Thailand versus Philippines Culture

Thailand versus Philippines Culture

The feeling are harsh, distinct, real, I can feel a critical different between cultures. One day or two days, more and I will stop comparing; I will be living in Thailand and forgetting the Philippines.

However, as of last night or yesterday, I am still mentally living in the Philippines and my body is in Thailand.

I see�

The people of the Philippines are friendlier.
The girls of Thailand are more snobs.
Thailand is cleaner than the Philippines
The men of the Philippines are scammers.

The people of the Philippines are culturally less hip or cool than Thailand, fashions and understanding of the world is behind in the Philippines.

The food is better in Thailand.
The travelers in Thailand are children.
The tourists in the Philippines are perverts.

Thailand is Asian, I am not sure the Philippines culture is definable easily.

Thailand seems to be winners and confident, the Philippine people have all the same opportunities and seem to drop the ball.

Women in the Philippines can do anything the men in the Philippines are severely in trouble.

Philippines people are pigs, the Thailand are clean.

I like the Philippines people more, however I trust the Thailand people more.

The Philippines are delusion about what the value of what the sell or what they are worth. The Thai people sell things and services for a good value.

The government of the Philippines is arrogant, stupid and does not have a clue; the government of Thailand fully understands what their resources are and how to use them.

Thai people are cold.

Thai people are surrounded by people that speak English and refuse to learn to speak English.

Travelers in Thailand do not care about Thailand they are just here to buy.

Travelers in the Philippines live there.

I feel clean in Thailand.

I have better access to purchase and buy things in Thailand of an Asian nature, if I wanted to purchase something American I could maybe find easier in the Philippines.

My room is twice as good in Thailand for half the price of the Philippines.

Transportation in Thailand is easy; the travel in the Philippines is ridiculously difficult.

There are more people in the Philippines, they all live in Manila.

I am not sure which one I like more, I would say the Philippines, however I really do not like the men of the Philippines, they have this macho way of acting that reminds me a Mexican, a sort of arrogance that never stops. The USA culture can have the same on many levels. The USA culture or arrogance is easy for me to avoid, I do not think a person in the Philippines can avoid the arrogance of the men.

Thailand is great but the people are cold and distance, a sort of cruelness to them as is all the Asians. Guilt or the ability to feel guilty is more prevalent in the Philippines.

In the end, I really do not care about the differences. I go and carve out a place to live as quickly as possible and set up my travelers nest, then go out and explore.

Thailand versus Philippines Culture


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This is truly perceptive, Andy. A brilliant dissection of two cultures that, to those of us not lucky enough to travel much, might seem quite similar - although the Phillipines has a long history of first Spanish and then American colonialism, is Catholic and inevitably very different from Thailand, which resisted European and American colonisation, is Buddhist, and has a revered monarchy. I'm going to use your comments as the basis of a 10th Grade class I'm giving at Poubelle High, Wisconsin.

David MacGubbins

great post, I linked/mentioned it in my blog.

It has been said that "Filipino women are the strongest men in Asia". There is much to this.

I see the problems in the Philippines relating to it's being dominated, raped and used by western society for hundreds of years. First the Spanish, and then the Americans. "Four hundred years in a Spanish convent, fifty years in Hollywood". The people are always looking for a big brother to save them. And they have always been taken for a ride.

At one time after WWII the Philippines had as good a chance for growth as any of the current Pacific Rim Tigers. But first America, then the oligarchs and powerful families (most reaching back to Spanish rule) took more than their share. By the time Marcos left, the country was broke and in ruin. And he had the backing of the US!

I don't know if your travels allow time for reading but two I could recommend are The Marcos Dynasty by Seagrave and Gold Warriors: America's Secret Recovery of Yamashita's Gold also by Seagrave.

Desperate people do desperate things, even run scams...

Oops, sorry, here is my link:

In the end it is all about tolerance and acceptance. Even though the Philippines and Thailand are close in proximity, they are culturally separated by different religious practices. I have spent a considerable amount of time in both cultures and only seek to take the best of each.

It is also important to note that Filipinos are poor yet generous; oppressed yet happy. They view their many challenges as opportunities to overcome. This is what really stuck with me during my time there. I love these people.

Gihigugma ko ikaw, Philippines!

I am a Filipina who has visited Thailand twice. I find your comparison of the two countries quite entertaining so much so that I skimmed some of your post while you were staying in the Philippines.

Sad to say, it seems that you really had a difficult time adjusting in our country.

I do agree with one of the comments that it is best to travel in the Philippines with a Filipino friend.

There are a lot of sites to see in the Philippines but unlike Thailand there are not a lot of information that is available about them.

I am pure Filipino, and I have to agree with what you had posted here...

Andy, you are correct about the differences between Thailand and the Philippines being stark and real. This very difference is what makes Southeast Asia so unique from the rest of the world: each of the countries forming this region is markedly different on the surface yet so similar in spirit.

Please visit and see how the spirit of Southeast Asia unifies the social and cultural differences between Thailand, the Philippines, and the nine other nations forming the region.

:: Paul A.
Mumbai, India

It's quite interesting to see the Philippines through your eyes. I'd say most of what you perceived is true, especially your observations on the Filipino male and people in government.

It is true that much of what we are (I’m Filipino) has to do with our history, including our warmth, our ability to smile in the face of hardships and our inability to trust other people, especially those from government. Double standard morality, though at a decline, is still very prevalent. We suck at nationalism, and are very much westernized.

Perhaps the reason you can't seem to distinguish what the prevailing culture is of the Filipino is because we have long been a melting pot of diverse cultures. If you go to the California for example, you will meet thousands of Caviteños, Visayans and Ilocanos who speak English, Tagalog and another Filipino dialect, all aspiring for the Great American Dream.

I'm posting your entry on my blog to show my filo folks. ;)

I post many comments on many countries. The Philippines is amazing in one aspect.

People do care about the Philippines, both the foreigners and the Philippine persons.

This is also about Thailand, however there is a strange lacking of comments about Thailand.


Andy, Just one discrepancy... you can find more perverts in Thailand than Philippiness, for sure.

Yeah! Thailand is more clean than Phils, but, what would you say about Thailand after being in Singapore? So, to call them "pigs" is too much scornful.

I understand when you say that you are mentally living in the Philippines... It's a virus. Nice virus by the way.

Seems most of the comments are from the Philippines. Poor Thai they still need English Tutors from the Philippines to contribute to this thread. Good thing there are a lot of online English teachers in the Philippines, teaching not only to Asians but to Europeans and Americans as well. Hehehehehehe....


> The monsoon rains does not pour as of now (July).
> The Philippines is way more varied, and its' spectacular landscape has been compared to New Zealand and Costa Rica, which are eco-toruism destinations.
> Boracay in the Philippines has been voted the best beach in the entire Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Asia, and Africa).
> Nightlife in Asia is the best in Philippines, because it is liberal in the fullest sense of the word, being the only country in Asia whose culture is classified as Western.
> Since the Philippines has been greatly Americanized and Hispanicized, it is also the one country in Asia which stands out and enjoys a fusion of Asian, Pacific Islander, European, American, and Latin cultures. It is also highly Christianized, so culture is fairly similar with the West.
> Manila is the only Latin-Asian city in the world.
> Quite understandably, the Philippines also is the most heterogenous of all Asia's countries - all races are represented, and Filipinos, being a mixed combination of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Caucasian, has the HIGHEST number of Miss International contestants who have won - sharing it with Venezuela.
> In terms of destination, the Philippines has 7,100 varied islands to choose from.
> Language wise, the Philippines is the third largest English speaking nation in the world.

The Philippines represents the whole world (and the solar system) through its various sceneries:
1. Ibiza, Spain = Punta Fuego, Batangas province
2. Ko Phi Phi, Thailand = Bacuit archipelago, Palawan province
3. Malacca, Malaysia = Marawi, Lanao del Sur province
4. Scottish Highlands = Batanes archipelago
5. Sahara desert = Laoag sand dunes, Ilocos Norte province
6. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, USA = Callao Caves, Cagayan province
7. Appalachian mountain towns = Baguio City
8. Himalayas = Cordillera mountains
9. Texas Sandbanks = Bolinao, Pangasinan province
10. Maldives = Hundred islands, Pangasinan province
11. Napa Valley, CA = Central Plains of Luzon
12. Moonscapes = Mount Pinatubo slopes, Pampanga province
13. Cape Town, South Africa = Subic Bay Freeport Zone
14.Pompeii, Italy = Submerged towns of Batangas province, now underneath Taal Lake, near Taal VOlcano (the smallest active volcano in the world and a natural spa is currently in the making)/
15. Paris = Greenbelt
16. Sydney = Manila
17. Tokyo or Hong Kong = Makati City
18. Manhattan = Fort Bonifacio Global City
19. Berlin = Eastwood City
20. Switzerland and Alpine slopes = San Mateo, RIzal province
21. Tonle Sap, Cambodia = Taytay, Rizal province; La Mesa Watershed
22. Old European cities = Intramuros, Manila
23. Monaco = Bay City (under construction)
24. Jagged Micronesian and Polynesian coasts = Caramoan peninsula, Camarines Sur province
25. Nauru = Polillio group of islands, Quezon province
26. China / Kowloon, Hong Kong = Chinatown in Manila
27. Lake Titicaca, Peru = Lake Caliraya, Laguna province
28. Alpine foothills in Italy = Mount Bulusan
29. Best beach in the whole world according to many observers = Boracay
30. Underdeveloped Boracay = Malapascua island, Cebu
31. Bali = Mactan Island, near Cebu City
32. Hawaii = Siargao island, Surigao del Norte province / Baler, Aurora province
33. Venice, Asian-style = Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi province
34. Papua New Guinea highlands = Southern Palawan islands
35. Tropical paradise = Amanpulo island, Palawan (voted the best tropical paradise in the world).
36. Bora-Bora, French Polynesia = Coron islands, Palawan province
37. Pacific Islands = Kalayaan (Spratly) islands

Needless to say, the Philippines also has the longest discontinuous coastline in the world, the best reefs, the best diving and surfing spots, great biking routes, a fishing haven, and great cities.

Only in the Philippines will you find a nice mixture of the East and West, both in the ancestry and culture of the people. It also has the largest number of Eurasians and Amerasians in the world today. Filipinos also have a known reputation to be the most hospitable in Asia.

Not only that, since the Philippines is a well-kept travel spot, only those who venture will discover the 7,107 tropical paradise that millions of visitors visit in secrecy to discover the greatest and most beautiful country in the world.

Its' cities are considered as world cities, and are at par with Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Singapore, and are rated way more higher than Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Manila, Philippines is also considered the Dining and Shopping Capital of Asia due to its numerous restaurants and shopping malls available. Lots of observers reckon that the skyline of Manila skyscrapers is way more impressive than that of Los Angeles.

Good luck to your trip to the Philippine Islands, the bridge between the East and West! ; )

Note: Regarding the answerer above that stated that the Philippines
is a haven for bomb threats - he got it all mistaken.
Both the Philippines and now, even Thailand, have Islamic separatist groups,
and as long as you just avoid their territory, you will remain safe.
Americans reckon that Mindanao (Islamic entrepot in the islands)
is way more safer than in the streets of Manhattan. Also, bomb threats
in both countries are really not that alarming - its' just the Western-based
media sensationalizes things around. If you should think of safety,
the Philippines is still the option because Thailand is under martial
law and has not even elected a civilian government until now.
Also, the Philippines currently has US forces and makeshift bases that can respond to any attack if anything happens. It also has the largest number of Americans outside of the United States so it is a sure thing that: 1) you will not be stared upon by the natives (unlike Thailand), and 2) if you are an American or at least a citizen off a NATO-member state (e.g., UK), you are protected much more in the Philippines.

Anonymous said...
Seems most of the comments are from the Philippines. Poor Thai they still need English Tutors from the Philippines to contribute to this thread. Good thing there are a lot of online English teachers in the Philippines, teaching not only to Asians but to Europeans and Americans as well. Hehehehehehe....

haha im sorry that was a stupid thing to say! you pity Thai because they do no master english as well as we do? still they have a higher gdp than we do! It is us filipinos who are rather pathetic...

Hello Khend,

There is an inclination to think that people that speak the same language have a better life.

Thailand quality of life is better than the Philippines and there appears to be a more vibrant economy with more hope.

Thailand and the Philippines are two distinct nations.

Thais are thais and Filipinos are a combination of so many bloods and cultures.

Thais love their cultures because they had it since time immemorial. Filipinos are just starting to create their own. Thailsn is an old country, the Philippines is a new country.

No need to comapre the two nations. The Philippines was created under the western culture in the asian part of the world. Quite confussing what to follow. Thailand is a very asian country.

Very distinct indeed. I am a Filipino trying to be Asian.

My current boyfriend stayed in Thailand and used to have a Thai girl. We had a number of conversations re Philippine-Thailand comparison. He likes Thailand because of the distinct Thai/Asian culture, and the nice beaches. He likes Thai food too. But I think he's way appreciative and open-minded. I let him go with me in the provinces to not only explore our beautiful beaches, but to really see the history behind the very hospitable Filipinos and the country per se. I even bring him to Divisoria and Quiapo!! Two of the busiest and crowded places in Manila. Dirty... yes. Again, because of the very populated Manila. But to call or describe Filipinos as pigs. NO. And I don't think he will ever do it. It's not being biased because he has me as of the moment, but it's more like giving a just description. Having the right person and the ample time to explore the beauty of a country do present more justice to any kind of description.

By the way, I am certain he likes being with a Filipina than a Thai. Humor-wise... yes. And I don't think he would really care whether I bring him every day to Quiapo church or let him do the 26-hour bus ride to the North. Having traveled to nearly all countries in the world, he does not care much about what the country looks like (after all, each country has its set of imperfections). He cares more about whom he's spending the serious political conversations with, and whom he can laugh aloud with anytime.

Asking about what you value most is a great start to finally decide where you really want to stay. After all, choosing a home is more of a heart related job. =)


I wanna be American because , they Government try to show the world that they are good in all the world , and my life will find as if I were American they will have CIA to spy all people that just funny of the country where are the model of democracy lol

Thai people cold because of Thai people can not speak English ?,when I was young I can not speak English I see foreigner and I wanna talk with him so much but I can not speak English I think someday in the future I will can try to learn ten years later my English much better and Russian is more better and I just look at another Thai people lol they still can even speak English , that because of Thailand have bad Education system we know that but don't know how to make it better anyway nowadays is better if compare with last 10years ago

especially in the history Thailand always survive from being colonized of western country including Japan no matter what trick we do lol anyway it not most important that all Thai people have to speak English as well stranger should be the one who try to adept for new place and new culture because it Thailand not your hometown if you not like then going back to your hometown or another country as well,

I just wonder why the tourist live around Thai people who speaking Thai why they never learn ?

some foreigner stay in Thailand for 10 years but still can not speak Thai because never learn as he live in the place where Thai people try to speak English with him maybe his luck but for someone who wanna learn to speak Thai so going to countryside where some one never see foreigner before they no matter how people wanna talk to you but all they can just speak Thai with you maybe it can make you learn

American idiot is just new country where born in this world just only about 300 years that still not the half of China age , the Kingdoms or the country in the world is always up and down so some day it will be the time of American ,

I think Thailand is the land of Thai people just Thai people live and happy that all ok? we need tourist because they come and spent money here and make Thai people have more money and more work to do , but if they gonna say or do something bad in Thailand no matter what way, they don't serve to come to Thai ..

I'm Thai and I'm now in my vacation I stay in guesthouse in Phuket where the manege is Belgian man and the reception is Philippine boy and I have found that here have many Philippines come to working , also in my old school the English teacher are from Philippine , why ? because of the they can speak English and the school can pay for them cheaper than English teacher from USA England or Australian , Canada ,some Philippine in Thailand working as singer in the bar they look very same as Thai people but they can speak English very well ,

actually Philippine should be better than today if they don't have problem with them Politic and many problem about business till today , most Thai people can not speak English , and still like to watch Thai TV.

the other gonna blame us because we not wanna be American like Philippines ?

Thailand have own alphabet , language , culture, costume , food , art, etc (although something adept from neighbor) something good that most tourist never touch they just come to the place where little part of Thai people arrange for them and that all what they can see, sometime only bad part

Thailand is clean ? I do not think so Thai people always don't mind for little things like drop garbage on the road that bad personality that we seem never change , anyway not all place in Thailand dirty, someone comment about Singapore they are just a small state to keep clean isn't big problem of course they are amazing country ..anyway many Singaporean come to travel in Thailand also who gonna live in the land that very strict with the million rule .

Thailand and Philippine both of country stand in south east Asian but not really communicate much the product that we export quite the same , I know that Philippians like to watch tv and big pageant fan, and they are friendly especially they can speak English even Spanish they also can speak that may make the tourist love Philippine people easily ..

I saw on youtube in Thai music video some Philippine come to comment bad words about Thailand I just wonder why and also Thai say something bad to Philippine like if Philippine good why you don't stay in your country why come to work in Thailand ? anyway before Thai people going to study in Philippine when they was good though it just the passed

nothing to compare Thailand is Thailand Philippine in Philippine different place , different people

before say something I think better to think of the other mind too ?

sorry English not my mother language

Krungthep Thailand

I know Thailand well enough to know they consider any type of complaint unacceptable.

I will continue to make complaints or compliments, I am from a free country and this is what we do.

I hope you feel better for getting that off your chest, I know that took a long time to type.

This is a very interesting comparison. Well, you can never really point out which one is "better". Filip;inos and Thais are two different entities, one outwitting the other on some intangible points.

Good day to you!!! ^^

Uhmmm, I happened to find your blog and I was able to read what you said about my country the Philippines.

First of all, you do not have the right to compare the two countries as to whom is greater or not. You have only set your foot on a very small area in the Philippines. What you saw was not the entire Philippines. Do not be that superficial in judging other countries or races. You can give your observations but not your HARSH judgments. We Filipinos might be doing that certain thing because it's a part of our culture. FILIPINO Culture... Not of the PIG's culture... Well, when you said something about our government I think, again your looking at things superficially. For if we compare the two countries now, which of the two suffer severe civil disorder due to immaturity in governance? Is it my country? Or Thailand... Next time you vomit out words better be careful. A western thought maybe very different from how we perceive it. For instance, you western people say that it's the Age of Exploration, but we ASIANS see that as an AGE OF EXPLOITATION... NOT exploration...

Be careful with your mouth. It stinks... Duhhh....

I'm really wondering why you're saying that your heart is in the Philippines and your body is in Thailand? But my guest is you've stayed for quite long in PH, got lots of friends whom you really miss and fell in love with a Filipina, but a Filipino deceived you ... like a swindler or money scam of some sort. It does happen in my country.

Anyways, I really did appreciate this blog entry. It made me realize what it lacking in our culture and identity as Filipinas. Back in grade school, we Filipinos have been given the impression by our teachers that we are Asians, but having read about Asian cultures and our culture and how foreigners think about our culture, I really do think that Filipinos are no more than anthropologically Asians. We look like Asians, and we speak an Asian language, but our culture is must more like Latino and Western but not so it almost looks undefined. Also, the Philippines is less of a touristy place than Thailand, even for a native Filipino who knows how to get his way throughout the archipelago, travel is so muc difficult. And our government ... clueless? It is already 2009 that I post this comment and anothing much had changed in our country and we continue to have clueless arrogant leaders that the stupid voters keep on electing. I feel sad for my country and for my culture. But I'm still proud that I am Filipino and that I'm hopeful that things will improve in the coming years.

Philippino's people doesn't have any inferiority/superiority complex when they deals with foreigner. Mostly of the thai do have serious problem to deal with foreigner: a "normal" thai woman will avoid any contact as possible with a foreigner, while mostly of the philipinas doesn't seems to feel the eyes around looking at her as a dirty girl.
Philippinos are genuine helper (except in tourist area). Thais doesn't move a finger for foreigner if not for money. Said so, Thailand looks as a safest place, at least for the kidnapping problems. Philippinos anyway are grown men and they can control more the alcohol while thai people avoid confrontation as soon as they are not drunk and have no guns in their hands. (There are already many stories of tourist women being raped and killed, tourists gunned down by drunked cops, etcc, so beware of what is hidden behind a smile....).
Yet Thailand is more developed but a big cause of this is also the ratio of child per family, that in thailand is 2-3 and philippines 6-7. To have a friend (a real friend) in Thailand is almost impossible as the culture of thai people is avoiding confrontation with each other. As a result you can have a Thai friend for go out and drink (as long as you pay), listen the weather forecast, and help him financially, as long as you don't ask him to help you. I don't know much the philippinos but to me they seems much more sincere of all the thais that I knew for ten years.

Communication is very important. Why live in a place that doesnt understand whats your trying to say?
We Filipinos can understand and speak english fluently. Were very positive and outgoing.

Made me feel much better about an upcoming month-long trip to the Philippines. Why is there so much negative information about the Philippines on the internet? I spent 6 months in Thailand a couple years ago and am looking forward to exploring the Philippines. If anyone has any recommendations for things to see or do, Id love to hear them!


A 3-day stay in Manila (with a hotel accommodation particularly the Makati or the Fort Bonifacio Global City area) is enough to have a feel of the metropolis. From youyr hotel you can take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to Taft Avenue and get a cab to take you to Intramuros. Intramuros is a Spanish-era walled city where you can explore old churches like Manila Cathedral and San Agustin Church and museums like Casa Manila. Behind the Qurino Grandstand (near Manila Hotel), you will find the Manila Ocean Park which is said to be the largest oceanarium in Southeast Asia. Explore the gigantic, modern malls in Makati City, Quezon City and Pasay City.

From Manila, you can hop to Corregidor Island and explore this island for a day. A lot of American-era buildings (or what remains of them) still stand from the ravages of World War 2.

A week-long stay in El Nido, Palawan is superb. Enjoy the breath-taking view of limestone formation. A side trip to the Underground River at Puerto Princesa, Palawa would be advisable.

Then hop to the world-famour beach of Boracay Island (Central Philippines) for a week stay.

And then see the famous, perfectly cone-shaped Mayon Volcano!

If those does not stop you from exploring more, try to visit the ancient Banaue Rice Terraces, which were carved by human hands more than 2,000 years ago. Now, prepare your camera for this one. Simply awesome.

If you have extra mullah, you can have the Bohol Chocolate Hills as your last pit stop and see the Tarsiers!

Keep rolling and explore the Philippines!

I would like to add for the places you can visit. Camarines Sur for extreme watersports, Cebu and Southern Leyte for diving. Surigao for Surfing, Laguna for Hot springs, Pampanga for bird watching, Sorsogon for whale watching. Davao for more eco tourism sites. Explore also romblon, samar, capiz, camiguin, guimaras, negros, zambales and

Philippines may be dirty but bird flu free, lesser AIDS cases, SARS free and more freedom.

Huh, Philippines is more famous of all than Thailand.\

Philippines has more supporter than Thailand.

Philippines is capability and more peace place and most valuable places tourist to stay than Thailand.

Philippines has more tourists than Thailand and Thailand is difficult to stay w/ tourist not like philippine. Many people like filipinos because of its kindness not like Thailand war!war!war!

Huh, Really! Thailand has affected by Swine Flu Because of the carelesness of department of health there not just like the philippines the goverment is busy protecting..

Goverment in Thailand is corrupt Lol not philippines,,,.. harsh harsh harsh.. president there.. watch! people dont like it.. why you say the goverment is good!!!!

To the last 2 comments,
I live in Thailand for 3 years now and I feel really bad about your comments


At least, Thais are taught to be kind and will never say something bad about others like that.
Even Thailand has less supporters than Philippines but Thais themselves try to be self dependency.


For the Swine Flu, I think every countries try so hard to control it and I dont see any profitable reasons for complaining. Cooperation is more needed, not the conflicts.

Curious post. Ive been in the region for 15 years, living in Thailand going on 5 years. I dont know how you see the Thais as cold. Some of the Thais I know are are fun and light-hearted. Some are quite and studious. Others are sporty and into everything new. But none that I know are what Id call cold in the west. Reserved, perhaps. And as in any country, there are a few who think their status makes them special. But, human nature being what it is...

As for Filipinos... Ive never lived there but I employed Filipinos for nine years. Most were hard working, diligent and smart. I would not hesitate working with Filipinos again.

Stupid Filipinos, all of your friend should leave from my country, the worker set away.

Wow what a blatant generalization,and not to mention an ignorant comment to call anyone no less a population of people pigs!! I appreciate Philippine and Thai people for their differences,and yes their is a lot of guilt and the proverbial fear of god in the Philippines as compared to Buddhist Thailand( And i understand both worlds being a practicing Buddhist and also spending my first 18 yrs living in a repressed Catholic Ireland.)but any Philippine person i have met on the contrary was very clean.And to define the value of anyone by their fashion sense or their ability to speak your preferred language says more about you than the people you are generalizing about.How come some of us in the west believe that our language and so called culture is of more importance than another countries language and culture.I wonder as to your ability to speak Thai or one of the many dialects of the Philippines.I guess one of the last things we in the west need to do is stop comparing other cultures to ours,being so arrogant as to think we are the superior culture because of our imagined sophistication.

first of all do u have the right to compare other countries? as what i can see uve mentioned the macho side of filpinos, from this statement readers can already conclude that this man is an example of another insecured bitch! thats why he moved to Thailand and decided to blog this. how can this people generalize everything from what they experienced in one place, manila is just a small part of the philippines and only represent 15 million of over a hundred million filipinos, philippines is just like america lots of states, and also regionalism is strong in our country.

Funny how some people make generalizations of very complex societies like the Philippines and Thailand out of a myopic experience... Big ups to Oriely, that was a very sensitive post.

I think the writer of this blog is one of those hicky- red neck- hillbilly type of American/European who sees the rest of the world as peripheries to their cultures. In the first place, why must our countries try so hard to please you? If you are one of those expats whos vocation in life is to keep complaining about how incongruent the local cultures are to their needs and to the things that they want to happen, I have one word for you.... Go back home. It is that simple. I am not anti-foreigner, I am for justice and respect for any culture. Heard of the old adage, When in Rome, do as the Romans do? Heeding this save one from a lot of trouble.
To the writer of this post this I have to say.. Cmon let us not be hypocrites, or if indeed you are that insensitive, let me spit it out for you. Anywhere you go, there will always be conmen or cruel women or an inutile government. Different cultures will yield different responses to certain social situations. The pig thing was really distasteful, I mean it felt like the blogger ran out of words to express what he was trying to say. The temerity of posting a blog and not being able express it in clear English. How pitiful, he could be a native english speaker ( ...whatever that means). Btw, I am Filipino and that. doesnt imply anything at all. Im just like anybody from anywhere in the world.

As for the FIlipinos who said they agree to this post, I have this advice for you... leave the country now. We dont need you here. I know you are one of those who will go abroad at a drop of a hat. Please go, you are the ball and chain that hampers the growth of my nation.

To those who do not believe that we will not succeed, i want you to know that a new breed of Filipinos like me, are changing the land. We will thrash these so called pinoy inferiority complex. The Philippines as a poor, dysfunctional, backward country is beginning to crumble. The new generation of Filipinos have stopped comparing themselves to America and is now mining the local culture and history for inspiration in the pursuit of nation building. Now kids wear the symbols of the flag as well pictures and name of ninoy aquino in their t-shirts, caps, bling blings etc. These Pinoys kids are not ashamed or apologetic for their being Filipinos, in fact they find it cool and very relevant. If Arnel Pineda, Lea Salonga, Philippine Hip Hop All Stars, Manny Pacquiao etc.. can make, then it is not remote that the Philippines can finally get its real dignified place under the sun. (BTW the Philippines is one of the 4 countries in the world that continue to have a positive growth rate in the midst of the global recession). The chest beating/self flagellation must stop, instead we should start believing in ourselves and start cleaning up our yard. Everything will begin if we finally see our self worth. No self respecting FIlipino can allow himself to be called a pig.

Hmm rereading years later and my opinions have not changed.

Philippine men are like spoiled children and Thai people are cold.


hey guys stop that. im filipino but there are lots of beutiful girls in thai (chinita in the fil). lolz

Filipinos are pig people? no your kiding! hey comm,n now, thats a very disrespectful words to my co-filipinos if you dont want the filipino culture then GO BACK IN TO THE WOODS! that you we,re belong, we dont need you EVER! you dont know anything about Philippines, the only thing you know is Manila, so if we are pig people so with you,DONKEY! oops excuse my language hehehe,im proud to be a Filipino!Mabuhay!!!

filipinos are losers because even if the truth is presented to them as an opportunity for them to improve themselves, they get so angry and find ways to deny the truth and make stupid excuses.

long ago, thais used to be stereotypically prostitutes in many parts of s.e.a., but today, they have been overtaken by filipino women. that just shows that things are much worse for filipinos now and no improvements have been made.

why? because even if filipinos were told that they should change their ways and improve themselves, they never worked at it. instead, they kept shooting the messengers, fighting against honest criticism, and denying the truth. they lie to themselves, they lie to the rest of the world. and because of that, nothing changed, they never improved. they were losers before, they're still losers now. in fact, they are worse losers now.

poor filipinos: they never improved, and - unless they learn to accept honest criticism - they never will improve.

I was a Filipino and I couldn't agree more that Filipinos have humongous egos. They're always saying "Pinoy Pride" or "Only in the Philippines" to rejoice in some aspects that they excel in. They can unite and be one when they celebrated Manny Pacquiao's wins in boxing but they can't do anything about their economy and government.

Filipinos are pigs, I couldn't agree more, and this can be proved by just taking a look at the streets. Filipinos don't know how to drive well and they don't obey the traffic laws. If you are a foreigner, never buy from the public markets because they will scam you. You're better off shopping at retail stores.

Filipinos are back stabbers. They are very hospitable but they then speak in "Tagalog" talking how different you are, etc. Oh yes, Filipinos are GOLD DIGGERS!!! Especially the Filipinas who flaunt themselves on the internet saying they want to find love. Well, they only want you as their one way ticket out of poverty.

Filipinos are LOSERS!!!

But does that make me a loser? HELL NO! Because I already dumped my Filipino citizenship and have embraced, loved, and am proud to be CANADIAN! Canada and the Philippines are NOT WORTH COMPARING. I'm glad that I have escaped the Philippine hell-hole because my skills were recognized by my beloved new home.

Oh yeah, if Filipinos are so proud and think that they are superior than everyone else then how come I always see some lame Filipino contract workers here in Canada? I really hate seeing these Filipinos around because they're so noisy and cheap. And then they would mock us Filipino-turned-Canadians because they're jealous that we live a better life and that we don't have to go back to the Philippine pig-stye.

I used to be one of those PROUD FILIPINOS, but my eyes were opened to how STUPID FILIPINOS really are.

All of your observations above are factual and widely shared by those of us who have traveled in both countries many times. I ike the analogy of the film, "Twins" with Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzeneggar (sp?) being offspring of a genetic experiment where all the postive genetic traits went to Arnold and all the negative traits went to Danny the same seems true of Filipina women and Filipino men. I have never been to a country where the sexes seemed so unequal and no need for expressing the differences as you and others above already have done so. This cultural anomally continues to plague me though as ALL Filipino men grow up with and are raised by Filipina women / nanays. So I think Filipina women have a meglamania complex or power trip going on where they want to be thE "man" or thE provider so allow their son's to be weak and less responsible and less self supportive and less financially independent. It seems like Filipino men do not really become MEN until their Mothers pass away, often around 40 years old when they are almost grandfather ages.

Thais are so much more nationalistic and united under their King's cultural heritage and leadership where as Filipinos are extremely territorial and clannish like tribal cultures. Filipinos discriminate aganst each other amongst themselves even more so than with foreigners who always seem welcome good influences and candidates for marrying into their families.

I love Thailand but what can I say the Philippines and the Filipino people will ALWAYS be Home Sweet Home.

To Ed, I assume that you "were" a brown Filipino. I've never known such a man who would comment this bad to my dear country. I felt sorry for you if you had a very traumatic experience while you were in the Philippines. Since you are a Canadian citizen now doesn't mean you can belittle your former homeland. Does becoming a Canadian citizen changed the color of your skin? If you think being stripped off of your Filipino citizenship by becoming a naturalized Canadian citizen is your highest achievement, then you are not different to those whom you called "cheap". For a true-blooded Filipino like you, you are a SHAME to my dear homeland. Fortunately, you left the Philippines to look for your own destiny. You were wrong to say that you dumped your Filipino citizenship. Truth is, you were dumped by the Filipino people because you are a shame to us.

When was the last time you proved yourself a part of the solution of your former homeland? When was the last time you contacted your pig mother, your pig brother or pig sister, pig friends or pig relatives? I said pig, because no matter how you deny, you once had been a Filipino and the blood that runs through your veins IS NOT A CANADIAN. Since you called Filipinos pigs, you, therefore, WERE ONCE A PIG. I could only better describe you with the famous Philippine e that goes, "You are riding on top of the buffalo but it doesn't mean you are taller than it". Based on this saying, it's just so clear that you are just another social climber.

Each country has its own pros and cons and The Philippines is no exception to that. I don't believe you were a Proud Filipino but a Philippine Shame probably. Poor you, you never understand your own identity and your own culture. When did you know that a duck will become a chicken when you're going with their group?

I am already an American but my heart and mind still long for the Philippines. I love the Philippines. Peace.

I agree with hobotraveler, being a filipino myself, but...wait, I need to watch South Park now...

To Ed and Filipinos are Losser!

good thing you are not in the Philippines! it is your own opinion about my home land Philippines, you said you dumped your Filipino citizenship and have embraced Canadian citizen well good for you Ed may be its your first time to taste a different life in CANADA our family stays in Winnipeg, Canada. but still we never neglect to comeback to our homeland every year. for me your not a Filipino or been in Philippines, you don't even understand what a Pinoy is all you know is negative re-marks about Philippine culture, attitude, political society etc. all Pinoys know all about this. STOP OF ALL THIS NON SENSE!!! saying i ask you, are you really happy in Canada? i know the feeling because we also leave in Canada. i still missed my homeland, my friends, my cousin, and others even though i have my family here, still there is something missing, and that is Philippines my true Motherland. again for you Ed you are the one who is LOSSER!!! i hope CANADA will not Dump you! don't worry i will give my friend a copy of what you have posted here, they work in Canadian Immigration Office, and one of them is Filipino. HAVE A PEACE OF MIND ED.

The Filipino culture is still the best of the best especially with todays economic disasters. Because Filipinos are college educated and have strong families they will survive anywhere in the world. Can you imagine being homeless in the US or Canada and be a Filipino? Filipinos helped each other no matter what. If you think you are better than your previous identity, wait when your job is gone, the house is gone and all the toys are gone, and wait and see who's really there to assist you! Even if all they can offer you is coffee and day old bread, kapwa mo Filipino. ugok!


this has got nothing to do with your race, your culture, your identity, or your tradition. c, i don't care about where you come from, what kind of people you live with, what color of skin you have or whatever you country has. but this is about your inability to accept the fact that you've been wrong to compare these two countries and degrade the people and the countries at large.

Monsieur, YOU SUCK BIG time. :)

we're all asians. yes, there are just people who discriminate, whether you're a filipino or thai. it doesn't matter. but let's not join in to them bunch. it's a pathetic bunch of people. we can do better. cheers.

i'm SORRY YOU WERE ONCE a Filipino. More sorry than you could ever be. mwah!

Do you KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT PSYCHOLOGY? or plain HUMAN NATURE? i bet not. it's either you are not educated in the right sense of the word (and that is not exclusive to educational institutions) or you're a lost alien. i'm so sorry to hear that. i hope you can go back home and to never return again. :)

Merci beaucoup!!! that was one intellectual and insightful comment. oh, and thanks for the defence.

loved your post monsieur. i'm a Filipino and I will defend our country and our identity from any forms of assaults. let's be united!

I'm glad to hear from you. it's nice to know there are still Filipinos out there who still care about our homeland.

go do it to ED!!! haha. naw, i'm just kidding. sort of. lol.

very well said. lol. *bow

OK! I have read the above. But where will my money go farther? Where will I be safer? Where will I be more comfortable. When I retire an 3 yrs, I will be going to the PI or Thailand. I have been to asia and feel good about the move, but to where.? Finding a woman to be part of my life will be no problem, but I will only have so much money. Where will the money do the best. When I retire, I will be 62, I will not be a party animal or anything like that, but I do want to live near the ocean and find a woman to be part of my life. Give me advise.

I am a filipino and i love my country, but im just saddened at the thought that when i was given the chance to come to different parts of the world, as I have been to Hongkong and China when i was 26, Been to Singapore and Los Angeles at present age of 29, i cant help but compare not the government, not the prosperity, but the cleanliness. why cant we filipino people ( in general, of course) have enough discipline to be clean simply by not throwing garbage anywhere. We are like careless citizens as if no one sees us ( even if a local govt official sees and catches one, doesnt even give a damn) . I have been to many parts of the philippines, from luzon to mindanao, to point out in general, fiipino people still lack the discipline. Always throwing everywhere, spitting, loitering, simply not caring for the environment. I admit we have lots of problems in regards to waste disposal and poor engineering. but at least, if we know where to properly throw our garbage, then i would definitely be proud to invite foreign friends to visit our country. Indeed singaporeans are cold people, and they live in a country of 1 million and 1 rules, but at least the bottom part of it, every foreigner will always say Singapore is the best place to live if you want to live longer (being fit and healthy and clean and safe). But still i love my country, too bad i dont have a choice but to always come back, not because i dont have opportunites abroad, but just because my heart belongs here (family, friends, funny and loving people) . I am not dreaming of a 1st world Philippines, i just wish of a Cleaner and Greener Philippines. Peace to all of US !!!

where have all my comments gone?

the world just dont realize how influential country we are how we connect east to west and west to east, its basically asians act like filipinos!

Your blog has some truth in it though it's very elementary.I am a Filipino curently based in Thailand working in an international research company.I can say that both countries has it's strengths and weaknesses.You cannot pass judgements unless you immerse yourself in their culture.

The writer obviously did not read or only have a quaint idea of the history of both countries.If you are a traveller, somehow you'll know the diversity of each country.

Thais and Filipinos are alike in some ways but greatly differs in many ways.I'd say there's no such thing as a superior culture,anybody who thinks of it is simply displaying arrogance and ignorance.

And by the way,before you post anything,please proof read your message.Always be reminded that people who reads and post their comments are educated enough to spot erroneous use of the English language.



here is my advice for you Andy. I understand your feelings. If you're really hate Philippines then go smoothly and don't leave rude comments about my land.
Anyway...time will tell you where you're heart belongs when you experience things that you may not like.
Do what you want and experience the world.

just don't offend people.

by the way...did you go around philippines?
If you already did then i will not expect for a bad comments.

thanks for the honest feedback on who the thai and filipino people are. its refreshing to hear an outsiders perspective of another's. comments like this could help bring more understanding to filipinos who they are, and what they could improve on.

* Sigh *
I guess you have your own thoughts for each country but ..
Is it really necessary to post it up on the internet ?
I am a filipina... And I'm sorry. I guess that
no matter how much I deny all the things you said about them.. I guess it's true lol .
I have Thai and 'course Filipino friends, but I don't think there is
a certain ' sterotype ' for each race.
It all depends on where you were raised and etc.
And when you say the Philippines is more ' dirty '...
I couldn't really believe that unless all you did was
stay in the country.

it is really funny that a guy not from Philippines either from Thailand compares this two place lol..dont you have something good to say about your birth place?hahaha...and don't call us pigs..cause its not really what you see outside that is unclean..its what comes out of your mouth is unclean..just like a hungry pig..and there are more bar girls in Thailand so i consider what they do as being pigs..

what are you guys have been smoking lately?.. Filo here.. born and raised in the Philippines, first travel outside the country is at 23.. I'm cool.. I dont hurt people.. I smile at everyone.. Never scammed anyone in my entire life.. Loves my parents and European boyfriend and never asked him of anything but a great sex on a remote beach.. I have a career.. I am happy.. maybe there's a thai out there like me.. A cool thai girl.. so??? life is a beautiful.. stop fighting and quit exchanging harsh words, say only beautiful things.. be grateful.. remember.. stress triggers cancer cells.. lets drink to that.. Skål!!.. =D

I don't like this comparison business as its unfair to the Thai's and the Filipino's. I am a businessman and travel to these two countries frequently in the course of the year and I have seen it all in the course of 30 years the history of these two nations and what they went through. Now what I have to say is purely from a non biased point, I don't want to offend any people from these two nations I have had the pleasure of working with and displeasure of dealing with.

In the time span since the 60's when the Philippines was looked upon by other South East Asian nations and a sense of hope for stability in the region by the West and the rest of the world, the Philippines I dare say it, remains the "sick man of Asia". They have never done anything really to improve their country from: poverty alleviation, infrastructure like roads, water and sewer, they never did anything to really improve themselves in that regard. That is not to say other Asian nations and some Western nations are dirty too, but Asia is by and large lacking in management of the above.

To make this worse, the Philippines have the continuing presence of the Roman Catholic Church that seem to always encourage the poor souls to propagate and breed more to fear God and serve the Church, almost like its saying: "don't worry, its hell on earth now for you to not have enough food to eat, sell your bodies in Angeles City, work in poor conditions in other nations as Bell Hops and Welders as OFW's, because one day when its your turn to leave Earth, you will go to heaven and God will be happy and blah blah blah.."

Lets face it, if you curb Philippine population growth, say there are more people departing earth than being born, what will happen to the good old Church? Who will they use as their slave and instill fear on? Just asking. Just recently a certain Cardinal in Cebu City came up with a slogan "Vote for God" in his usual interactions with his flock regarding the Philippine Elections in May, there are even placards etc. I find it ridiculous from a Western mans standpoint how the Church meddles in Government day to day affairs? The Church can preach about your soul, while the Government can take care of the needs of the people, the lines shouldn't be blurred, it will set confusion. I would just like to say, stop putting words in Jesus mouth, Im sure he doesn't appreciate it anymore you would if a group of people claim "you said this" and "you said that" when you clearly haven't?!

On the issue about Philippine Politics, the local politicians would have to be the most "inept and useless" bunch of people running the country, the same family names have been there ever since time immemorial and since the time I have started traveling there in the late 60's when I was a lad, they're still stealing the peoples money peddling the same bulls**t lies, yet the Filipinos just let it happen to be shafted anally over and over. I cant imagine the Thai's let those officials get away with that in their country.

There was one incident in 1986 the so called famous Edsa revolution that, had the Catholic Church not meddled in the day to day affairs of the country once again, the Philippines could have had its real revolution and started a new dawn of their country 'tabula rasa, a clean slate, instead of this limbo they are in.

What really happened was a squeaky pipsqueak of a fart, instead of a revolution that could have gotten rid of Marcos and that grand kleptomaniac herself, Imelda Marcos, and killed all the cronies who control most of the country now to this very day, and wiped out the heads of those that are part of the problem instead of the solution so to speak. You got instead the version, imagine if your bladder is really full and you need to pee real bad and you're just letting go in the urinal, then you get a rubber band and tie that around your hose just as you got going, well, thats what happened to the Philippines, it stifled. In a major painful way with its repercussions reverberating through 2010.

You look up who are in the Philippine Senate, the Philippine Congress, the Governors, the Mayors, the Vice Mayors, the Councilors, the Barangay Captains (Village Chief), the Village Councilors, they are all the result of this nasty clannish behavior gone horribly wrong. As I type this in 2010, there are still Warlordism alive and well in all parts of the country, most of the local Filipino will not agree on this, they want to pretend there isn't. I mean Japan got rid of the Code of Bushido over 100 years ago, except for ceremonial reasons now, but you look closely at those elected heads of the Government in the Philippines, they stem from that "scratch my back ill scratch yours, pick nits off my head ill pick nits off your head" - its primate behavior. Take from that statement if you will at your risk of saying it, but Im not gonna say the "M" work with the jingling of "key".

In November last year, the guy who killed around 60 Journalists and their families in the most heinous of ways by machine gun, and then running them over with bulldozers and burying them alive in the south of the country are allied with the current President, the killer is the Mayor and Governor who ordered the local Police to massacre them all. In that part of the country in the south, is the result of that kind of system instead of a performance based position.

It seems to me he or she who bows and kisses the ass of THE "arrogant official" gets his peso for pan de sal (cheap local bread but yummy).

The result is the very chaotic Philippines. Poor road system with every man and his sardine can of a vehicle with wheels, there are pot holes everywhere, in some cases some roads have no lights and not even asphalted, you an literally be in any city in the Philippines and go 4 wheel driving in a built up area because of it. There is no proper sanitation, every one digs a hole in the ground which seeps into the ground water system for their septic tanks, the overhead electric wires in a spaghetti wrap around style, the water tap seems to only go on for 1 to 2 hours in the day in the capital city on most days and other cities in the country too, there are beggars roaming everywhere tapping car windows - not that they can help being poor - but the Philippines is just one big pile of mess. If your house was on fire, the fire truck might get there 3 hours later even though the Fire Station is 3 to 4 kilometers away.

I wouldn't say Filipinos are Pigs, thats not right, Filipinos are actually very neat people and take care of their appearance and offer their very best that they can afford if you visit their homes and they're always happy even though there's not much to be cheerful about, I really like that about them over the Thais, and I sincerely feel sorry for them.

But Lordy Gordy, how they have left their country in that state of mess, says a lot about them though.

If you look at Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore which was part of Malaysia at some stage, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, they have gone on and made things better for themselves in Asia and have run rings around the Philippines in terms of making their country better than what it was 30 plus years ago, I could go on all day folks about details of my history in each of those countries, but you would all be bored to death, while the Philippines are just trudging along on a squeaky uneven wheel panting half way to death trying to make it through every year, hoping to Christ there isn't another major kleptomaniac as President stealing billions of dollars to replace the Marcos family this coming May Election.

Cut my neck off if Im wrong why those six men are running for the big job in the country that pay a mere $3000 dollars a month only while spending millions of dollars of their won money, and monies in large sums from those backing them.

Just imagine this, they kicked out Marcos to die in Hawaii in 89 and never gave him a burial where their supposedly heroes are buried, they decided to welcome back Imelda who ran away with helicopter loads of gold to Guam in 1986, they elected the daughter as Congresswoman in Marcos region north of Manila and the son is or was Governor and now running for the Senate.

I think they're giving pan de sal again to the poor.

A globally competitive environment for investors, the Philippines is Asia¡¯s new business hotspot. Long overshadowed by its neighbors in terms of economic growth and socio-political development, Asia¡¯s sleeping tiger is slowly waking up.

A cluster of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines is the second largest archipelago in the world. It defies geographic convention, divided into three island groups: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. The capital city is Metro Manila.

Its strategic location makes it a critical entry point to the 500 million people in the Southeast Asian market. The Philippines offers vast trade opportunities and is an ideal base for business.

Amidst its problems, the Philippines is a survivor. Culturally cast away from the rest of Asia through its past links with Spain and the United States, it is a nation that is unique and carefree. It is also home to the friendliest and happiest people in Asia. Filipinos are proud of what is quite possibly the continent¡¯s only true democracy.

The government¡¯s main thrust of making Philippines a competitive country in the global environment through various investments has been successful, and there is no better time to know the Philippine advantage.

The Philippine economy grew in 2009, supported by the continued expansion in overseas workers¡¯ remittances, a resilient business process outsourcing industry, and fiscal stimulus efforts. While GDP growth was was stunted by the global financial crisis and weather-related loss of agricultural output, the future looks bright.

Manila. Manic, chaotic, and alive. A passion play and an urban jungle in overdrive mode. This is where over 12 million Filipinos gravitate to, and the heart and soul of a nation in flux.

For businessmen and investors, Manila is a corporate nirvana. The business district of Makati rivals the business districts of Singapore and Hong Kong in its capitalist buzz. It is where many of the country¡¯s financial companies and multinational corporations are based, as well as some of the best shopping and nightlife in all of Asia.

The Philippines is one of the most aggressive players in targeting the outsourcing markets of the USA, Europe and neighboring Asian countries. The Philippines has rapidly emerged as India¡¯s main rival in the business-process outsourcing, or BPO. Its positive track record in back office services , and a fluency in the English language, has unleashed the nation¡¯s best-kept secret: it¡¯s human capital.

The Filipino workforce has become one of the country¡¯s biggest exports, a new breed of world-class service professionals. All over the world, from the United Arab Emirates to Hong Kong, Filipinos are in demand. It is Filipinos¡¯ intrinsic nature to care for their families and provide for them even if they are thousands of miles away.

The money Overseas Filipino workers send back home through remittances are crucial to the economic growth of the country.

As Filipino workers become global, so do Filipino companies. More than ever, strong private enterprises are making a name abroad, bringing into light the strong work ethic and entrepreneurial expertise that the country is well-known for.

7,107 islands. 7,107 opportunities for investment. The Philippines is rich in natural resources, and projects have been underway for decades in the privatization of state-owned industries, particularly in the energy sector.

The growth of the energy sector has mirrored the solid performance of the economy, and 2010 promises to be a banner year for the privatization of the country¡¯s remaining generation assets, with hydro-electric power holding the key.

Hi Mark,

I dont know if you're accurate in your statistics that the Philippines grew in 2009, I don't know where you got your sources and i definitely would not say Manila's Makati District rivals that of Singapore or Hong Kong and definitely cannot compete with India's Business process outsourcing industry when even the indians themselves are the ones developing the Philippines rollout systems and setting up most your BPO's through consultation, and with about 1 billion Indians a very - very unlikely thing to happen that your country will over take India in that regard some time soon.

I don't think your country's supposedly firm grasp of the english language is enough when even Vietnam, Thailand and China are catching up - the Koreans who are learning english in your country are trying to beat you to this illusionary 'the everyday Filipino's firm grasp of english'. Recently as last year, a seasoned and respected Philippine lawmaker Congressman by the name of Eduardo Gullas accepted your national literacy and english standards have dropped so drastically, that the school text books he says are atrocious and needed complete revisions and the teachers needed re-training. To my understanding the very same lawmaker owns a university/college, so maybe he too was sleeping on his job.

I have not heard of many so called global Filipino companies either, please list them for us so we may be enlightened - perhaps with the exception of the big San Miguel Beer company which taste great but there are many as well to chose from which are also good.

Can you elaborate your 7,107 islands and your 7,107 opportunities? You sound a bit like one of the rah rah cheerleader men advertising for the Department of Tourism with its grossly over projected figures. Those fragmented islands are controlled by corrupt politicians clinging to old world warlordism, nepotism, red tape, coercion, fear mongering, mass corruption, your country does not even have adequate transportation to ferry people from island to island and when theres a boat its always hanging on the sides just about and overloaded to the hilt, just last June, in 2008 killing nearly 900 people - were they trying to beat the Titanic and aim for the Guinness Book of Records? Most of those islands have problems with energy supply and drinking water for is population let alone inviting investors to come in and do business there, its the same as the major cities. Its one of the most backward country I have seen in Asia.

Your growth in the energy sector is grossly inaccurate and untrue when even a city province like Cebu have rotating brown outs and cities like Manila suffer the same fate.

I also don't see the outcome of the May election changing things for the better either, the new president holds plenty of promise - but will he hold true and beat his adversaries there in Congress and the Senate when you have Arroyo still there and the Marcos family deeply entrenched with so many "no know how inept actors and a boxing champion" who think they are gods gift to their people holding seats in the Senate and Congress? Its all personality and zero substance, the country has been a basket case for many years and Warlordism is still alive and well in the Philippines. As long as that is the status quo, Multinational companies, the wealthy families and government officials will still exploit it for many more years to come.

It is I think human nature to always compare things, and I respect that. It is but your right to compare things you have experienced and form your own judgments. I am writing so as to make people understand what it means to live in the Philippines and what it means to be a Filipino.

Our history will show you that we are indeed very hospitable people. WE welcome anyone who comes to our door, open not only our house but especially our kitchen. The Philippines is a very rich country, with all its natural resources. That is the reason why European countries came here, to explore what our country has to offer.

Before the Spaniards came, Indians and Chinese people came to the beaches of the Philippines and do business with us. We are honest people! When the Chinese came we learned not only to do business, but also part of their culture. WE learned gambling from them, like ‘mahjong’. You see among the Chinese it is a highly acceptable social activity.

Then came the Spaniards who ruled us for 333 years. We learned ‘cockfighting’ which is a highly acceptable game in Latin Countries and card games called ‘Quaho’. The Spaniards changed our identity, changed our name and change our way of living.

You might ask why did we allow them to bully us? Why because even before Christianity was introduced to the Filipinos, even though we were called pagans for worshipping the sun and the moon and the trees, one thing is certain, we are accepting and peace-loving people. It is not in the nature of a Filipino to hurt each other of hurt anyone physically unless the people we love are threatened. We are patient, until we’ve had enough. That is because even though we are not Christians yet we believe in a Supreme Being that created and rules the universe and whose desire is to foster good-will to everyone.

Were we cowards? No, we were just raised to love one another, because that is how the universe was created. Before the Spaniards, women rule tribes and communities. Men are protectors, and brave soldiers.

The patriarchal way of living of the Spaniards influenced the life (even if we did not want to, 333 years is a very long time to resist any even minor influence). So there was role shifting. The men became the law in every household, depending on their muscles and the authority the Spaniards instilled in the minds of the people.

What else happened? The Spaniards exploited our natural resources. Then came the Japanese who treated us like slaves. Who was not afraid of Japan then? Even up to now they do not teach in their history how much they raped not only the natural resources of the Philippines but also the women. Like the Spaniards they used us.

Almost we were saved by the Britons, but they changed their minds and they went to Laos instead. So we ended up with the Americans, who educated us. The mistake of the Spaniards was that they deprived us of education. The Filipinos love to learn new things, they may not learn things in school but we believe that everyday living is schooling in itself. So the Americans educated us. They educated us in their way of thinking and living. It is another form of colonialization. Not only that, America even up to now has to admit that our 7,100 islands are strategically beneficial for their military. We are in the center of the archipelago. That is why up-to now they can’t let us go. That is why they always want to have military practices with us.

Now as for our character, people accuse us of having no identity. We have identity, we are God-fearing, fun-loving, people-loving people. You will not find in our history any psychotic serial killer (Andrew Cunanan is half-American mind you). People commit suicide because of shame or love. There is no such thing as premeditated murder, there is always crime of passion though.

We tend to laugh at our own blunders and make fun of it, because what else can we do? Cry over spilt milk? We can laugh at ourselves. We are like a bamboo, we are resilient. During floods or natural disaters, Filipinos will cry of their misery and yet they never lose faith. They will even wave at cameras if you take videos. Because we are optimistic people. We believe that every problem has a solution and there is always a rainbow after a storm. The spirit of ‘bayanihan’ (helping each other) will prevail, because our belief in God teaches us that.

We are nosey people you say? When you get introduced to Filipinos it is but normal for Filipinos to interview you, where are you from, about your family, what are you doing here, how old you are and if you are married. We ask not because we are nosey but because we want to know more about you, and knowing about your family and your values will tell us the kind of person that you are. We ask if you are married, because we up-to now believe that the Family is the center of every society. Family is important.

When home for aged is normal in other countries, our elders will live with us till the day they die. We do not mind, they are family, these are the people who made us what we are, who took care of us when we were young, and it is only right but to give back the same love to them when their own lights are wearing out.

You say:
The people of the Philippines are friendlier.
The girls of Thailand are more snobs.
Thailand is cleaner than the Philippines
The men of the Philippines are scammers.
How can you say we are friendlier and then separate the men as another creature?
I take offense on the statement, that Philippine men are scammers. My husband is an exemption. He is the most wonderful man on Earth! Patient, understanding, loving and he is perfect in my eyes, I am sorry Andy that you feel that way. Probably because you are a man, and yes the macho attitude they learned from our Spaniard visitors, still prevail. I doubt though if foreign women feel that way. Usually Foreign women like our men because they are ‘muy cariñoso’

You say:
The people of the Philippines are culturally less hip or cool than Thailand, fashions and understanding of the world is behind in the Philippines.
Our we fashionably behind or our understanding of the world behind? I doubt that, you see the Filipinos are every informed what they get from other countries combine to what we need and how we live. If you go to the streets of other countries and see women still wearing their traditional outfits, will that not be behind too? Or you would rather call it being patriotic? You can dress up anyway you want and we won’t give much notice, we’d even think it is cool. We are very accepting people you know. We just don’t delve too much on things we cannot change. Our we behind in understanding the world or do we just have a certain understanding of what we want, instead of what other countries want?

You say:
The food is better in Thailand.
The travelers in Thailand are children.
The tourists in the Philippines are perverts.
If you want the kind of food that you want, there are so many restaurants here you can choose from, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, European, Thai, take your pick man we have it. If you want our food though and you don’t find it good, then you have not tasted Chicken Adobo and its variations. You have not explored our country much then.

The tourists in the Philippines are perverts? So it is our fault now, that the foreigners are perverts? Wow! When we receive people as tourist we accept them in good faith. Where have you been anyway, probably in the red district? Did you not find any perverts in other countries? I am sure there are plenty in your country, or probably the perverts came from your country and pretend to come here in good faith and then take advantage of the poor, uneducated people of my country. Now who is worse? We are exploited, our being poor and uneducated being taken advantage and still it is our fault? What kind of mentality is that? A lot of NGO’s are doing something about it, you see I agree with everyone of you that our politicians are stupid greedy monsters!

You say:
Thailand is Asian, I am not sure the Philippines culture is definable easily.
Like what has been mentioned we are a melting pot. We are a combination of everything there is in the World. We are European, American, Indian, Chinese, Japanese. WE ARE EVERYONE IN ONE! The only thing that is constant with us is our love for life, the people around us (we don’t mind being slaves in another country if it means making sure our family will live comfortably) , our inner strength to keep on standing regardless of all the difficulties and obstacles we have encountered and our faith in God. How can we not possibly have no identity? WE are YOU and everyone else. That is also the reason why we are able to adapt easily to our surroundings.

You say:
Thailand seems to be winners and confident, the Philippine people have all the same opportunities and seem to drop the ball.
Good for Thailanders if they are. But you see Filipinos measure their success differently. Some may opt to be really successful, and when they decide to be they are able to achieve it, and we are proud of them. But a lot of Filipinos will agree, that in general, Filipinos believe that success is not measured by how rich and how high the place you have reached in this world.

WE Filipinos measure our wealth with how rich we are with friends rather than how much money we have in the bank. WE measure our wealth with how many people love us and will help us in our time of need rather than being able to have enough in the bank to not need anyone. Money is just money, it can buy you a blanket to keep you warm in cold nights, but the warmth of love coming from the people around you is priceless. So you see we do not always drop the ball unless we really want to. Because at the end of the day we measure everything with love.

You say:
Women in the Philippines can do anything the men in the Philippines are severely in trouble.
Thank you for that comment I sincerely appreciate it. I remember a book I am not sure who is the author, I know though he is Canadian and he wrote in his book (which was a memoir of the EDSA revolution) that from being a confirmed bachelor he immediately was turned into a married man because of a Filipina, and the riches of the Philippines can be seen in its natural resources and the greatest riches are the Filipino women. I could not agree more!

I am not sure though why you hate our Filipino men!

You say:
Philippines people are pigs, the Thailand are clean.
I will not delve on Thailand, never been there anyway! But to generalize that we are pigs. I take offense on that! That is a fallacy Sir! Hasty Generalization! I doubt if you have traveled a lot, it seems you have not been to a lot of countries yet! In every country that you go to there will always be a dirty place that you will not like. (Except probably New Zealand) But you have to realize that every country has its own imperfections! There are times when we people would probably say that to our fellow Filipino, but to say that Philippine people are pigs, there are some but not all, and I doubt if there are no pigs in your own country, whether they be moral pigs or not?

You say:
I like the Philippines people more, however I trust the Thailand people more.
So you love pigs huh? Can’t blame you for trusting Thais more! I don’t trust some of my fellow Filipinos either. You see we are survivors they are just trying to outwit, outplay and outlast you! That is the way they know how to survive! So the question is will you let them outwit you?

You say:
The Philippines are delusion about what the value of what the sell or what they are worth. The Thai people sell things and services for a good value.
WE always underestimate ourselves, we always short sell ourselves. But Filipinos are very in demand in foreign countries for the kind of services they provide and their work ethic.
You say:
The government of the Philippines is arrogant, stupid and does not have a clue the government of Thailand fully understands what their resources are and how to use them.
I totally agree Sir! 100! The only creatures who are pulling us down are the politicians that we have. We don’t know what planet they came from. They are God’s punishment to us for what sin we do not know we have committed (probably it is voting for them). They are the worst creatures in the Universe!
You say:
Thai people are cold.
Does that mean we are ‘hot’?
You say:
Thai people are surrounded by people that speak English and refuse to learn to speak English.
Well Filipinos, love learning! We have so much dialects in our own country, you will have a nosebleed, and we do not mind learning them. You see we have a saying “so that you cannot be sold, better learn their language.” It means that if you know the language they speak they cannot fool you!
You say:
Travelers in Thailand do not care about Thailand they are just here to buy.
Travelers in the Philippines live there.
It only shows how much they love my country.
You say:
I feel clean in Thailand.
Good for you! Didn’t you take a bath when you were here in the Philippines? Filipinos are fanatic with baths you know!
You say:
I have better access to purchase and buy things in Thailand of an Asian nature, if I wanted to purchase something American I could maybe find easier in the Philippines.
Thailand is Asian! The Philippines is the United Nations! In the Philippines we have a saying: “God created Heaven and Earth, everything else is made in China!”
You say:
My room is twice as good in Thailand for half the price of the Philippines.
You should try going to London, then tell me how expensive a place is! But if you are complaining how expensive the rents here, I doubt if you will afford London!
You say:
Transportation in Thailand is easy the travel in the Philippines is ridiculously difficult.
That is just in Metro Manila! Not in the provinces! So Silly!
You say:
There are more people in the Philippines, they all live in Manila.
Try the Chinese! Do you know that there is always a Chinatown in some country! Well Manila is the marketplace!
You say:
I am not sure which one I like more, I would say the Philippines, however I really do not like the men of the Philippines, they have this macho way of acting that reminds me a Mexican, a sort of arrogance that never stops. The USA culture can have the same on many levels. The USA culture or arrogance is easy for me to avoid, I do not think a person in the Philippines can avoid the arrogance of the men.
Well they only seem arrogant to you, anyway their arrogance disappears when the Filipina is around! So we do not mind that much! But as far as arrogance is concern to compare 2 very different cultures base on your own taste is really arrogant! Besides Foreign women like I said love our men!
You say:
Thailand is great but the people are cold and distance, a sort of cruelness to them as is all the Asians. Guilt or the ability to feel guilty is more prevalent in the Philippines.
We believe in God! And we have too much of the Catholic Church here!
You say:
In the end, I really do not care about the differences. I go and carve out a place to live as quickly as possible and set up my travelers nest, then go out and explore.
Why compare then when you really don’t care? Next time you travel though to the Philippines better be with a Filipino friend, given that you will find one after calling us pigs. That is so you will have better understanding of what we are and what we stand for as nation and as people. And there is more to Philippines than Manila you know! For someone who claims to be a traveler you seem not to know much about exploring places!
TO THOSE WHO COMMENT ABOUT FILIPINAS LOOKING FOR PASSPORTS OUT OF THE PHILIPPINES! Well that is no longer new, even other cultures use money in arranging marriages, right? Do you scorn them? And for one thing even if the Filipina do arrange marriage with a foreigner to leave their homeland, they do fall in love with the men they marry eventually. So what is the big deal?
TO THE ONE WHO SCORNED BEING A FILIPINO named ED! I don’t think you are a Filipino anyway, no Filipino could possibly have so much hate and bitterness in his heart, it is just not Filipino. We are lovers not fighters!

To Ken,

Whether you go to the Philippines or Thailand does not really matter. If you are looking for a mate find someone in the same age level as you though. If you travel here in the Philippines be with a Filipino friend, it is better.

Based on Andy's comment: Travellers in the Philippines stay in the Philipines!

Have a safe journey!

As I wrote my very first post here, I was right, the corrupt politicians were giving away 'pan de sal' again as predicted.

Filipino's still have the same people running the show, it seems they just did a quick changeover behind the curtains and whacked on another President representing the same kind of governance and the same promises crying about removing corruption etc and that illusive "change" Filipino's seem to want but so much, but not really, or not desperately enough.

If they wanted it desperately enough they would have gone for a new blood that wasn't someones son or from some well known family. This new President to take oath in late June may not have a record of graft but he still comes from one of the same powerful families that have been in Philippine politics even before Marcos era, made of the Cojuangco and Aquino families, one of the wealthiest families in the Philippines.

As long as leaders in your country have the same kind of system you wont be taken seriously by the rest of the world. Which is a shame. There was a local paper in the US that I have read last year, a Columnist wrote that the president of the Philippines have come to visit the US to congratulate Barack Obama in the pretence for more US Aid like a beggar.

What was so amazing in the May election outcome was the fact that the convicted and deposed plunderer, bandit, kleptomaniac, womaniser, drunkard, inept and disgraced Ex-President Joseph Estrada came in second ahead of the man who spent billions of Pesos in his campaign, Manny Villar and the administration bet Gilberto Teodoro who honestly thought he was going to win.

I mean, Jesus Christ - how insane are your voters - they were going to bring in that man Estrada again. For what? To let him finish off the Philippines to beat the Marcos record of grand theft? Its beyond belief.

Which really begs me to differ if Filipino people really want change after all and the mindset of the voters and whether the voters are just plain stupid themselves throwing their future away for a mere P500 to P1000 vote buy?

One can say the poor are taken advantage of as they are the majority voters, yes, but unless your people are not going to think right, youre not going to get your "change" that they want so badly. And as long as you have those same people that think Estrada is good for your country, youre not going to have your "change" at all. To think that guy was coming in again as President is insane! And why was he even allowed to run in the first place? From a western point of view, why do you people even allow that?

And what's with your Commissions on Elections body? They said to the press within 1 to 2 days you will know the winner and that was May 10, over 10 days ago and they still haven't declared the winners officially. Why does it take so long to tally the numbers if its automated by computers? We have highly encrypted internet connections now and its all going to databanks, surely after 1 day after voting you will know who has won and release the official figures online? why the delay? Are they counting it manually on their screens and tallying it on ledger pads? The Election may have gone almost smoothly despite some major hiccups of some machines not working properly - yet you still have major vote buying going on and I seriously doubt there isn't anything funny going on with the Commissions on Elections as to who they side.

There may be 7,100 plus islands in the Philippines - but with computers, high speed internet and automation - that means nothing! Ive been to your country many times and you have those.

Cant the Filipino people produce distinguished educated men and women to be in your Senate, Congress etc., your 100 million or so population surely can produce about 1000 or so men and women to be in those seats, just to free yourselves from graft and all sorts of hellish corruption that have marred your country for years?

Or have you had a "bran drain" for generations where the 'creme de la creme' of you country have fled for brighter futures outside of the Philippines and settled in the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Norway, Italy, Australia, New Zealand etc. and made good there and helped progress those nations even further instead of staying in your own country? Those people left because they have had enough.

Take this Overseas Filipino Worker situation you have right now where supposedly you have around 9 million people of your countrymen and women have gone to work outside of your home country to make a living - surely a big majority of them don't want to come back and see the same old grind from years before that have held them back, and so they decide to stay put in the country they work in and apply for migration as a skilled migrant, the key words here are "skilled" + "migrant", the best your country have produced have gone and left your country and contribute to the nations they chose to call their new home.

Who's left behind are the families badly depending on those remittances they remit back home in the form of billions of dollars, and a new wave of generation of young men and women in your country aspiring to do the same of the previous to work abroad. So what happens? They will go get educated, be the best at what they do and they too go abroad and ply their skilled trade in the new country, thus the continuing cycle goes on and on.

Who are left behind? Their families of course the younger kids absent of their OFW Father or Mum that have to be fed and sent to school those that don't want to leave for love of country the elderly the sick the not so bright people that never made it in class and overseas the uneducated - and heres worse - the big hungry jackal of roomful of inept and corrupt politicians sitting in Congress and the Senate preying on those remittances in the form of taxation which they will pocket in sham deals and bogus contracts and take advantage of those who are left behind and give the same false promises as before, the same lip service and mock the justice system which was put in place to protect the people, i.e. serve pan de sal!

I'm disgusted at how easily offended my countrymen are. One negative word about the Philippines and they practically throw a riot...


I agree with your perception on our politics. Our politics and our politicians are the worst on Earth. The reason that thess people are still winning is because they have the money to burn.

Shameful to admit, vote-buying and dirty elections has been a culture. Even Current President Arroyo is guilty of graft and corruption and Dirty election.

People do sell their votes. The choice being food on your mouth or vote you are not sure will be counted? Too bad that a lot, has to sell their souls to the politicians who have the money, they are trying to survive life you see. Aquino yes is from a political clan, and yes even the Hacienda Luisita is a big issue against him, but popularity plays a big role. Sad to say most Filipinos live in a movie world fantasy, thinking that if they vote for actors and actresses (Even Aquino has his celebrity sister) we can be saved.

I appreciate the amount of time and energy you are giving in analyzing our Philippine politics, I hope they read your comments, but lack of education also limits people to think better for their country.

Good luck to you, and my advice do not delve on our politics too much it will only cause you gastritis if not high blood pressure!

God Bless You

Filipinos are some of the happiest people on earth. How can a country with extreme poverty and prone to daily struggle produce such optimistic people? The secret lies in Latinasian idea that all things shall pass, and that life should be lived. And the concept of family as the basic unit of society is evident everywhere, which is why shopping malls and theme parks are always full of them.

An archipelago like the Philippines offers diverse natural resources, from land to marine to mineral resources. It is also the biggest copper producer in Southeast Asia and among the top ten producers of gold in the world. It is also home to 2,145 fish species, four times more than those found in the Bahamas. The 7,107 islands boast beautiful beaches and breathtaking sceneries offering soothing leisure and relaxation spots for vacationers and tourists.

Manila's nightlife is one of the most vibrant in Asia, reflecting the Filipinos' love for music. The hubs of nightlife activities are the Remedios Circle in Malate, Ayala Center and The Fort at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Timog and Tomas Morato Avenues in Quezon City, and Eastwood in Libis, Quezon City. Nightclubs, music lounges, pubs, and sing-along bars feature Filipino bands and singers who are known for their great musical talent. Deluxe hotels offer a variety of live musical entertainment. Concerts and stage plays form part of the country's entertainment scene.

The Philippines offer state-of-the-art telecommunications facilities. There are ready-to-occupy offices and production facilities, computer security and building monitoring systems, as well as complete office services in specialized IT zones. With the government's focus on building up an IT-enabled economy, the Philippines is on its way to becoming the E-services Hub of Asia.

Wages are typically less than a fifth of that in the U.S. Local communication, electricity and housing costs are also 50 lower compared to U.S. rates. Foreign companies outsourcing programming and business processes to the Philippines estimate 30 to 40 business cost savings, 15 to 30 call center services and application systems and 35 to 50 software development.

Filipinos are hardworking, competent and highly-educated. These are the most compelling advantages the Philippines has over any other Asian country. With education as priority, literacy rate in the country is 94.6. English is taught in all schools. Every year, 350,000 tertiary level graduates enrich the professional pool.

Hi Michael,

with regards to your question, and i e "Can you elaborate your 7,107 islands and your 7,107 opportunities? You sound a bit like one of the rah rah cheerleader men advertising for the Department of Tourism with its grossly over projected figures."

As studied by world bank, here are some of the Philippines high growth opportunities for investments,

I thank you for your negative comments, it will surely help us Filipinos in correcting our mistakes.

My statistics is based on official data from National Statistical Coordination Board.

Peace and God Bless!

It’s not just mastery of the English language, but language diversity among Filipinos to speak Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, French, and German has prompted Bosch Group, a German-owned global industrial firm, to set up its 500,000-Euro Asia -Pacific communications hub here.

The choice of location for its high-end IT help desk in Bonifacio Global City was narrowed down to three – Manila, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur – from 16 locations, but Manila won hands down because of the linguistic diversity, strong BPO infrastructure and cost friendliness, said Kaycee Crisostomo, communications manager of Robert Bosch Inc. (Philippines), told reporters during a press conference for the newly established Robert Bosch Communications Center Inc. (RBCCI).

The Philippines would be its 16th location worldwide and its fourth IT help desk project globally. RBCCI would serve as the technical support center initially catering for the internal Bosch Group’s needs. Eventually, RBCCI will cater to external clients in the Asia Pacific region.

This global project has already been implemented in the European and American markets by teams in Berlin, Buenos Aires and Timisoara, Romania.

Aside from English-speaking agents, the 200 agents of RBCCI would include Mandarin, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French and German speakers.

“We don’t have a problem hiring agents who can speak other Asian and European languages, except for Mandarin speaking,” said Crisostomo noting that they are importing a few Mandarin agents from China in the meantime. “Most of the Chinese here speak other Chinese dialects and those that speak the Mandarin language are not so keen on having a career in the BPO industry, so it is a challenge,” Cristomo said.

But, the Philippines has also a good pool of Korean, Japanese, French and German-speaking people.

Also as the world’s third largest English-speaking country, there are 10.5 million English-speaking Filipinos in Metro Manila alone compared to 4.5 million in Kuala Lumpur and 1.7 million in Bangkok .

RBCCI is now serving the ASEAN region and Australian and by July would be serving the Japanese market already.

Well just check out this link. This shows how the Philippines ruled south east asia in 1950's to the 70's.

Philippines is a great country. Filipinos are hardworking, talented, loving and friendly people. Continous hiring of Filipinos by foreign employeers shows how important they are in this world. You could see them anywhere you go malls, hotels, offices, construction in the middle east countries ships, airlines, schools, streets, domestic houses in other parts of the world.
For those who contempt and belittle the ability of the filipino, its time to stop. Filipinos are trying to make change not only to their country but for the world as well. Let filipinos solve the flaws in their government. Their economy once become the second largest in asia next to Japan in the 1960's. If they did it before they can still do it now. By reading Philippine history you could see why they are still teetering on the brink of poverty, political dynasty, debt and other problems.
Do not compare Philippines to other countries like Thailand. Each countries has their own problems to deal with. Corruption, poverty, unscrupulous leaders are happening across the length and breadth of these two countries. But one thing im sure of, people of the Philippines are not "PIGS". If they are, Thailand should stop hiring Filipino english teachers and send them back to the Philippines because Thais should learn nothing from them but only OINK OINK OINK.

I have been to PI six times (have many friends there) and though the streets may be dirty due to the poverty and the corruption that permeates the country, the women are probably the cleanest I have ever seen/been with. Whether in the city or in the provinces, they consistently wash, bath, smell great and stay soft and silky even in the worst of living conditions. So to say that they are PIGS is far from the truth. They may also live in what we would consider severe poverty, but they definitely keep their living conditions/surroundings extremely clean. So you can't transfer the corrupt government's responsibility (street cleaning, sewer systems, trash collection, plumbing, etc...) to that of the individual Filipino. It is not only unfair, but it is not TRUE!!!!!! Pinays/Pinoys pride themselves in being a very clean people!!!!!!!!!
(Just compare to that of the European/Middle Eastern sterotypes, i.e. lack of daily bathing, body hair, body odor, etc..)

p.s. I have been to Thailand once in my life and was introduced to a women (through an acquaintence) that gave me a VD! (You can scold me later for not wearin protection!) However, having played the field many times in PI (I can since I am single) I have NEVER had a this sort of problem. So which country is really clean compared to the other......I know my answer!!!!!!

It is only fair to accept that in many places, many filipinos do not care about their sorroundings and act like pigs. Many hates to admit this but it is true but there is significant improvements. My take is not to deny it but do something about it. But do you know the reasons why filipinos are like this. I do not know but one article made by a filipino sociologist comes close and i agree with him. He opined that this failing is rooted in the filipinos colonial past when filipinos differentiates its private and public perception of community belongingness. Filipinos in public act like pigs throwing garbage everywhere, not complaining about dirty streets. But if you look closer they are not like this inside their homes or in their backyards. Filipinos as a person i consider the cleanest in the world with women taking a bath as many as 3 times a day and cleaning homes constantly. Why so?. According to this professor this attitude of the filipinos is rooted in their hate of their colonizer because they are not with them, thus they lack ownership of anything outside their home. Thus the filipinos do not complain if the roads are dirty and bad because they feek no ownership. The process of educating our people is long and ardous but we are just a new guy in the block. Give us time and give us leaders who can transform us into the best that we can be.

One of the distinct about filipinos are they are very good in arguments. They talk so much with profound knowledge on everything - politics, debates, etc, sad to say however, that these traits are not what they need to improve their economy. If only, they will act as fast as they talk or discuss things then, i would not be surprise to hear that someday their country will also proper.

Babies, there are too many babies in the Philippines. The population density of the Philippines is about 300 per square kilometers, this is horrible. This is the average, so when there is a deserted island, that means the cities are denser.

Population density almost dooms this country to being poor and dirty.

A 100 mile trip in the Philippines between Angeles and La Union take five hours.

Filipinos are basically losers, with a damaged culture it can never recover from. The Philippines will always be one of those countries that will be perpetually be in poverty, always left behind by its neighbors.

Hello guys,

I can't believe I have read all the posts in this blog.

I am very positive that the my beloved country, the Philippines will be on her way to the next level. I think it is about time that we Filipinos should do something about the cleanliness of our place. I am an open-minded person and I am willing to accept criticisms but not to be insulted. I am web-developer of an American company. I know once that outsourcing will continue to grow in our country, we can take a step further when it comes to our career status.

That's all. Malipayon ako na bisaya kong daku, pure pinoy


This is Andy Graham, the writer of the initial post here. For Louie who is a web developer or webmaster.

Outsourcing presently is to send Filipinos to other countries.

I have tried on multiple times to work with Philippine people, I personally have given up, I cannot have products manufactured in the country.

However, this is what I would say is the future, products manufactured for export at China level pricing, not at American pricing. This is an uphill battle, culturally Filipinos identify with pricing in the USA, while they are as poor generally as China and could price competitive if they let go of the harmful USA pricing.

Generally, the Philippines markets to Philippines very well, the next level is or was the world in the past, maybe the future.

Does anybody have any comments about the increasing and alarming rate of killings in the Philippines, namely the centre of the country, in Cebu, "SUPPOSEDLY" a peaceful part of the Philippines?

It would be interesting to hear comments from those who aren't particularly going to sugar coat the facts with delusions about the true nature and state of their country. Its certainly interesting how the recent spate of killings of people in the business community and ordinary folk by motorcycle riding men with powerful machine guns, acting as "Guns for Hire" for a mere five thousand pesos (USD$110), which is the price tag for a persons life in the Philippines, and how this affects your Tourism and Foreign investors in the country?

People read the news mainly through the internet about the country they're going to visit and narrow down the specific area they're going to spend some time in, and its not particularly inviting to know that you could be in a car or a taxi, and someone on the back of a motorcycle can spray you and your driver with .45 caliber bullets and blow your brains out all over the place.

This have been picked up by a number of newspapers and have circulated the internet since Vigilantism hit Cebu as its new Police Force to go after hard criminals convicted of rape, murder and drug related convictions.

Are they the new Police Force, or are they part of the Police Force, because at the moment, almost every day theres one person in the business community or a government employee killed by those people, and the Police and Politicians, as usual have their thumbs up their bum?

The number of killings in the Philippines whether political in nature like the Mindanao Massacre of 60 people including Journalists, (who mind you were killed by none other than the Police and Politicians themselves) or business oriented or a grudge have spiked dramatically. Barring natural catastrophes from the discussion, the unsolved murderous killings in the Philippines is up there with South Africa and Iraq and the likes.

Heres the real kicker - your country isn't even at war with anybody or another nation?

And Filipino women are ugly, too. Unless you're a caucasian who prefers women who look like maids. LOL

I challenge everybody who goes into that basketcase of a country called "The Philippines", to go to the mall, and count the number of plain or ugly looking women around before you find a good-looking one. I would bet it would be less than 1 out of 10.

I just hope you will blog as if you are not like them. If you are perfect you can post like if not, try to write positive thoughts since you also have your own differences and negative aspects of life. I guess, you are good if not your own eyes. Those who are giving comments, I would like to say, try to look at yourself before judging others. Look at the peck on your own eyes before looking at others....Sorry to say that but people are just looking at others but not looking at themselves.

Filipinos are not losers. You should not judge the people unless you know them well. Filipinos are also talented like other people. We should treat each other equally. Yes, they were losers because they didn't have any things to fight for themselves against the Spaniards. And now Filipinos are trying to get up from what happened to them. What if your country was also said to be "LOSER"? Of course you'll get angry. Just please stop telling bad things about the Philippines. :)

You don't need to ask for comment or advise. You definitely like Thailand over the Philippines. You insulted the Philippines as if you've been mistreated here. C'mon Philippines is not Thailand! We don't even need to compete with them. And the way you insulted my country, you are definitely not welcome here. We don't need person who will live here and would keep on comparing over other countries. I have nothing against Thailand.

Sure is insecure Filipino here

WOW!! we are all entitled to our own opinion. We just have to learn to how to respect others point of view.

The HUGE problem is WE people are so judgemental in so many ways in so many levels

Remember that there really is no such thing as perfection


Just want to say that I'm a Filipino and I'm ashamed and embarrassed of the Filipino commentors here. Where are your brains? Don't further humiliate our race!

Anyway, just by the comments you can add an adjective for the Philippines --- CHAOTIC.

I've been in Thailand in May, 2007. Thailand is one of its kind in Southeast Asia. And I've always been in Philippines for holiday.

Beaches = I love Boracay, been there 24 times, Cebu, Bohol and Palawan.
Phi Phi in Thailand is great as well.

Cuisines = I love Thai foods but I love Roasted Pig as well in Philippines.

Culture = Both are unique

Ladies = Thailand have plenty of prostitutes, while Philippines are more western.
Filipino ladies are clean. Some are hookers as well.

Communications = Filipinos speaks better English. Thai don't.

STD = HIV positive in Thailand are in great numbers compare to Philippines.

Nightlife = Bars and Prostitution are the main tourists attraction in Thailand
followed by their pristine beaches. While Philippines is a diverse
country, where West meet East. Best World class Bars and discos are
found in Metro Manila. So far ahead than in Rome, Italy.

Infrastructures = Thailand is far ahead than Philippines. But Malls, I choose Philippines.

Political Instability = Thailand political unrest is the main problem nowadays, while
Philippines are now gradually recovering.

Traffic Jam = Thailand is worst. I don't like it.

Hospitality = Philippines is No. 1

Cleanliness = Thailand is clean than Philippines

Grand Total = I love Philippines

This is based on my observation for the two countries during my travel.

My Top Ten Cities Worlwide

1. Paris, France
2. Metro Manila, Philippines
3. Los Angeles, CA, USA
4. Bangkok, Thailand
5. Rome, Italy
6. New York, USA
7. Dubai, UAE
8. Singapore
9. London, UK
10. Cebu, Philippines


Jones Bradley
Beverly Hills, CA. USA

Took me almost two hours to finish to read all the comments here.. :D

And this person got my attention most!

To Mr. Ed,

I konw most of filipinos who had a miserable life miserable than rats here in philippines then moved and settled to another country where they earn much bigger income have the same point of views as yours. Hope canadians won't kick your ass out if they knew that you have that kind of attitude.. good luck. don't ever comeback here.

To the rest: The philippines is just awesome. If you can't deal with the environment, the macho men, the rockstar like me and the kind of lifestyle we have here then get your ass out of my country. simple as that. :D Peace be with you.

Mabuhay! Cheers.

i like the difference but not all the information in Philippines are correct. its only an opinion.

After all... you comments are a matter of ethnocentrism which means is a love for your own country and feeling of superiority to others...

So.. no matter what.. Im proud to be a FILIPINO...
HIspanicized, American and located in Asia...


for your nice and negative comments about us..

how can you say that people in the philippines are pig? we, filipinos ar clean we take a bath twice a day, how about you? dont you ever dare visit my country again. dont do unto others what you dont want others do unto you.

What strikes me about "some" people I meet in the Philippines is that they think they are somewhat mixed with Spanish. Its true that the country was under Spanish rule for over 300 years, the country has many Spanish influence mainly Christianity, but why cant you get over the fact that only a small percentage of the population have Spanish ancestry? If even 3 at that, and thats FACT - the people were not intermarried like the Indians in South America or Central America like Mexico where you have a clear mix ancestry of Mestizo's.

The term "Mestizo" is a result of a mix between American Indian and Spanish blood in Latin America, it gets mixed up in the Philippines that somehow for example, a Chinaman mixed with local Filipino is also Mestizo, technically its incorrect, its a misnomer. Jose Rizal was of Chinese roots with Spanish sounding name to Rizal, in Spanish it would be "Ricial" which means the green fields as they were Chinese farmers and they were given that name by the Spanish Governor General to suit what peoples professions were in the Philippines. For example, back then, families who were Merchants and Traders often had surnames like Mercado, which means "market".

Lets be clear - having Spanish first names and Spanish last names does not mean Spanish ancestry in the Philippines! The Church dished that out like your corrupt politicians dishes out 100 pesos to voters as part of owning the country and in controlling the people sowing fear into them that God will do this to you if you don't do as we say. You still see that now with Filipino's worshipping anything White and having complete high regard for anyone White, giving the people this inferiority complex which originated from those friars who sowed fear in the people. Its blatant in a lot of the women I've met (not all whom I respect), they see a White Man and its "Hey Joe, are you single? You looking for marriage, Joe". A taxi driver once offered me his own daughter!

Even if you're not American, Whites are "Joe's" because since America defeated Spain in the Spanish American War, America took over from Spain and in turn the easily tamed Filipino worshipped Americans. White American's. One thing can be said about Thailand over the Philippines, its a Kingdom never occupied by a foreign country. The Thai's will never stand for it. That for me is a major difference between the two people.

It appears though that those people in control of the country now have some Spanish ancestry namely like the Ayala's who own a number of Malls, thats because their ancestors were originally in control of the country and over the years intermarried, thus owning more land, if you ask them what their nationality is, they will say publicly they are Filipino but privately they will flaunt Spain!

It is said the Philippines is owned by some 100 families and those are one of the families as example. Most Filipino's are just that, ok? Filipino's with some minor Spanish blood, mixed with Japanese, Chinese, Malay and the native Igorot from the mountain tops, giving the modern Filipino his appearance today - 97 of the people.

Therefore it can be said outright, you're all Asians living in Asia! And its time to be proud and accept who you really are! Thats the only time youll ever move forward as a country. Some of you have some German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, British blood, but thats from locals who snagged a foreigner - and a very very small percentage of the population, it just appears many because those mixed kids are perpetuated on their television, again, anything White or some White is superior.

To say anything else is just not true.

Let me just say one thing, what I have just said offended many of you and you will say hateful things in turn at me, but thats ok, because I expect it because if one thing i've learnt from Filipino's is they dont like to be told the truth and in the comfort of the internet, the only time they will muster some courage is when they are not identified, but in public, they will not say anything about how they feel, but hold it in. Sounds true?

All I have to say is this:

Other countries only saw what "MANILA" was look like. They don't even go to other places like, Cebu, Palawan, and etc. Yes, Manila was the capital of our country but it doesn't represents from who we are. Try to explore more of the Philippines and you will discover more... If we're Pig, then how come we treat our visitors nicely? How come can we smile even though we realized different tragedies? How come can we contribute even we don't have anything?

Is that the "PIG" you we're saying? You only saw what we are outside, but deep in our hearts we are generous and more politely to be... we care not only about ourselves but we also think about others? But the best thing we have on our country is that we are free! Do you think other countries can do peaceful movements like EDSA Revolution? Hope so... Philippines are more peaceful yet energetic!!

But the best thing we have is we believe in GOD! Among all countries in Asia, Philippines is the most list of people who were Catholics!!

Shame to you Sir... I will not let everyone to pull down our Country!

By the way, it's only here in Thailand that I start to wear slippers when going out the house to downtown area or other places as people do that here as if outside places are the extension of their bedroom. But, in the Philippines I never wore slippers when going out the house, it's always sandals or shoes plus I have to take a shower too. Here, I smell lots ot BO when inside a mall or in the outdoor market.

Stop comparing and exploiting SEA countries. SEA just become victims of superiority complex of other countries. They think they are superior so they can just say anything they want to these countries. They want to stick their noses and lay their hands on these countries' problem, thinking that they are better. The truth is, they are inferior in some sense. They don't do anything good and helpful, but just make things harder for the people.

Girls must not be exploited too. It's sad that the situation here - with poverty made that happen. Some Asian countries have yet to learn.

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