the restroom. I personally know, I always be carrying.
Note, if you think you do not need to know this, stay home. If you travel long enough you will need to know how this works, not because you want to, but because you have to.
Thailand Squat Toilet
More than you need to know...


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I wish I'd seen this before I travelled. It took me a while to figure out how to use a 'squat 'n' splash' toilet. I get the squat part easy, but the clean up takes a while to master.

Once you get the method down, it can be kinder on yourself than toilet paper if you have dissentry!

I never figured out how to clean up without removing my trousers completely, though. I guess I didn't have to use them often enough. (mostly when trekking: it is very hard to squat after trekking all day. your legs want to fail).

Thankyou for posting this though!


Does the toilet paper flush ok in the squat toilets?

Andy you are a fucking idiot and I am embarassed that you represent travellers.

Thanks, this is good info.

Andy here,
It is interesting how people can call me names.

What is sad though is when a person with very weak legs or very old encounters this type of toilet and NEES to use, as they have no choice. It could be an extremely embarrassing time and a reason a person would avoid a country.

This toilet allows or the paper will flush down. MAKE it whirlpool or swirl though and it works better. However, if you see a small basket to the side, this means you are suppose to put paper in the basket. I would say about 65 percent of the planet wants you to use the basket.

Note: I often remove my clothes completely in these situations before using, then take a shower. Like Ash noted, it is difficult to stay dry. Note that my friend uses the paper to dry herself and not to wipe.

You will find that many Western person love a Squat Toilet, they are very tired of hoovering over the top of a normal Western Toilet because they rufuse to allow their bodies to touch the seat.

Obviously the person that called me a name is not a person that travels or has a clue.

What is sad is how people refuse to tell you the information that really helps.

Hey Andy, "Anonymous" above obviously has problems. Ignore his/her rant and keep up the good work. It's postings like "
Squat Toilet" that keeps us coming back to your blog.

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Anonymous persons are the problem children.

Different sources seem to have different information on whether you're supposed to face the door or away from the door while squatting. I live in a country where these are sort of common, by the way. But those can flush down toilet paper.

The hole in the picture neither made a person face the wall or the door. Because I cannot squat well, I always put my hand on the wall behind me to be stable. I do not want to fall into these toilets.

Normally in most countries when there is a squat toilet, there is not toilet paper. I think they use their hand and wash it more or less, the power spray does not need your hand, no pressure is a huge problem. I carry toilet paper always in my pocket.

I am in Philippines presently and only about 50 percent of the time in the normal western type toilet is paper supplied.

I always flush down, I do not think promoting or allowing them to construct toilets with 2 inch pipe should be enabled to happen. They will only stop when everyone put paper down the toilet... hehehe Proactive, civil disobedience.

OMG! I just had an enormous flashback to my days as a high school exchange student in Sukhothai Thailand. I remember these toilets. I was too embarassed to ask for help so it took me a while to get the hang of things. People always freak when I talk about the manual flushing part.

Nice post.

The squat toilet does take some getting used to. However after a few days, You will wonder why on earth western toilets ever took off.
Squatting is healthy and helps the bowel movement. My piles have pretty much cleared up and the whole process of going for a call of nature is so much simpler.

If you are concerned about going when you have the runs, take an old newspaper with you to cover your clothes or get naked and have a quick shower afterwards.

Consider it and read up on squat toilets.
When you have done some basic research you will come to the conclusion that it is western toilets that should be discouraged.

I feel bad for them to do this..

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