Tao wants to stay in Philippines

Tao wants to stay in Philippines

I have a friend by the name of Tao; he is a man from Australia that has lived for over one year in the Philippines.

He in many ways represents my classic problem, how to travel or live in another country and never go home. The Hobo traveled from place to place looking for a job. Maybe a temporary or job or any job, however the Hobo searched and wanted a job. I in many ways have breeched the hold; I have made my way from sleeping on the cot outside the room, to having a room.

When the money saved ends, then the casual Hobo Traveler starts to get serious. How can I travel from place to place and never go home?

He wants to live here in the Philippines, this is by nature the million dollars question also, how to choose the location and not the job chooses your location. I am working, I am trying to think, I have been thinking about this for nine years.

What Tao need is a job he or anyone can do anywhere on the planet. I will say this; most people fail not because they cannot work. They fail because they are lazy; it takes an overzealous amount of energy to carve out a job anywhere on the planet. It is possible to find a job in one location, however not a continually moving jobs. I am experimenting, I hope to encourage and help him to stay away from home, and to continue to live anywhere he wishes on the planet.

Tao wants to stay in Philippines


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I think it must be hard for western people to travel the world looking for work. I come from the UK, so anywhere else I work i would be earning very little compared to what i know. Even USA and Australia and Europe I would be taking a huge cut.

It is hard to imagine earing such a small amount. However, I have to remember, remind myself, 'it does not cost much to live there!'

My room per day costs me what I would earn in 15 minutes of work here. hmmm. yet here, living in my own house, I can struggle to make ends meet.

Yes, I can afford to take the cut!

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