Last Day in Nepal

Last Day in Nepal
I will leave by plane tomorrow, the 17th of July from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India.
Today is my checklist on the door day. I need to wrap up a couple of miscellaneous ideas and purchases. I do not know why China does not sell all products to all countries, it would make my life easier. In reallity, I buy STUFF in come countries, I have no idea why only in that country it is available. I would never trust a tag.
I will miss Nepal in a way, I think I have many friends here, the friendships are easier here than in many countries. Hard to explain, maybe it is that invitation to drink Lemon Tea that does it, however I have 5 times more friends in Nepal than in Thailand and have spent 50 times less time here.

I am talking about locals, not foreighner friends.
Life is good.
Last Day in Nepal


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I miss Nepal a lot. I wonder sometimes whether it was wise for me to go there so early in my travel experiences. It may be that I will not want to go anywhere else. Maybe not. But, I think it is a dangerously good place.

Miss nepal so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i m a nepali and now just for my studies i have come to US.
cam through this page and really made me miis my country even more...
wished i could go back there :((

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