2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines

2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines
Friday, June 16, 2006

I am in Angeles City, the city that accompanies Clark Airport. I flew from the Singapore Airport today with http://www.tigerairways.com . The flight was easy, the airport was a mess. I suppose it was organized better almost than Manila; however, the Taxis are a pain.
The Taxi situation in the Philippines is challenging the world for the worst, hard to say, I have not seen them all. I suppose Mexico is a close competitor for having the worst Taxis on the planet. I just want to ask simple questions, how to get to Olangapoe, not listen to so much misinformation. The Official Tourism counter did not speak English as I asked,
- I want a beach -
The showed me a brochure of a resort.

I paid 200 Pesos finally to come to the Thunder Hotel.
I have the Lonely Planet Southeast Asia, and I cannot believe it, the book does not have Clark Airport, Angeles City, or Subic Bay.

The Lonely Planet Philippines only does have it, I am really annoyed by this as I feel for safety and understanding of a country, all major, and all if possible passport entry stations need logged, and explained.
Example, Angeles City is one of the dodgier cities on the planet; it is maybe one of the Sex Tourism Capitals of the planet. Some naïve person books a ticket online, which would be smart from Macao, Singapore, or somewhere and ends up in Angeles City. This is a great jump point to go to Sagada or Banaue.
They arrive late at night; they need to get a room if they are a good traveler. Every border city needs a safe harbor for travelers.
2006 June 16 Enter Clark Philippines


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Thanks for your comments on Clark and the taxi situation, we fly in on the 26th Junes on route to Boracay, wish we went via Cebu instead!

I'm not sure about "one of the dodgier places on the planet", but on visiting any new destination you should have at least a couple of options of places to stay when you land - especially late at night.
Clark airport used to be the US airforce base. The sex industry in the town is on 1 road (Forest Road) that runs down one side of the base. Something to thank the Americans for there.
I went to Angeles City with my girlfriend. We managed to avoid this road without any difficulties and go to bars, restuarants and clubs that are used by locals, not filled with "tourists" looking for a particular culture.
You also have to understand that the Philippines is not as advanced as most of the other SE Asian countries when it comes to tourism. Bit of a catch 22, as if the infrastructure was better more of the right sort of tourists would come. Therefore come with a bit more of an open mind. The gril in the tourism office probably did speak English, but it's the American type (thank TV). Unless you are N.American the locals find it hard to understand your accent.
So Andy, my advice is to check up on your guide book before you get on the plane. If it doesn't have any info - use the web!

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