Middle East Sleeping Habits

Middle East Sleeping Habits

I call this the Middle East way of sleeping, even though I am in Asia, or sub-continent or any other does not matter definition.

This boy is sleeping on the roof or my hotel. I went up to get a GPS reading, it does not work in the streets as the 4-story building block the line of sight needed to get a reading.

28 38.51 NORTH
077 12.877 EAST
Elevation is 211 Meters

This is a long shot, it is about 6:00 AM and the sun is rising or poking through the clouds, trying to burn them off.

This is the same boy as above; he is sleeping on the concrete with another boy or man. It is very hot in the Hotel, I learned in Basra, Iraq sleeping in a 5-dollar Hotel. We had air conditioning and were looking forward to a good nights sleep. They turned off the electricity and everyone went up on the roof. We only learn of this when waking after eight hours of sleeping in a sauna, and then waking, we saw them carrying their mattresses down from the roof.

A view of women feet on another rooftop.

This is far away; I think my Sony 12X xoom has a smudge on it; however, these persons are sleeping under the covers on cots.

A typical type construction of building here in Delhi, India.

Up on the roof, the undersold, under-developed, under-served or some other business buzz word, well, the roof is one of the best place of a Hotel in the world and often and normally only used for the wrong thing. Here from the roof I can see this, from ground level, mostly I can see cow crap.

Middle East Sleeping Habits


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where I stayed in Goa, a few of the huts were on stilts. Under one of them, was a cot where I saw one fo the indian bar-men sleeping when I went to the toilet block very early.

Others slept in the porch of a shop next door. I am thinking, 'you need mosquito nets' however, there really weren't many at that time of year.

how is this the middle east sleeping habit? ive never seen people sleeping like this in the middle east(kuwait, iraq and saudi arabia). Just a few of the indian and pakistani foreign workers...but no locals sleep like this.

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