Consuming Me

Consuming Me
I am starting to consider the possibility that I am working too much and enjoying life too little. I do think this is an incorrect evaluation of work and enjoyment also; however, I cannot stop feeling that I am consumed by my passions for projects. I try to forget the website, however it is struggle. When I am in a Hotel or Hostel with many new friends and faces, it is easy to forget I have a website, I have many friends.
Then I return to a place like Bali where I am in a nice big room, air conditioning and all the movies I can buy for one dollar. But no friends, the Dili East Timor Backpackers Hostel was full of friends, easy to forget my website work. Now, I am back in Bali and it is easy to forget to find friends.
I tried very hard to find a better Hotel situation yesterday afternoon in the Poppies Gang area or the Kuta area of Bali. I walked for about one hour putting my nose inside Hotel looking for a one where tourists were sitting around the pool, the common areas or anywhere. I was looking for a coffee clutch, beer gathering, a TV room with a family of travelers and tourist. I took first a Taxi to my top-suspected Lonely Planet recommended hotels. Even the Surfer prime locations ones were empty, no people, and just too many Bali men standing around asking stupid never-ending questions.
- Transport -
- Taxi -
- You want room -
- You want young girl -

I did find a part of the beach that looks like it has enough people to say, this is a beach. Many surfboards were parked along the beach wall.
I have rented a motorbike for 2.50 cents per day and will try to return to the area. In the end, I returned to the same hotel in the Double Six Street area, the hotel is better, the services are more personal.
Hotel districts like this fight the resorts mentality, they all long to be a resort to make big money, in the end, most are boring me to death.
I am amazed how little Hotels understand about how to make tourist happy. They have swimming pools here in the shade, they make resorts so far from the beach you cannot go for sunset walk.
Henry in the Dili East Timor Hostel has made a proper Hostel, I am not sure if he understands or not, I hear rumors of a big bar to be built on the front. However, he has people that cluster around and talk.
I wish the Hostel from Dili were here in Bali, a better beach, with a better Hotel.
Travel has change in the last 10 years; it has stopped being a family of travelers who share the life. It is becoming a resort, I am on vacation mentality.
I can tell, I am consumed with the desire to work and avoid the vacationers, I find very few people I wish to meet and learn about their lives, their country and who the are. I still encounter the locals, the local cultures, the local way of life. I will return to Indonesia some day, enter from Jakarta and take small buses from Jakarta to Bali by land. I may find out what is Indonesia, Bali is not the world’s most beautiful Island as my University Philosophy professor purported.
Consuming Me


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Have you ever been to Padanbai ? There two small beaches, a black and a white one, small hotels and guesthouses and NO resorts.
Still a real village with fishermen, cockfights in the evening etc.

When I was in Kathmandu, the first place I stayed in was a proper hostel. Cheap rooms with character, but not one to stay in for long except to sleep.

A bar upstairs with good food, a library of books (okay, many in French) and a common room downstairs. It was run by Europeans, so for sure, they know how to run a hostel. (European hostels are great, except for the prices; however, a eurpoean hostel in nepal has nepali prices). Also had cookery lessons and other things. Lots of people in the bar, willing to talk, friendly staff. ARG! fully booked! too good reputation... They made a big effort to accommodate me, however, by the time they told me they had found some place for me to stay, I had another room booked.

The second hotel had nicer rooms, and internet cafe downstairs, however the TV room was deserted. Noone wanted to stop and talk here, they came to sleep or use the net, then leave. Not nice.

And the resteraunt was closed. If I wanted food, they would go to someone else and get it for me, however, not having a resteraunt means less people around.

I spent a lot more time on the internet or in resteraunts and bars, because I was lonely at the hotel.

In the first hotel, I could lock my stuff inside a wall-closet and leave my door open so people can pop in and say 'hi' without taking risks.

So I moved to a lesser hostel.

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