Refuse the Plastic Bag

Refuse the Plastic Bag
I refuse or decline the plastic bag about 2-3 times daily. I enter a store, they want to put one bag of Chips or Crisp in another plastic bag. I buy anything and they want to put in a plastic bag.
I cannot find a trash bin.
In many countries on the planet, disposal of trash is a problem. I will leave the receipt, the wrapper, everything in the store, rather than carry it for a mile or kilometer, according to how you think. I also do not want ants in my room. If I put a candy wrapper in my pocket, I am inviting ants to my room.
It has come to my attention, that I can refuse a bag about 80 percent of the time. I want a bag in the super markets or sometimes. I like to get them to use to hold trash inside my room. If they are big, however my guess is the world is giving out about about 9 billion bags, I am guessing, however at least 6 billion could be declined.
The number of plastic bags is annoying.
Try to find a waste bin in Philippines or India, or Thailand. It can be annoying for a conscientious person. Recycling is still bullshit, I am still trying to find any place to throw trash, recycling is just a pipe dream.

Refuse the Plastic Bag


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at first in india i was glad of the plastic bags... i thought 'i can use one for laundry, one for storing laundry, one fro trash, some as packaging...' blah blah whenever I don't want to use a zip-lock bag.

Then I realised I was getting several a day. maybe I should carry one in my pocket all the time and use that one. When I got home I realised it's the same here, except here we have bins.

I try to tell them 'no' if I have another way to carry the product. If it will go straight in my backpack, or in another bag. The big stores here- the walmarts and the big guys, they have places to recycle your grocery bags into new bags. This is good, but people are too lazy to use.

Yo Hobo, recycling does work(in Arkansas). I recycle plastic bags(wal mart) and take glass, plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard and aluminum to the recycling center. I guess recycling while traveling is hard but for the rest of us recycling works. By the way Hobo, like your blog keep it up.

Ironic an anti-plastic bag blog generates plastic bag Google ads.

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