Mount Merapi Volcano

 Mount Merapi Volcano

There is a Volcano in Indonesia that is about to explode, of course this is a maybe. I can use a two hop plane jump and get there relatively cheap and easy. I have three Low Cost Carriers in my sites.

I do not think there is anyway to go direct to Bali or Bandung, I can hop to Kuala Lumpur then to Bandung, then about 188 Miles to Mount Merapi.

I am waiting until Joroem of Nat Tours to return to Bangkok. There are some dodgy areas of Indonesia and I am not sure if I can do a cross land trip. Joroem is from Indonesia in a way, he lived there for a long time. He is from the Netherlands, however they had a colony more or less in Indonesia. The Dutch are hooked at the hip there I believe.

I want to see a Volcano!

Mount Merapi Volcano


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Just suggestion, if u wanna go to see this Merapi, u must stay at the Hilton Yogyakarta because it has view right to the mountain...

AirAsia's destination, Solo could be nearer.

i have a project to do for Mt.Merapi and i am really amazed at how much this volcano has done. this is a very interesting volcano to look up.

This isnt really a good picture. it doesnt really show the volcano.
i give it a 2-10.

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