When I return to Thailand my English become worst, I find I am incapable of talking in normal sentences.


In Thail English, this is correct, in normal English, which is not my English; however, a normal person would say.

- I am talking -
- I have been talking to many people in the Guesthouse.
The last sentence would translate into Thai English as,
- Talking many people -
- Talking - Mak Mak
Mak Mak is something like - Much Much -

What am I feeling today?
- Talking -



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I noticed myself speaking in odd ways when i was away. I found quite often I was speaking in india-english. And in Kathmandu, I was speking in euro-english a lot. Even, occasionally, with a euro accent. I have no idea why, but I have 'wandering accent syndrome' I adopt the accnet which surrounds me.

I was in a shop in Sat Ghumti Road, KTM, and I was speaking in a euro accent to the owner. I did not realise, until he said 'so where you from?' and my accent turned into a la-di-da british accent 'I'm from England'. oops.

My travel Agent near Kings Cross has a world accent. We kept thinking, she is Australian. She is South African. maybe New Zealander. She is from Essex, North London. but she has travelled too much: now she has a world-accent.

It's nice buying a plane ticket from a traveller. I was impressed by her. When I came back a week later to get my tickets, she remembers me, my name, the name of my friend, and goes to get our tickets. That is not British service... British people don't serve well.

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