JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

There is a very large flea market or open market in Bangkok, Thailand, it about 100 Baht or 2.5 U.S. taxi trip from Khao San or Sukumvit.

It is probably the best place on the planet to outfit or buy furnishing for a Thail restaurant or buy cheap clothes from China and Thailand.

This is a popsicle holder or ice on a stick, I have never seen this device and thought interesting.

The beggar was pulling himself through the congested walk way, he was missing a leg and was collecting a lot of money.

I think this is some Austrailian instrument. I do know that carrying the not so interesting sounding instrument is trendy with the dreads and tattoo bunch.

Copy and transferring of culture from the west to the east. These are some Thai boys with Mohawks or wanna be skinheads.

We went to the Moshit Bus station, and at 6:00 every afternnon they play some music, I think the National Anthem of Thailaind, everyone stops and is reverant for a minute.

JJ Market Bangkok Thailand

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"The beggar was pulling himself through the congested walk way, he was missing a leg and was collecting a lot of money."
I am from Bangladesh and the image of an amputated person begging in the busy street is a common thing. Anyway, I am sorry to say that in this picture of yours, the beggar does not seem to have collected a lot of money. Secondly, millions of children in this part of the world 

malnourished and underweight.
That is why I really wish taht this beggar could collect 'a lot of money' so that his children or relatives would not become malnourished and underweight.

...it was a alright posting of the beggar - at least he was getting some contributions to sustain a life which obviously had not started with his condition of missing a leg..... for the comment about mal norished children - it's children having children - what gives a 17 year old the right to have 3 children which the rest of the wolrd is expected to feed?

It's sad to see people who are under priviledge and have to beg for their living.

For those really under priviledge (disable), I would encourage those who are capable to help. But not to those beggars who look absolutely fit to work but choose to beg.

he come to change his clothes nearly my shop all the time.he gain a lot of money and he hiden under his jar.And there is someone come to get that money. Their is A Gang !! there are many gang like this in thailand. From Thai people

This is a very good market. You name it and likely find it here. You can also
bargain, but the prices are usually good to begin with. Weekend is the best time to go
as all the shops open for the weekend but not necessarily on weekdays. Beggars such as pictured here are a common sight all over Asia. Unlike North America where the beggars are people who lived their life in a bottle or 20 somethings looking to buy their next fix. People with mental illness may also look as normal as anyone else.

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