My Travel Social Responsibility

My Travel Social Responsibility

I am dwelling on, or asking myself the question,
- What is my travel social responsibility? -

I am working make large many extremely large web sites to assist persons to travel the planet. Solely I own them all.

I am thinking or considering writing an online and offline guidebook for a country of the planet. The Philippines is one country I have considered to great lengths.

I was walking down the street, thinking, would more tourist make this country a better place, or a worst place?

The question is bluntly, does tourism help a country?

I wish I could just say, yes.

There are some severe social problems in the Philippines; some of the worst conditions on the planet exist here. I do not think more tourist would make the situation better, I think it would harm the country, and conversely the Philippines is not a good country for tourist persons to visit.

I read the facts and data on this country, the history, the cultures, the beaches, the islands. This country is a who�s who of facts.

I have never seen a country with so much potential, do so little. It is as if they took the most beautiful flowers and hid them below a pile of garbage, complete with maggots. Everyone knows they are there, however all that happens is more garbage is piled on, and nobody wants to pull them out of the mess.

Tourism should be easy; it should not be a search to find the flowers.

Should I help them to find the pile of garbage, and then hope the locals dig out the flowers? Alternatively, maybe better to wait for them to dig out the flowers and then tell people to visit.

It has taken me a few times of coming here to learn. The best way to visit is to fly into Manila or Clark, Cebu, then instantly fly or take a bus to the farthest point away from the airport. Then slowly return, I unfortunately have not done this and cannot say it works. The first time I was here, I went instantly to Baguio Rice Terraces and then returned to Manila. This was the best trip, and my first impression.

I was a Real Estate Brokers in my prior career, I would never sell a person land in the Philippines, I would morally have a problem. It is somewhat analogous to writing a guidebook.

My Travel Social Responsibility


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The tourism dilemma really interests me. For some places, tourism seems to be the best answer for the preservation of the environment and the culture, but without a doubt it intrudes on both. For instance this time last year I was in a remote village in Honduras where they still practices slash and burn agriculture. Families rotate their crops annually between three different fields. No one person owns any of the land. The Honduran government is considering divvying up the land among the Miskito people. If this happens outside investors will move in and buy the land for next to nothing but what seems to be a fortune to the indigenous people. This scenario is very likely especially since the region is supposed to have an untapped oil reserve. The thing I loved about the region was that it was so untouched. Tourism or oil - it won’t be untouched for long. But at least with tourism some preservation may occur.

Maybe in this case tourism is just the lesser of two evils.

Yes major dilemma....probably why every time I have attempted to write something about a place I end up deleting it...fearing that it may be "taken over" by groups that really don't "care for it"...for example as I go through your photos...I am sometimes shocked by what has happened to certain places...that while remaining somehow "authentic" are overrun now with people....I for example remember in India I also have pics of the the way there were not as many there in 98...and it was only a friend and myself watching and taking some photos...whereas I see a crowd watching...and somehow it saddens me...and I wonder what will happen in the years to come...and yes the money it brings an economy is great...buuuuuutttt...difficult..

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