Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie

Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie

I am bogged down in my morals, my mother and father did a good job. This does not mean I am a perfect person, however I do know the difference between right and wrong, and I know also it is not always clear.

Two days ago, I purchased the movie.
- The Da Vinci Code -

I keep seeing the previews; it has Tom Hanks in the movie.

This is the cover or a photo of the packaging of the movie I purchased. I was on the way to Robinson�s mall to walk around and look at people. Just outside the mall in the street was one of the stands or street Vendors selling movies. The quality of copy movies or illegal movies in the Philippines is sub-standard compared to Thailand, therefore I do not purchase movies here, and they are crap.

Therefore, the moral dilemma is this, how can I complain about a movie that is illegally copied and sold, and I purchased it.

In defense of my stance or lack of good moral standing, I do not think I have a choice. I think it would take me a week to find a legal copy sold in Asia.

So go figure, in a typical Philippines sort of way, guess what happened when I put the movie in my computer to watch it.


Aagh, a scam a minute.

This is not the movie, it is some documentary or semi-documentary or some made to sell explanation about how the Da Vinci Code came to be or where it came from.


I suppose I can blame myself for buying a copy of a movie, however, it is annoying; you cannot even depend on the crooks to sell you what you wanted to buy. This is a scary thing about the Philippines and always under my skin, I know there is a side story or something I should be paying attention too when I am here. Culture and funky low levels of behavior have skins, or various peelings. You can peel off many layers to a culture, not all people are the same and not all of us are made the same, we are not all equal, it is not that easy.

Philippines Copy of Da Vinci Code Movie


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When I was in India/ Nepal, I wanted to buy music, because I was getting bored with the stuff I had with me. So I looked around the high-street shopping areas, the local ones and the tourist ones. Every single one is selling copies. Right in real shops that must be in some way registered or authorised to sell.

I am forced to conclude that copying DVDs, Softwares and music is legal in asia. I bought the latest Encarta DVD for a couple of dollars. (I have last year's one legally. I haven't actually tried it yet).

If it is legal in Asia, as i think it must me, then I don't have a moral problem with it. I think we should obey the laws of the country we are in. Copyright is not, i do not think, covered by international law, as much as big corporations would like it to be.

Hah! Andy...

one tip about buying a DVD in South East Asia. Never ever buy a DVD where the movie is gonna come out soon. Just purchased it like a month or two after the premiere.

Why? Sometimes it is not the real movie shown on the cover or.... it is the movie but with bad audio or video quality, mostly copied with a videocam inside the cinema.

what i always do is wait...patiently for the DVD to be released on the real market (check then the pirates will just copied the movie where it will be just the same quality as the original ones plus some extras in the DVD... there is a difference between DVD5 and DVD9 where the latter one is good in quality...sometimes...

for me i will choose a DVD with a cover witha small holographic sticker on it...95% of them is really good quality. trust me...


You were too early buying the DVD. Here in the Philippines, a pirated copy will be released within 24-48 hours from the day it's shown in theatres, not earlier. Personally, I don't by pirated DVDs, specially if the movie is worth watching in the big screen.

Anyway, I went to see the movie yesterday and it wasn't as good and convincing as I expected. I also watched a lot of related documentaries months before its shown in theatres, so my mind already knows its a work of fiction.

I worry though, to the young people nowadays who have lost their interest in Christianity and believes whatever they see in movies and television.

Hmmm...I'm planning to rent a DVD of "The Last Temptation of Christ" soon (this movie was banned in the Philippines in the late 1980's)

If you want to buy very good quality dvds here in the Philippines, I'll give you some tips:
1) Don't buy on sidewalks. There are stalls in malls selling rip-off DVDs, example Grennhills' Virramall, Shaw MRT Station and Makati Square.
2) Ask the vendor whether it is DVD Copy or Laser Copy. The former has a very good quality comparable to the original DVD.
3) Don't rely on what's shown in theatres. Make a research about the release dates of the DVD titles you want, and take note, 1 month before it US debut on DVD, you can get your copy right here in the Philippines.
4) Finally, if you want not just a high-quality DVD but also a very good DVD box cover, wait for it's actual release date. Ask the vendor for an HMV copy (term used by vendors but it's actually a video store abroad).

To search for the release dates of films on DVD, visit DVD Empire.

I think you purchased a pirated one, That's what you can get if you're affraid to lose some extra penny for the sake of comfortable and quality things. Try to buy on decent movie store rather on the sidewalk.

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