GREAT My First Ignorant American Email

GREAT My First Ignorant American Email

I am very happy, I receive my first ignorant American email. The anti-American email is so predictable you know to expect it.
I wrote a newsletter, trying to explain there is a limit to how long I am going to carry trash in a country that does not supply trash.... it was a fun tip.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  i have lost much respect for the hobo from your
last letter on littering.  a 'professional traveler' encouraging
littering and disrespecting the places you visit.  for your convenience.   
this shows how little understaning you have for the world you walk on. 
ugly ignorant american.
Yes, however I also gave many rules... hehehe.. What a bunch of crap. Of course in the end anyone is going to eventual drop their trash somewhere.
I would be embarrassed for being from the country, not for me telling the truth.
I do not expect any TRUE traveler to complain about this, in fact they should get a good laugh.

GREAT My First Ignorant American Email


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it was a funny tip. I wandered around chowpatti beach in Mumbai looking for a place to dump the sticky container my dessert was in. the only place i could dump it was the place i bought it from. huh.

sticky rubbish got dropped. light, clean rubbish, like a crisp packet, got taken back to my hotel room, and tied up in one of my million plastic bags, and taken downstairs for the hotelier to deal with. Probably still ended up on the streets.

I don't like to litter, however, I will not carry stuff all day. Why should I have more pride in and respect for a country than its population do?

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