Frustrated in Bali

Frustrated in Bali

I typed a lot, then deleted it all, I am so tempted to complain, it is something I do not want the pubic to read. I will find a way to leave Bali, probably go to East Timor. The book the beach, by Alex Garland was written trying to explain a place like Bali, they searched, found a secret beach, told nobody, the exact opposite of Bali.

I can buy a cheap copy of any movie on the planet here, there are stores everywhere.

I give up, every time I start to type, I complain.

Frustrated in Bali


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If you find a really good beach, don't tell anyone, or it won't stay good. he he.

When I was at Palolem, I was thinking 'this is a really nice place. But I bet it was nicer 20, 30, 40 years ago when I wouldn't have heard of it.'

The NOT TELL ANYONE is the theme of the book.
"The Beach" by Alex Garland. The longer a person travelers the more they understand this.

"...I do not want the pubic to read." What the f_ _ _??? My suggestion, proofread!

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