Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah

Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah

I think I have figured it out. I am in Sodom and Gomorrah area of the planet and I am worried. I keep getting this feeling of imminent doom. Sodom and Gomorrah according to the bible was:

- destroyed by a rain of brimstone, perhaps accompanied by an earthquake, because of the wickedness of their inhabitants. - (2)

I hoped to feel a separate feeling when I came to Subic Area; I was hoping to find a place to make backpacks.  A more easy way to understand this part of the planet would be to say,
- I am living in a Whorehouse -

There is a phrase in the Lord Prayer that says,
- Lead us not into temptation -

I believe that temptation is a powerful force, and a wise many recognizes that nothing good comes by hanging around with temptation.

I have a person writing me, and will show me around the Angeles and whatever Pampanga is�? (There is a river Pampanga.) He works in Lubao and Floridablanca up on the map that is shown.

The bottom line is I am not going to make Backpacks in the Subic Bay area; therefore, I have no reason to be here. I suppose the Volcano is on the list, but I see no roads leading to the Volcano that are easy and the transportation in Philippines is huge fight with Taxi drivers.

The man put a - God Bless you - on the end of his email.

Heads I stay, tails I leave. Nope, I leave; I have no desire to hang around more than 4 days in this area of the planet. I have been fair, nothing I need to learn about in this lifetime here. There are many lives, and contrary to what anyone would think or feel. There are almost zero good reasons to travel. It is just a plain selfish thing to do, I am endlessly curious and for me it is a never-ending change of things to be curious about, however spending time learning about the fantasies of the dark side is not the best idea.

A person becomes what they think about all day. I did not flip the coin; I knew what the answer was before it landed. I am off to Manila, I can go walk around Robinson Mall.

Thanks to the man who invited me to visit and show me around. This was a kind act and I do like to visit readers. However, I am only in the Philippines for 12 days and 4 are gone, I want to go to Manila any place but here more.

- God Bless -

Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah


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This is the kind of feeling I had when I got to Anjuna Beach in Goa. I stayed there less than 12 hours because I could not see any good in people's eyes there. There was a lot of drug-haze in their eyes. A lot of being lost. but not a whole lot of good.

I will not go to Anjuna again.

"- I am living in a Whorehouse -"


I just laughed out loud in an Internet café in Guatemala.

//Craig of

Hi Andy!

I think you are not giving any good favour to Philippines and its people and culture. You are making the same stops and comments that a sex traveller does. Why you just talk about that?

I think you don’t have the best guide for travelling through Philippines. When you stay at US i.e., do you visit all the go-go bars that there are there as all the world can see in every US movie? I think no, right?

It’s the same that going Amsterdam and get its culture from the Red Street.

Of course you can see the poverty in every corner, travel is not easy, etc, but if you ask a boom-boom girl to get information I guess you are not in the way. Philippines is more, much more.

Btw, have you thought why places like Angeles exists?

I SO agree with Mr. Galan.

i live in the whore house angeles city... i have for years....i kind of like it and i havent been indulging in commercial sex at all....its actually a cool place but i can understand that its easy to get blinded by hot chicks for sale.....

You and people like you are the ones who propagate the problems in this world. The compassion and involvement is what can save the world. If your goal was to be superficial about a culture and a whole lot of people living in Angeles and Subic, you succeeded. If your plan was to give an idea of an area, you have failed miserably. Any of the things that you said, a traveler could observe in the places of the world that you, I am sure, would classify as being great. When you go to London and New York, or LA, or Paris, you can get to see the slums, the prostitution and the "haze" that ash saw in Goa. It is only when you look deeper and past the suprficiality, that you can truly see the way people are. Pampangans are one of the most sincere people of the Philippines with kind hearts and warm words. If you would have made some time to sit down and talk to them, you would have noticed it.

Echoing rex galan, I think it is important to think a little more why is it that these people are the way they are. And, furthermore, what role you played in their lives - just another tourist or an interested person who really cares about the world and its inhabitants?

Furthermore, I suggest you stop using judgments and "God Bless" in the same post. Either you follow the word of the Lord or you do not. You cannot have it both ways.

I think the prior guy is having problems selling his whore.

Angeles City is the biggest whore house on the planet... hehehe. Yes, I only spend one night there, you live there, you are the one supporting this city, and paying for the existence.

I semi understand people visiting Angeles City, I think anyone that live there the same as the whores... hehehe

I have traveled to way too many countries to listen to any justification of Angeles City other than you like whores. If you like whores, live in Angeles, simple. I do not live there, and never will.

The Philippines is a wonderful country and Angeles is the arse of the country.

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