World Class Solution for Healthy Teeth

World Class Solution for Healthy Teeth

Fluoride is good for the teeth, as I understand it, the teeth become harder, however. This is common in many of the richer countries; they add Fluoride to the public water and the public benefits.

However, this is not for the whole world.

This company below St John water or purified water is adding Fluoride to bottle of purified water.

I entered immediately a convenience store and tried to buy this brand of bottle water. I have yet to find the water. I am sad; I do hope this company is thriving. It the world or the United Nations, United States could convince Coca Cola to add Fluoride to their drinks the world would benefit for a very small cost.

World Class Solution for Healthy Teeth


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if the world could merely convince coca cola to take some sugar out of their drinks, then maybe our teeth would benefit...

I remember in science class we put a human tooth in a glass of coca cola and left it over night. It had reduced in size by 2/3s or so by the next day. Now, I dunno how they get a stock of human teeth... some deal or other with the tooth fairy no doubt.

But coca cola is really very very bad for teeth... even if you don't hold it in your mouth for 24hours.

One of my resolutions this year was to not drink any cola, and to cut down on fizzy drinks in general. I only miss these on 2 occasions:
1) when I'm drinking whiskey with friends. Jack daniels lasts longer if you mix it. If everyone around you is drinking pints of beer, you should mix your spirit. or drink water.
2) when I go tot he cinema. It is cheaper to buy coke than it is to buy water. I find this so odd. coke is water, with other things in it which cost money: sugar, flavours, caffeine, colours. it comes in a bottle, like water. yet, even though it contains more than water, it costs less. how?

I am interested in flouride: I use a flouride toothepaste because my mum used to be a dentist. When she was a girl, my grandma never bought flouride toothpaste, because it tasted sweet, so she thought it had sugar in. so my mum's teeth have lots of fillings, and I have none.

However, there is a rich class in Britain who will always drink mineral water. You cannot sell filtered water here, people won't buy it, there is no reason to. (Coca Cola tried a few years ago, and got shut down). But people will buy water if the label says 'filtered through volcanic rocks over millions of years.... blah blah'.

they do not add flouride to this water. And some people drink it religiously. I wonder if they are doing themselves more harm than good... not just financially. (a litre of mountain water here is between $1 and $2 dollars US). hmmm.

flouride is an industrial waste product, from manufacturing. It is a poison and has been banned in europe. it is a main ingreedient in anti-depressants, and I emphazise greed. I personally have flouridosis on me teeth from this poison in my water in the usa. It was used in the public water supplies of nazi land as a mind control agent. I have read that green tea has natural flouride in it , if this is true and not added a better choise. I still skeptical , the philosopher in I. I will say that all toothepaste i have come across in the pines is industrially floridates. Please investigate Flouride additives before reply, thank you . be safe , love one another

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