6 Days in India

6 Days in India

I have 6 more days left in India, I came to visit Andrew one of my computer techies that works on my HoboTraveler.com site. I thought it would be fun to go see the Taj Majal, enjoy some time together.

I am starving, I just went on a 20-minute walk searching for anything but cookies to eat that looks clean. I found one bakery and just before the man put his dirty hands in to grab and weigh these crust type foods, he put his hands through his greasy hair. I paid, tried to ignore, ate one and threw them on the ground.

Found this German Bakery in the Ajay Guesthouse or Hotel and went to purchase a Baguette. Looked at the dirt under the boy’s fingernails and got weak, I went home.
I walked last night, now to day searching for a grocery store that has more foods than something I do not know or want and cookies. I may take a taxi today to anywhere but here, there has to be clean somewhere.

I do not know, outside this hold called Pahar Ganj, the streets look nice. I am not sure; I think maybe I should try harder to help Andrew leave the country.

A small rat or mouse just ran inside the internet cafe.

6 Days in India


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If dirt under the nails prevents you from eating, how have you survived as a traveler?

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