I am having a curiosity attack, I have been trying to learn what this sign says or means for so long it is getting annoying.

I had a girl say today it means it is a Short Time hotel, I sure hope not, because this would mean that almost half the hotels in Manila are for short time.

This is not more towards and X rating and not for general audiences.

It is a mystery to me.

Then again, I have a feeling when I really understand the Philippines culture; I will leave and never return.

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This hotel seems to be a love hotel for mostly japonese people, because in Japon, they use those hotels for couples who want to be away from their homes and very thin paper walls where you can hear every single scream. So it is not necessarily a bad hotel, but very useful.

I do not understand.
Why is paper thin walls good?
Does it make it so married couples cannot have sex without their colleges knowing or business friends.

There are many Japonese or Korean people in this area. I would say the Japanese and Koreans seem to run the business here, maybe in some areas the Chinese.

They have a way of their own and hard to understand as they do not associate with the Western people much.

I do NOT think this intepretation is correct, the walls are not super thin, this is on almost all hotels in the Malate area.


Hello Andy,
the papaer walls are thin in their homes, not in the hotel... That´s why japanese couples have to go outside to a different place when they do not want to be heard by their parents, children, aunts and oncles...
Do you understand???

I understand them leaving their homes now. Have you heard of the Garage Hotels?

I talked too, and I am continually talking to Philippines persons. Ellie the reception girl in my hotel at the Adriatico Pensionne Inn thinks it is something Japanesse. Everyone seems to think it is Japonese, however nobodyseems to have a clue what.

IT could be this means a Love Hotel. Hard to say, almost all the hotels in the Malate area assume people are coming in for sex or with prostitutes.

I have been cracking up, I want to be near the Station 168 Internet Cafe so I can use the 24 hour services.

However in this are or close to he Starbucks or the Malate Pensionne, it is more or less in my opinion the Gay area.

I am going to move back towards Ermita where at least I can tell if the girls is a boy or a girl.

konichiwa (gud afternoon) I know this might be a late post. but the Translation of Sogo is inconsistency, discord, conflict, discrepancy. the price maybe me low. but the wall are thin. some what good food. the tv has cable. and maybe 2 x-rate chanel. :-P. im mostly a Cartoon Network Person. next time i go. ill post the prices. and the x-rate channels :-P.


The girl was right on w/ the short time "love" location. Sogo is also the name of a department store & is very catchy so it might not be a translation. The geisha is Japanese (that also makes for a politically correct answer), trained to entertain men, discreet...I know a man who bought one and is struggling to change the image & environment. He has plenty of customers (trysts, students, prostitutes, persons on layover-literally, those looking for cheap sleeps)but also the problems that go w/ that sort of client. These customers don't mind thin walls, if you do, stay at the Dusit. His location is near the airport and he is having problems getting other customers (business or other travellers) because of the reputation of the "Sogo". Even my Filipina gal pal teased me today when I told her I might stay there for the convenient location. Either way it isn't a reason to leave PI.

Well guys, first,welcome to the Philippines.

There are many Five star hotels in the Philippines to match your needs. all you need to do is visit first the office of the Department of Tourism and ask for assistance.

Short time hotels are available cheep to accommodate lovers, mostly the locals, that can only afford such prices.

Hope i helped a little here..

DoT Accredited Mountain Guide from Bicol


There is an sporadic rise of short-time hotels in the Philippines, and as you drive around Metro Manila, you'll see hundreds of SOGO, and other MOTEL selling their rooms for at least P100-P200 ($2+) for 2-3 hours... I am a Filipina, yet I dont like seeing all these MOTELS around the area. I dont like the reputation branding my country a cheap fucking placem, but what can I do? if you look around there ae so many MOTELS offering short-yime service not just SOGO.

If you're really curious what inside SOGO, you better go there and check-in. Their lobby has individual cubicle, and you will see couples (some are young, mid age, old) waiting for their turn to go inside the room and release the heat of their bodies.

I know, because I made a research about this case.

Its a shame, but that is the reality of life in the Philippines where 80% of the people are claiming to be religious... staging MORALITY... Geesh, HYPOCRISY....

i stayed at a SOGO hotel 2 times, both times i was with a girl the first time i just requested a room for the night until the next day at noon and they gave me a nice hotel room with 2 double beds AC Tv nice decoration like a standard middle of the road hotel I liked it quite a bit for the price (1260 PHP)and they used a swipe card for the locks to the room

the second time i went there i asked for a room and they gave me a regular metal key and the room was super tiny barely fit the 1 double bed and there were 2 lights in the room a red one and a regular bright one, the small room didnt even have sheets on the bed i think and the tv was maybe 15 inch, also they told me i needed to pay by the hour that time (somewhere around 100 PHP per hr)

both of those times it was the same exact hotel

to all of you here. WATCH YOUR ENGLISH!!!

If you are visiting Philippines and want to save money,SOGO HOTEL is a place to stay. it is very clean and this is not just for a couple,they have family room. judgmental people,they are all over wherever you go.

I recently had a short-term room there... the hotel allowed me to enter with 2 girls... I had a blast and it was a great value for the duration needed (3 hours). As for the do-gooder preaching morality and hypocrisy in the same breath... let me remind you that the almighty designed us NOT to be monogamous creatures... if we were designed that way we would choose ONE mate until death like some (simple) animals do. Nope... The almighty according to the good book said BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY! So I think HE has a grin on HIS face about our little human antics.. even within the walls of SOGO... Judge not let thee be judged first! And yes... I did them both at the same time.


Great hotel. It was clean, friendly, discreet and I WILL be returning there INSTEAD of causing drama in the neighborhoods where I meet these girls.

Does anyone know how to contact the hotel management via e-mail?
I simply can not find their contact in the official website.

hi! how much are the sogo playrooms? thx!

yung kumot kasama ng tuwalya mga bobo

How much the price of sogo room?

What Age need to stay for Sogo hotel rooms?

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