Dark Star Safari

Dark Star Safari
I am curious, it is interesting how it is either killed or inspired.
Many persons have entered my world, often talking or referring to Paul Theroux, until present I have sluft them off, probably because they said,
- Travel Writer -
I hear the world travel writer and I think, what an idiot. But my friend Joroen, and others have pointed repeatedly until I am curious. Joroen said Theroux calls NGOs
- Agents of Virtue -
That was enough to peak my curiosity. I now am trying to find this book Dark Star Safari before I go to Africa.
I will see, I am in the process of - book loading - I am accumulating as many books as possible to fend of the boredom of traveling in Africa. Not a boring place, but there are too many hours in a day to be left defenseless without many books for protection.
I do not like to read travel books, instead going more for the historical novels like Wilbur Smith.
Dark Star Safari


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I checked the nice local college library (@ "Tanning U" - College with a Beach) for Robert Theroux and 'lo and behold' there were 25! Dark Star Safari was there but I decided to read a more recent book of his, "Fresh Air Fiend" and it begins with his experiences among basically uncontacted Tribes! He is pretty much as anti-technology as the Unibomber and hates telephones, email, TV and such. Credits his Luddite approach to his success as a writer and to his credit doesn't cover resorts, hotels or cruise ships, just documents his experiences and those of others he lives among. Think you'd like his writing.

Aagh.. YOU are killing me.

It is very hard to find books. Now, you tempt me with the subject of un-contacted tribes.

I will go today and try to find.

I paid through the nose and found the Dark Star Safari, very good. Now I will go look for Fresh Air Friend...

Paul Theroux is definitely a pro traveler.

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