I think of Henry David Thoreau one of my self-elected mentors. Does this boy step to the sounds of a different drummer.

Henry said,
- If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. -

Nothing noble about this little street urchin, he learn daily how to pull at my or your heart string, extracting money from our inner guilt, and emotional vampire of sorts. If that does not get you, then he works in the drum idea of any country of the world, like there is tribal nobility to hitting a drum.

Drums, the universal music instrument, not really unique, most countries have some type of drum being sold. Yes, cultural, interesting and very noisy type of instrument. I do like when I see a violin being made, this is a little higher on the musical evolution chain. A traveler can purchase a drum and make noise, then call it music.

For Mom, she took the other school bus up to Chubbies restaurant and showed to the coffee club. People naturally care or go for what they can relate to, in Indiana, small town USA, smallville with a twist, a bus is real, it take our children, our family to school.

Two thumbs up for India and the newspapers. The average India person seems to read daily the newspaper. It is highly abnormal for the planet, however, a great thing. Now, I wish they would read about how to be clean, so them big warts, fungus, leprosy and other uglies would disappear.

Beggar on wheels, he nailed me, cut off my path, fits into my rules of giving to beggars, missing a body part.

Scaffolds inside India, they are low on the development chain.



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One thing I admire about Indian people is that they will do all the work themselves to save money. Even here at home.

I was outside by some shops the other day, and an indian man, ownder of a kebab shop, was painting the outside of his shop, standing on a wobbly chair to reach the top. This is typical of Indian brains I think. The white-guy shops next door would have paid a painter a lot of money to do the same job because they are lazy.

This Indian man is, I believe, Indian origin, not British-born. the British-born Indian people become lazy like the other british people, unless they have good parents.

The scaffolding isn't advance or that safe. But I suspect they made it themselves to save money.

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