Good and Bad in the World

Good and Bad in the World

Quoting my mother:
- It seems there are so many things that seem just bad to your dad and I anymore. We wonder if it is because we are getting old or if the times are changing that much. -

There is this belief that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. It is not true

The world is getting increasingly better, safer, and more respectful of people.

My mother was writing me after reading my comments on Angeles City.

WW II caused the death of about 400,000 USA Soldiers.
Vietnam War caused the death of 58, 000 USA Soldiers.
Iraq war has caused the death of about 2500 USA Soldiers.

CNN and BBC did not exist during WW II.
Journalism or TV Journalism was beginning during the Vietnam War.

We are hyper aware of very small police action of the planet The Iraq war although serious, in 1942 would not have been a big deal. Journalist make it bigger than real. I just was at the Jogyakarta Earthquake and East Timor, I can tell you, it is not as big as problem as they make it, in fact it is a small problem in the scope of the whole world. The housing problem and poverty in Philippines makes the problem of Jogyakara and East Timor seem like a joke.

But there is a concentration and easy for Journalist to scream Wolf.

Journalist stop corruption, however the increase the awareness. The perception of a problem like corruption increased, while the problem decreases. The Journalist are now creating a problem so they can say there is a crisis.

I made bold this statement, to make sure your perception is correct. Read what I say, not what you want to think.

The world is getting increasingly better, safer, and more respectful of people.

Good and Bad in the World


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At the Viet Nam War Remnants Museum in Saigon, they state that 3 million Vietnamese died.

Not sure if that is true or not.


Congrats on your Forbes mention. I hope it drives a bunch of traffic your way. You are spot on about the exageration by the press. More people, especially journalists, need to crack open a few history books.

However, in this busy world, it seems that it is just easier and more lucrative to beat the same old drum.

Best wishes to you and your life's adventure. Having a family with small children, my life must take a different direction from yours, but you seem to see life the way it really is. If you have any interest, my blog is at

BBC did exist in WWII I believe, but as radio. Allegedly they helped send coded messages to the French Resistance... They played peices of classical music, and in some, the beat could be translated into Morse Code or something.

Noone suspected a thing!

Your statistics about wars, which mention only American soldiers makes me a sad, because it's showing no consideration for civilian deaths.

Many innocent Vietnam and Iraqi people died. And a Pandora vase has been opened in Iraq. It's good to be optimist, I am too. But a traveller like you should watch the world not only from American point of view.

Yuen Family blog (above - in this string of Comments) is HOT! Very enjoyable. Thanks Mr. Yuen!

Hi Andy,

I read “what you say” and I do not know what world are you talking about.

Making a fast review…

In my world,
- millions of refugees living without home.
- thousands of immigrants dead looking for a better life.
- the cultures are faced by the hatred.
- aids still here.
- most countries are under corrupted governments.
- the nature is revealed against us because we ill-treat it.
- every second a baby dead because no food.
In my world, … …

Pls. let me know where is your world

Some real anal comments above.

It is impossible to show all the statistics, or a world view or anything.

I was taking one statistic on war and comparing it over time. Nothing more, I could have taken the number of Rapes in the USA, it would have shown about the same.

The world is getting safer, however the news only goes for the high ranges.

I could have taken the number of Rapes in the USA, it would have shown about the same.

Uh, no.

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